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Hey i need prayers for relationship with my mom.
I came down to visit. Having marital issues and she us just so negative and harsh

Im heading out in a few days but feel like i cant take whatever she keeps dishing. Haven’t seen her in so ling, guess something dont chsngejudt help pray im kind ,because she cant be

It feel demonic

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I’m sorry you are not receiving the support from your mom that you hoped for at this challenging time in your life. Perhaps she has too many unresolved issues in her own life to be able to listen and care about your yours right now.

We’re here to listen and support you as best we can. And of course, the Lord’s ears are always open to the cry of the righteous. (Psalm 34, I Peter

Dear Heavenly Father,

It can be so disappointing when a parent doesn’t seem to want to understand our problems or suffering. Perhaps in this case, she is just not able. Please help @M777 to forgive her negativity and harsh words. Please by Your grace, enable her to show kindness in return.

Also, Lord, would you give her wisdom as to whether she should shorten her visit or, if that is not possible or advisable, whether there might be ways to spend time with her mom other than talking over her marital issues.

Please bring peace where there is currently disharmony and bless both women with a greater understanding of each other.

Thank You, Father, that You are always the best of parents and that , whenever we come to you in humility, You will hear our cries and draw near to us.

In the Name of Your Beloved Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ the Lord.


I have agreed in prayer with @Pax :pray: :pray: :pray:


Praying and agreeing with @Pax and @DallasT. My mother was my sounding board, and I went to her with everything. She died last year, and I see thru her death that the Lord was yearning for me to talk to Him about my troubles. Sometimes we think that human contact and engagement is what we really need, but God knows everything about us and is truly the only one who can heal our broken lives.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your way acknowledge Him and he will direct your path. Proverbs 3:5 :heavy_heart_exclamation: