Prayers for the children

Good morning everyone. I know that everyone is already overloaded with all the burdens they can bear. And mine are no more important than anyone else’s, but if you are here and you are in a period where you can carry a load for a bit then I appreciate it.
Today is a very sad and difficult day for my family. My son and daughter in law have been caring for 2 young foster children for the past 9 months. It’s been extremely challenging. As some can imagine it has been a tremendous strain on the whole family.
Today the children are leaving to be placed in another home. We knew this day was on the calendar and now it’s here. I won’t go into the whole thing but it’s a whole range of emotions. Especially for the littler one who doesn’t understand what is happening.
Anyway as our hearts are being ripped out of our chests our prayer is that they will be placed in another Christian home where the Word of God will continue in their lives.
And that God will protect those children and show Himself to them.
Thanks for listening.


I will be praying for those two little ones as well as for the rest of the family. I pray they are put into a really good home that they will grow to love and where Christ’s name will be uplifted and they will get the good Christian upbringing they need.
I will pray for peace and comfort for your son and daughter in law. It can be so hard letting them go and yet if this is God’s will, he will provide the best for all involved. He will turn their sorrow into Joy and work everything out for their good. :pray: :pray: :pray:


Praying for all of them. This is so sad. For some reason when kids suffer it’s just worse than anything.


I will be praying for these children and for your son and daughter in law. But…I am rejoicing in the fact that these children had Christian values shown to them in the time they were in your son and daughter in law’s care! I am praying that they will be affected by that going forward. May it be like the parable of the mustard seed…from tiny beginnings it will grow.


Amen and thank you ! It’s been a very difficult journey and we can’t see at this point the fruit.


I really, truly feel for you all, Naomi. I can only relate to a certain degree, and that was heartbreaking enough. These kids! :cry:

I will pray for these kiddos and also for you all. May God cover you all with His amazing comfort, peace, and understanding. May He guard and protect these precious little hearts and minds to adjust and adapt and eventually understand on some level. I pray for a safe and secure home for them. :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

Adding: may they somehow learn and remember that Jesus walks with them, His little children.


I found it! And, yes, definitely praying. I’m sorry this day has come, even though its the best thing for everyone involved, even the children. I know it’s no where near the same thing, at all, but we’ve had to rehome 2 of our pets recently who we’ve had for 8 and 5 years, because it wasn’t working. They weren’t happy, we weren’t happy, and they were no longer in the right place with us, much as we loved them. Seeing their faces as we left them hurt. But, as the weeks have gone on, they have both blossomed in their new homes. We’ve been to visit, and they are way happier, less stressed and much more settled because their new homes were right for them. Guilt is a useless emotion, but it’s part of what happened I guess. Guilt of failing, that no one could make it work, worry that they won’t be happy, all of those things. It makes it so hard to let go of a situation that isn’t working. We prayed so hard for the right homes, and God answered that in abundance. He will for you, yours and the children’s too.


Yes it is. Thanks Janet.


Loving, Heavenly Father we thank you for Naomi and her family and their open hearts and homes to care for children in need. As they say goodbye to little ones whom they have loved and nurtured for a little while, we pray you would give them peace. We trust you, Father, to place them with another family who will protect and keep them, and lead them into relationship with you. May they grow to find their forever family in Jesus, filled with the JOY of belonging as children of the King! Work all to their good and your glory, in the name of Jesus, who loves them so. Amen


Amen , Brenda. That was beautiful and fitting.
I will greatly miss the little one’s dark curly hair and big brown eyes. I won’t miss the terrible twos tantrums though! :rofl:


Love to you all, Naomi. Love and prayers. :pray:t3::two_hearts:


Father in Heaven,
Thank You for these children. Thank You for the family who opened their hearts and home, and who taught these babies Who love is. We praise You for what You have done and what You will do in the lives of everyone involved. You are so good to us!

Thank You for families that step up and care for our little ones in need. Thank You for holding each and every one of us firmly in Your loving embrace. Thank You for watching over these children of Yours— the little ones and their caretakers. Please pour out Your blessings Father; heal broken hearts and water planted seeds. May Your Name be lifted high on earth and in Heaven. May You be glorified and honored and loved for everything You do!

We praise You and pray in Your blessed Son Yeshua’s Name. Amen.


Thank you Georgia Ruth. I appreciate your heart. The kids need a lot of prayers.



:face_holding_back_tears: Oh my…I know y’all’s hearts are breaking.

Lord be with you and the little ones on their journey in life. God bless you guys for fostering and no doubt, showing them who Christ is. That is a PRECIOUS gift they will carry with them forever.

Even though they aren’t physically there, they will be in your hearts.