Prayers for the west coast (fires)

I read in the (dutch) news this morning that there are several fires on the west coast of the US.
I pray that everyone is ok!!


I am on the West Coast of Canada in West Kelowna BC. It is very, very bad here. One town has already burned to the ground. Where I live is the only city in BC that only has one power line supply. One fire is next to it and if it burns, we would be without electricity indefinitely. That would affect 60,000 people. A lot of the elderly couldn’t survive without AC in this unprecedented summer we are experiencing. We have had no rain for months and are in stage 4 drought. There are over 325 fires burning here now. Forcing the evacuation of thousands of people. They have even had to ask the tourists to leave to make room to house the evacuated. And now high winds and dry lightning are in the forecast. They have declared a state of emergency for BC today. Everybody is living on pins and needles. BUT GOD! Yes, thank you for the prayer request for the west coast of North America. And to think our fire season doesn’t normally start until August! We could sure use some rain and cooler temperatures. Thank you.


Oh my! I hadn’t heard it was that bad. Praying for all of you!

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Please, Heavenly Father, Creator and Lord and Sustainer of the Universe, answer this heartfelt request according to Your perfect will in Your perfect timing. Strengthen all the brethren in BC. Protect the weak and the elderly.

In the Mighty Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, “in whom all things consist and have their being.”

P.S. This hymn just came to mind Peace Be Still.