Praying for,exemption answer soon

I still am unsure, how does this exemption work?
Do they keep,until last minute until,deadline comes?
Or is my exemption approved?
My friend says no news is good,news but I asked dept,ahead of exemptions and they said yes they received email I than said what happens next(,with still no answer,

I’m very anxious please pray for me

I’m thankful I’m still allowed to work but it can be exhausting


I will be bless to pray with you.


My deadline for an exemption request was 11/1. I had requested and received a letter from Pastor JD. However, my letter had to come from me. I submitted my request at 11:00 a.m. and was notified within an hour that my request was approved. Praise to my Father, Jesus Christ for answered prayers!!


Amazing @ahlarm / Annette - thank you for sharing and welcome to the forum and fellowship.

@M777 / Marilyn - you have our/your prayers and through such the remedy to any anxiety - Philippians 4:6. God will work this confounded situation for His glory and for your ultimate protection/progression; The Heavenly Father knows what we need, however, whenever and wherever.

Keep us posted.

In Christ

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So my deadline to be vaccinated went by and it took about two weeks after that to get my decision. I also submitted my exemption seven days prior to that deadline so it took actually even longer. I do understand it can be very stressful and nerve-racking but you just have to put it in gods hands and trust that whatever happens will work out. With me, it just came to a point where I honestly didn’t care either way. If God wanted me to continue at my job he would make that happen or if not I would have to find something else and I was confident that he would provide somehow someway for me. Will be praying that you get peace during this time.


Yes that’s exactly where I am at too :hugs: :smiley:
Dept ahead of exemption told me I’ll have an answer when my work provides one. Dept ahead of it all is located somewhere else than my work…and they communicate via email

I submitted mine about a month ago but deadline is B
About 22 days away I think

Dear Lord ,
we pray for m777 , we ask that his
his exemption will be accepted .
We place this in your hands . We ask
you give m777 peace and help
him to rest tonight . We pray your
will be done on earth as it is in heaven . In Jesus Christ amen