Prayers for Leilani Lutali

I don’t know this lady but I’m asking everyone to pray for a miracle. She is unvaccinated (obviously a crime deserving capital punishment) and in stage 5 renal failure. She has a friend, Jaimee Fougner willing to be a direct donor and yet they will not perform the surgery because of the patient’s ‘vaccinated’ status.

They are hoping to find an alternate hospital to perform the surgery. I’m praying for a miracle in whatever form the Lord sees fit.


I will definitely pray for Leilani Lutali and for Jaimee Fougner.
:pray: :pray: :pray:


Psalm 91. I lay this sister at the feet our our Loving Lord Jesus. Only he can heal and I pray he heals this sister for her good, and for his glory. Amen


Do you have an update on Leilani?

I don’t have an official one. I searched yesterday and found an article on her case. It mentioned that she was searching for another hospital in Colorado to do the surgery and found that there is only one (Hospital One) who will do transplants for the unvaccinated. It didn’t say if they agreed to do hers. I pray they did . We may not see the results because it is really bad press for their vax push.


Crazy times!