Prayers for pastor JD

Pastor JD looks awful tired. We should keep him in prayers he has a heavy weight on him.
In this day preaching the truth he has to have a lot of problems!


I thought the same after watching the new videos today.


Dear lord we ask you to strengthen Pastor JD as he Carrys out your message. We are so grateful for him, his church and all those who work direct with him. Hold him and his family in your loving arms and strengthen them with your love. In Jesus name , amen


Amen for sure … He is such a blessing to so many :pray::pray:


Amen. We will uplift him.


Jenn 1- first welcome to the Forum…

And yes, we need to keep Pastor JD and other pastors who are faithful to the Word in our prayers.
Glad Pastor JD is taking some R&R time.


Amen I too, agree in prayer May the Lord bless and keep Pastors all over the world who are teaching and preaching Christ Jesus, and the good news of the saving grace of God. The gospel is so important and we too ask Jesus that you would give rest and comfort to your precious children the church. In Jesus name I pray.


Amen @Jenn1 and thank you and Praise God for your selfless inauguration to this forum and fellowship.

The strength Pastor JD has to preach passionately and persistently from the Word of God, however heavy or discomforting it may be to the listener, is testament to the Holy Spirit in him.

In Christ


My heart breaks for him every time he lovingly mentions his precious Naomi. It must weigh in him to see the pro choice debacle especially how egregious it’s becoming with their evil desires towards the unborn.

JD just touches me with how he keeps pushing forward with truth despite likely being physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally exhausted and drained.
Thank God this humble servant keeps answering the call to reach others with truth and keep us warned.


I thank God for leading me to Pastors JD !! He has taught me so much and I can really feel the love he has for God. May God strengthen him and protect him. I can’t wait to meet him in Heaven soon.


Joining you all in prayer for pastor JD. He has been looking tired for several weeks now, and it is good to know he is having a time of rest with his family. In these days preaching truth of God’s Word has to be more fraught with challenges for pastors than many of us non-pastors will ever know. He has stood strong through the last two years, so thankful to God for Him. Dear Lord please uphold and uplift Pastor JD and his family, help them find rest and refreshing and strength to stand firm till the end, the harpezo. In Jesus name amen.


Amen. God bless Pastor JD


Thank You Lord for our dear pastor who feeds us meat and not baby food. We are so fortunate the Truth is brought to us by Pastor JD. Thank You he has a heart for You Lord, thank You for opening his eyes and giving him wisdom and perception to rightly divide the Word.
We are truly grateful for him. Please continue to guide and use him to give us what we need.


May Pastor JD have a really good time of refreshing, we humbly ask in Your name Jesus


Father may Pastor JD know we love and appreciate him and pray for him each day.
Please bless him bunches Lord!


I completely agree that JD carries a very heavy load. I so look forward to his Sunday Prophecy Updates and I have greatly missed the last 2 Sundays we have not heard from Him. Did I miss an announcement that he would be gone? Or is He ill? I pray that He is well.


hi yes i have noticed that too that Pastor JD looks tired. I pray for him. Also i have not been on did i miss something. What happened to the prophecy updates

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I believe he took a much deserved and much needed break for a couple weeks.
He does that from time to time to come back refreshed and ready to continue what he does best :relaxed:


Dear Lord Jesus please be with our precious pastor j.d. and help him through all that he is dealing with both publicly and privately. This man brings so many blessings to all of us and we thank you for him. May your blessings be upon him and his family this day and always. May you bless them and keep them. In the Holy Name of Jesus we pray knowing it’s done. Amen.


Father, please continue to bless and rejuvenate Pastor JD. Lord we miss him so much that we are starving. Please Lord, fast forward the days. Better yet, please Lord, come for us quickly. We ask in Jesus precious name, Amen.