Prayers for those in and around Jagersfontein S.A

Just saw this happened today in South Africa. Don’t know anything about the area but the video I’m linking to is just as sad as any other flood video I’ve seen this year. I pray our Heavenly Father will transform devastation into restoration within this moment for the people and in the event some never came to Jesus, that this delivers inspiration to accept Him while also delivering the people and animals to warm and safe shelters.


Father in Heaven,
Thank You for all You are doing in this world and beyond. Thank You that we have a means to learn about people, animals and situations that need prayer. And thank You that we can come together— no matter the time, space, or even language that separates us— we can come together in prayer, confident that You will hear us and that You are in control. We are so grateful for Your grace, mercy and lovingkindness.

Please open the hearts of all those who have not accepted the salvation Your only begotten Son bought with His blood on the cross at Calvary. Please cause them to tear down the barriers they’ve erected that separate their souls from You, that they might turn to You and believe; that they might be saved from the wrath to come.

Please be with all the people and animals affected by these floods and other disasters. If anyone will die, I pray they accept salvation before they breathe their last. And I ask that death come as quickly and painlessly as possible to all people and animals that will die.

Please use these tragedies to open the hearts of those who survive Father, that they might also turn to You and accept the salvation Your Son offers to all who will believe in Him. Please help people and animals recover from these disasters, knowing it is You Who helps them in every way. In Jesus’ Name we praise You and pray. Amen.


Thanks Jon for bringing this to the forum.
What a frighteningly horrific event. While we must praise Him for sparing so many …others are suffering great losses. I pray that this tragedy will open hearts and minds to Christ so they can turn to Him for comfort.
May those who have been injured be cared for and heal quickly.