Praying for an angry son

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my son Jonathan, 28, has such a stronghold of anger. He is isolated, will not speak to his family….we ask that strongholds be brought down, in Jesus’ Name. We ask that the condition of his heart be revealed to him and he receive the salvation and freedom that only comes from Jesus. He is proud and unwilling to acknowledge there are problems but we know all things are possible with God. Will you join his dad and me in praising our Mighty God Who does all things well, and brings down the walls of the enemy that love and peace might flood his heart?
thank you so much!


Believe it or not, anger is not the worst emotion to be on display.

Anger means that a person cares, even if it’s misplaced anger.

“I hate you” requires emotional investment. “I don’t care” might actually be a bigger hurdle.

May God work on this young man’s heart and release him from the bondage of anger.

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@desertrose Dear Nancy Claire, I can honestly say I’ve been there…and not long ago. (If you dig through my prayer request posts, you’ll see my multiple cries for help. )
But God!
I am praying for Jonathan who is obviously hurting and crying out in the best way he knows how. Lord, please speak to his heart, soften his anger so he does not push people away, especially those who love him and care the most.
I pray that the Lord will guide every word you speak to your son so that he will know that no matter what, you love him and God loves him. Lord, wipe away these parents’ tears and the hurt caused by this anger.

Bring peace to this family, Lord. Send your Holy Spirit to minister to them.

In Jesus’ name,



Amen. I hope that Jesus shall break his chains of anger and bring him to a saving knowledge of the bible and the Lord. I pray that someone will testify to him and help him to heal and reveal what it is that is happening to make him so angry. I truly send love and prayers his way. I ask in Jesus’ name that he will be saved.

God touch Jonathan, soften his heart in Jesus name :heart:

I agree with you and your husband in prayer. I will pray that Jonathan has a spiritual heart transplant and is delivered and set free from his stronghold of anger in the powerful name of Jesus Christ our Lord. :pray:

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thank you Stacy. means so much….He is making decisions about his future this week. I can’t wait to be with family in heaven and share testimonies….but, just know I am moved and so grateful. May the Lord bless you and touch your ministry of intercession.

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thank you Janny….it’s been a long journey. i first saw the strongholds in him about 12 years ago. he’s 28 now. I praise God for His power to redeem our lives and through the pain i’m learning James 1:2,3. Blessings on your heart as you pray.

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