Prayers for husband with cancer and my strength

Greetings to my brothers and sisters in Christ. My husband just finished chemo and radiation for esophageal cancer. Surgery pending. And just prior, finished successful treatment for melanoma. We are so thankful for his all clear on melanoma. Now facing uncertainties with this beast. Both cancers appeared quickly, each after a jab. I warned him prior not to do it. I’m not doing so hot in mobility department. Osteoporosis diagnosis and still getting my bearings after knee surgery. Please pray that the Lord would have mercy on us. And to strengthen me so i can rake care of him. I’ve also lost 80% of hearing comprehension and totally deaf in one ear. Thank the Lord we still have 2 adult daughters at home. They both work but help as much as they can. Looking daily for our Blessed Hope!:purple_heart::pray::latin_cross: .
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Hey there Natalie @Natok,
I’m so sorry for all your family is going through. Hopefully your husband will refuse any more injections. Thank God you have capable daughters still living at home! They will be helpful and of great comfort to you and your husband as you recover from all your health issues. May God bless you and keep you all. And may He call us home soon!

Father in Heaven,
Thank You for all Your blessings, especially family. Please pour out Your Spirit upon this family, Father; protect them and heal Natalie and her husband quickly and completely. Please cause all the people they deal with—especially those associated with their health care— to show them favor: convenient appointments and parking, the most favorable options in testing, treatment, billing and everything else. Bless their healthcare teams with wisdom and compassion, with integrity and success in their ministrations. And bless Nat’s daughters too Lord. Give them patience and empathy, along with energy and good health themselves. Thank You for taking care of this family, Father. We praise You for it! In the Name of Your only begotten Son Yeshua, our blessed Kinsman-Redeemer we praise You and pray. Amen.


Praying for you and your family. Abba Father God in Heaven, I say this prayer in the all mighty and precious name of Jesus. Lord please bring healing to Natok’s husband. As you know he is going through chemo treatments for esophageal cancer. Also asking for healing and strength to Natok for her knee issues. Lord thank you for their 2 adult daughters who help them as they can. Lord please comfort them in these trying times and strengthen their faith as they soldier on looking for Titus 2 : 13. Amen.


Thank you for the lovely appeal to our Father for us!:latin_cross::pray::purple_heart:. You covered it all. I may use your prayer as a template. God bless you also GR


Bless you Alvis. Powerful words to our Father.
Thank you blessed Jesus for your church and all these prayer warriors youve assembled for us in these last days. May we continue to bring you glory and honor and praise even in the most difficult times. :pray::latin_cross::purple_heart:


Merciful Lord, we ask for comfort and healing for Natalie’s husband, and strength and energy for Natalie-as the care provider. Cancer can drain strength and hope, but You, oh Lord, restore our strength. You provide hope when we cannot see any. Lift my brother and sister above this situation, give them a beautiful testimony.

In His name,



Hi Cindy, Your prayer is very much appreciated. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray:. Thank you!


Loving Heavenly Father

Blessed are Your children no matter the circumstance. I pray that this prayer coincides with Your will being done about Nat’s problems. I beg You for healing of herself and her husband. To pluck from them the ailments and afflictions they have undergone. Please rejuvenate and correct their immune systems as I beg you to replenish Nat’s hearing. Please transform this duo’s problems into solutions, despair of any kind into hope, any doubt into Godly confidence, illness into healing, infirmities into strength, any sorry into rejoicing, loss into gain/success, chaos into Godly order, trials into victories, worry in to calm and anxiety into peace.

Please energize Natalie for the tasks she may face and continue to carry both her and her husband, and her family around the snares of the Devil and rust them shut along the way (Not Nat or her husband mind you.)

Please envelope them with galvanizing of protecting from evil and those not of You and fill them to overflowing with Spiritual wisdom and understanding. Father, please bless the medical staff working with Nat’s husband with medical wisdom and knowledge and understanding. Please have her husband not look like a blank check to the staff, but a human being.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Amen! Jon…your poetic words continue to amaze me.:heart:. Thank you for such an eloquent petition to our Lord. Bless you Jon and heartfelt thanks.
May God bless your giving heart!