Prayers ... please for my sons

Please pray for my sons Rob and Dan and their families that the Lord will reach them and bring them to His side.
I came to know the Lord after we were married and you can imagine the spiritual division that followed. (He was not happy about that.)
Their Dad has lead them away from myself and the Lord, “stating that he would not bow down or beg anyone!” (so proud!) Their Dad told them they didn’t have to listen to me or believe in God.
We are separated now and our sons still side with their Dad for the most part. This is so difficult. :sweat:
I just keep praying for them and trusting the Lord for the outcome, but do feel time is running short. Please pray that the Lord will get their attention soon.
My ex currently has throat cancer and is going through treatments.
I just want my sons saved and I know only Jesus can open their spiritual eyes.
Thank you so much.
Blessings Sandra :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:
:revolving_hearts: :pray: :revolving_hearts:


Lord, we ask that You open Rob and Dan’s spiritual eyes to the truth of the gospel and bring them into the fold thereby causing a mother’s heart to rejoice. Also, we ask for their fathers heart to be turned to You in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen. :pray:


Sandra Lynn, praying for them now. I know that pain as well, my son, who is now 30 is lost. Not only does he reject my witnessing to him, he gets angry about it. I keep praying. :pray:


Blessings Alvis,
May the Lord Jesus take hold of our loved ones and open their eyes to HIM.
HE IS OUR ANCHOR, even in the emotional pain.
Thank you JESUS, hear our cries. :revolving_hearts: :pray: :revolving_hearts:


Amen sister. Our prayers will eventually be poured out as a great incense before the Throne, mentioned in Revelation 5 v 8 and Revelation 8 v 3, many prayers would go out blessing those on the earth during the tribulation. (I need to clarify on blessing them. They will suffer tribulation but if they come to believe and not suffer the wrath of God but will have to die for him in most cases. But I believe those who we prayed for, that are here during that time, will be blessed by those prayers as we been praying for them for who knows how long to come to faith. No body said anything but I kind of see where my original statement could be taken wrong by accident. )