Prayers for my mother salvation and heart problems

She said she stopped taking a med for her heart to pump right because it caused her legs to swell

I really dont know much as we have been estranged for many years. I hear from her at Christmas and my birthday, she moved to where my sister is at in another state.

I really am concerned that when it is time she is truly saved.


Jenn - I will pray for your mother’s health and salvation; and also for your relationship to be mended. Keep the faith sister.


thank you for the prayers, I dont know that it can be mended, she is very narcissistic and has many faces. always keep the faith!!


Prayer sent :relaxed:


Indeed- but with God all things are possible… I will also pray that He grants her repentance so that your relationship may be restored.


Hey Jenn @Jenn1,
I’m sorry you are unable to have a relationship with your mom but I praise God that you honor her by your concern and seeking others to join you in prayer for her salvation and health.

You know, something as simple as adding a diuretic to her regimen would help with swelling, or upping the dosage if she is already taking one. And walking would also help. One minute every hour would be better than just sitting. Raising her legs might also help.

I will gladly join you in your petition.

Father in Heaven,
Thank You for the heart of Your precious daughter Jenn. Thank You for her faith in You and her care for her estranged mother. And thank You Father, that Your beloved Son Yeshua made a way for us to come boldly before Your throne to ask You our hearts’ desires. You are so good to us Lord! We praise You for it, for the obedience and self-sacrifice of Your only begotten Son, and for giving us Your Holy Spirit to guide us in this world.

Please open the eyes and hearts of all of the unsaved, but especially those in Jenn’s family—and most especially, Jenn’s mother. Turn their hearts to You on this day, that they might hear You calling them to salvation. Please give those who are unsaved a hunger for Your Word Father, before their time runs out. Thank You.

And please help Jenn’s mother get an appointment to get a new medicine that will heal without unwanted side effects. Or You could just miraculously heal the woman. I don’t want my prayers to box You in Lord. May Your will be done to the glory of Your holy Name. In the Name of our blessed Kinsman-Redeemer Yeshua, we pray and praise You. Thank You Father. Amen.


Things can change @Jenn1
Try, try…
I don’t think she can’t stop a medicine for the heart, if it’s to fluid the blood, like that :thinking:


thats what Im thinking. I dont think one can just stop meds. like that.

shes stubborn and will do as she pleases always has.


My dad was also sometimes stubborn, but he changed during his suffering. Maybe your mom is suffering, we don’t know. But God is good and his timing perfect. If you pray and ask his help, in some manner you will see “his hand”, example a window frame (real opportunity) where your mom will accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour. With my dad, I prayed near him, “I broke” his head with “dad, now ask forgiveness to the Lord, ask forgiveness to the Lord, do it with your heart dad” and he sincerely did it.

Your mom needs you.
Jesus needs you.
And you both, we all need Jesus.
We are a team!

Go, keep courage!

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Jenn is honoring her mother by asking for prayers. Sometimes that’s all a child can do.

We live in a fallen world. Encouraging someone to ‘make amends’ with a parent is not always good or kind advice.


I forgave her but do not trust her.


I’ve mentioned this account on here in the past, but what’s one more time?
In July of 2020, I was taking my dad to the VA at 0530hr. He started off his normal bright sunny encouraging words of the day, “Well, it’s another day and it’s going to hell.” (Something to that nature). I asked why he doesn’t put his faith in Jesus like he’s supposed to and we got into a quick dialog about why he didn’t believe he was going to heaven. “God can’t forgive me for the things I’ve done.” I got annoyed when he said this and Explained to him what has been taught by Farag and a few others about getting into heaven.

Well, it was an extremely quiet ride for the duration of our trip. I got him out, he said thank you and I said see ya later. My mom picked him up and he told her what happened between us that morning. He said he believes in Jesus as his savior, was sorry for the sins he committed and that Jesus died on the cross for my dad and he finally got it through his head and heart.

Fast forward six months and he’s in hospice and I didn’t get to see him or talk to him much before this moment but he was doped up the last time I saw him and trying to work his way out of it to talk to us but never did. He died in the middle of the night. Ten days before Christmas. I have faith Jesus welcomed him that night and that along with his testimony he gave my mom, is all I have. My dad also in 2020 stopped taking his meds and he had a lot of them, and he started suffering mini strokes and losing his mind and it wasn’t pretty.

All I can say, Jenn, sister, is if you haven’t shared with her yet, do so now. However, considering the type of person you have shown yourself to be on here, it’s hard to believe you haven’t shared. I too pray she has accepted Jesus. I pray you two can have one more talk and tell her, regardless of whatever problems have persisted between you two that you love her. I know what it’s like going through life and suddenly someone you loved dies and you didn’t tell them you loved them at least one more time. It haunts you. Well, even the last thing you say is I love you and it still haunts you.

