Praying for family members

Please pray for my son, “Bo.” He’s a christian, artist and a singer. But, he is living on the streets of Seattle. He is worried about what he is going to do when things get worse. Most of the people in the city of Seattle hate white men, motor homes and Christians. He is literally going crazy. Needs food, gas, etc. I am willing to help him, please pray that he accepts my help and I find a spot in a private area where he can park his RV, and have water. I know this must sound unimportant, but I am afraid he might destroy himself. He is 50 years old. God bless you all. Betsy


Hi Betsy,
Nice to see you back on the Forum.
So Bo is 50 years old and he is in that area for a reason, do you know the reason?
He could move to a much easier area to live in, as Seattle is very radical. He is gotten by so far, and he sees hard times coming, and now he is worried about it?

You should tell him to find a good church to attend so that you can talk to the pastor about what some of his options in the area might be. Pastors are an excellent source of information in their communities.
Bo might be able to park his RV at the church while he finds a more permanent location to live, with water.

Frankly Betsy, I think Bo needs to come to his senses and stop depending on you for help. But Bless your heart your a mom, and moms always care about their children.
It is strictly against our terms of service for anyone on this Forum to send you or him any support.

Father in Heaven we bring Bo before your throne of Grace today. We pray for his safety, and we pray that he receive a means of supporting himself. We pray that you intercede on his behalf and find a stable place for him to live that has good water, and to provide for all his basic necessities in life.
Lastly Lord we pray for Betsy, and we pray blessings into her life. Lord you know what needs to be done here, we would ask all this in Jesus Name.


I am praying for your son.


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Thank you for your advise. He has an anger problem and smokes pot and drinks to cope with his anger. He watches a lot of Rumble and Odysee about what is happening. He feels he is an end times expert. He takes it very seriously and feels the need to find out the new things that the evil people in the world are doing and keep informed. But, being alone and upset is hard. When his car broke down I told him I will give him his inheritance and help him find some land (should not have said that) – He says he will take anything I can find, but that remains to be seen. He is too old to be depending on his mother and dad. He is painting houses in Seattle, and it’s just enough to buy gas and good. He has to move his RV every day, plus he has a trailer on the back. I think it only has a bed, cooking stove, and generator. (no water). He’s lived in Seattle all his life. We pay for a storage place for his ladders, etc., and he says he is trying to get rid of all the stuff in storage. Maybe that was a bad idea. God bless your day and words can’t express how thankful I am for you praying for him and for me! I need to trust in Jesus and try to stop feeling down and out too! Betsy

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Hi again Betsy,

Our hearts go out to you and your husband and Bo. Yes, Jesus is the only way for all of you, and we will most certainly continue to lift all of you up in prayer. The best advice any of us could give you would be to seek out a pastor of a local church who can give all of you counsel as a family. If Bo won’t go, you and your husband should go anyway.





He can paint houses anywhere so why is he insisting on staying in Seattle?
It might be time to show him some tough love by telling him he must get rid of everything he has in the storage unit by a specific date of your choosing because after that…you’ll stop paying for it. Then no matter what, follow through with that ultimatum. By supporting his lifestyle you’re also enabling his pot and alcohol use with your money

I am praying that you’ll have the courage to do what is in his best interest long term as that will be in your best interest as well.


praying God gets to the root of his problem.

if he is where I think he is its always been hard and crazy there.


Hi Jenn: It’s hard and crazy where he’s at…in a terrible place due to concentrating on all of the evil things happening that is causing the fall of this country. He studies and researches it intensely.
Also is upset at me because we ( my husband too) because we sold our house, after he fixing it up real nice. We sold it for a good price, and the realtor got a big commission and he didn’t, he took the Real Estate test a couple times and didn’t pass it and get a new start with the money. We paid him the money for his work and he bought a car and a small RV for the work he did for us. He feels like he has tried for years to help us and now he is homeless and it didn’t really pay off and he wasted his youth away helping us. He remodeled three houses for us while he lived in them. The last house we had to threaten to call the police to get him out because he wouldn’t move out or pay the mortgage payment. He broke every window in the house and did tons of damage to it. Now he has No wife, no home, etc. Mad at God for it. He has no one to talk to because he is angry, arrogant, JUDGMENTAL, insulting and mad. Not all the time, but most of the time. He watches too many videos on Rumble and does research. It’s really hard for me to be friends or help him, so very angry, resentful and doesn’t want our help. But he is making it. We are probably the only ones who would, because we are family. That’s probably not a bad thing. He says we are the problem because we are 501C3 Masonsonic people, etc. etc.
He got into a car accident last week, he texted me pictures. It did some damage to his RV but the person that hit him really demolished their car. Don’t know whose fault it was. Filled with anger and being super negative. I got over 75 text messages the past couple of days, describing in detail what bad, evil person I am - and how bad and stupid his step-father is too. I am praying for him. The text messages really hurt though, so I block him. I am guilty of not making him realize he needed to go out and get a life for himself when he was young. His dad has never really been around. Now he is being forced to do that. He is very resentful about that, and can’t seem to be happy. I think he needs meds, but he says he will never do that and gets really mad. God is in control. I hope and pray that he makes it through this. Please pray for him. His thoughts are really messed up! I guess it took this to really make me give him up to the Lord. But, I don’t know if that makes any difference in his life. He needs help.
I have had a lot of Biblical counseling but I am still working on it, I think I know where he gets it. :slight_smile: But God is greater! Thanks for listening. I work part-time and thank God I have something to do. God bless you with His mercy, peace and grace. Bets


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Hi Bets,
Completely turning him over to the Lord means it is “tough love” time as Vicki @His has already mentioned. Don’t feel sorry for yourself, or for him like you have done something wrong, he is being abusive and he has no excuse.

His brain is being damaged by alcohol and drug use. He is self medicating to deal with his anger and other emotional problems.
He needs to hit bottom, and turn to Alcoholics Anonymous for help. Alcoholism ends in insanity or death, God is the only way out through AA, tell him so.
He is not acting “Christian” by any stretch of the means, and he certainly is no expert on the end time events.
If he were, he would not have his current lifestyle.

You will find for yourself the services of Al Anon to be of great benefit in dealing with this entire situation.
Stick to what you have learned through Biblical counseling.
The Word is the Truth.
Still praying over your entire situation, and for your son Bo.

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Ken: Thank you for the words of wisdom and your prayers. Also, that I need to stick with my Biblical counseling. She told me to let him go and not to help him, let him be on his own and either crash and burn or make it. I am trying not let him make me doubt myself and believe what he says about me like I used to. I have a Bible lesson about the story of Joseph that I am telling to some children tomorrow morning. Joseph was a man that made the best of every situation. Showing iGod is greater and it is possible to make the best of all our problems. His brother’s were jealous of him and threw him in the pit, (wanted to kill him). They sold him as a slave to Potifar for money. He did his best and Potifar trusted him with everything he had. He didn’t give in to the temptation of being with Potifar’s wife, went to prison because she lied to her husband and he got angry and threw him in prison. He did his best in everything he did. The main prison keeper trusted him and put Joseph in charge of the people in prison. God is Greater! “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.” Then some great things started happening to Joseph. I am a self-willed person. I certainly am not an example like Joseph, but I try and I think God good, and just looking for someone who is willing to speak the lesson to the children. Victory in Jesus! I hope I can send you a message that my son has changed and has decided to get some help. Blessings to you, Bets

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Thank you Ken. I sent him that message. Thank you. God bless you…PTL

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