Printable Full Color ABC Booklet Tract, Using Only One Piece of Paper

Several years ago I took part in a book-making class where we tried different types of binding that only required paper, scissors, and folding (no staples, glue, or sewing). One of the projects was making a tiny booklet out of a single sheet of paper, using one cut and folding.

I got to thinking this might be a great way to share the ABCs. Kind of like how Chick tracts used a visual method, but I wanted to take a different approach. So, I created the first booklet. It’s a three-page PDF you can use to either print just a single-sided book, or a book with the back/interior side (once it’s unfolded) containing more information about Jesus. There is also an instruction sheet. I’m going to make several of these and simply leave them around town as I go about my day. I tried to create a kind of “story” or something intriguing that would make a person pick it up and read it and even take it with them.

If I make any more, I will add them to this folder:

It may not be to everyone’s liking, but feel free to download and use as you are led.


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This is awesome! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Excellent, @julie!