No one needs to know the particulars, but if you can, communicate to her now and put your chips on the table and share your hand (figuratively since she’s in another state. That’d be a long reach).

Loving Heavenly Father

We pray that the walk in Jenn’s mom’s life is with You and that when the time comes for departure of this world, through rapture or rupture, she’s not only with You, but there’s no animosity towards Jenn and her mom. That’s not really “for us” to know and so, I defer to Your words about having faith the size of a mustard seed and the wonders it alone can do.

Please deliver a moment between the two to have a conversation with no insinuations, no rebuttals, no rebukes and no condemnation but rather, understanding, some humor perhaps, but in all the time of the world, let there be a love not felt in a long time. Place upon the hearts of these two women a necessity to reconnect now more than ever before. Let no barriers block the true heart of a Christian to be experienced and in the time allotted for talking, bring a blessing of Spiritual wisdom and understanding to both women like never experienced before and grant them the moment waited for even by the angels of heaven standing and watching and waiting.

Please have the Holy Spirit speak through Jenn when she makes that call. Let no callus indication be felt or seen on the heart as it is scrubbed clean through Jesus and allow them to have the best conversation they’ve ever had. Guard one another’s thoughts, words, and actions towards one another and themselves. Bless them with clean blood flowing through their hearts, no longer murky with trouble.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


I hear you desr sis. It is heartbreaking when parents and children are at odds because of sin. I have been where you are and all I know to say is continue to honor your mother as God commands. Continue praying and loving as you can, even if she gets ugly. Dont take abusive behavior, but respond when the Holy Spirit directs. God will make a way where there seems to be no way. He will fight the battle for and with you.

Please keep me informed of good or bad things happening. We all want to stand in agreement for her salvation and healing.


I probably will not hear from her till christmas but if I do I will update


I agree lovingly with @Jon. Dont wait for her. Do what Jesus does for us. He persues us, not letting us get too far away. Write her a letter, call her, please listen as this is Godly advice. No matter who she is at this time of her life, love on her. She has probably given up on life and needs love and Jesus can work thru you. I feel your struggle but don’t let this opportunity go by. It could be her last chance to meet the One who died for her sins.


Agreeing with others in prayer for your situation. Praying the Holy Spirit will soften her heart, and praying also that you will be led by the Holy Spirit to make whatever peace you are able to considering her personality disorder. God bless you, Sister.

In Jesus’ Name,



Call her as said by @Flamingogirl49563

A call is always better.
We can’t force people to change but we (us) can change.


I used to call her years ago but I was promptly dismissed every time I stopped.
There are many things that I have not brought out I DO NOT trust her. I have a family here that
must be taken care of.


What is your mom’s first name?
i understand the trust issues, i’m not close to my dad anymore, seems like anything i send him thru text messages, he forwards them to my brother so that tells me that i’m not his friend. He has gossip about me so many times. he needs to come back home to Jesus. I have forgiven him so many times and i continue praying on his behalf for God to forgive him of all of his sins and to softening his heart.
I have learned to love him from a distance in my prayers and show kindness and Christ like love when i see him in person at Christmas. i saw him a few weeks ago at my brother’s for my dad’s birthday party and as i was sitting next to him on the sofa, i sense the stiffness in him as if he’s holding all the guilt and burdens inside with all his might, it was sad to watch my dad suffer like that… i have tears as i’m typing this, i know my dad was brainwashed in the Freemasonry, it seems like he’s holding on to their belief system of working hard is the only way to Heaven… i do not know what goes on inside my dad’s brain, i know he numbs his pain with alcohol beverages and tries so hard to love to the best of his ability with what only he knows. i pray for him all the time because he is my dad and i love him. i’m not angry at him anymore… i have given that over to God.
Jenn, your the light of the Christ that your mom has and she needs all the love and prayers she can get from you right now. Give God the trust issues and any unforgiveness you may have towards your mom, bless your mom and release her into Jesus’s hands. Keep praying for her and God will move in mysterious ways.

May God bless you and may God keep you :yellow_heart:

p.s. my dad’s attitude towards me is much better so i know God is working in his life.


@staceylovesJesus @Jenn1 I’m not here to accuse you both, I don’t know your past and the relation you have with your parents, but think that if they die, you might regret not having done a step in their direction. I don’t say to make a step of 1 mile, just a little step and maybe another after, another… if you don’t trust them, maybe try to restore or limit what you have to limit. Time is short! The question is: do you still love them?! Probably they love you too, so…

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