Printable Full Color Tract For Door-To-Door Vaccination Visitors

I’ve made another tract, the same format as the previous one: Printable Full Color ABC Booklet Tract, Using Only One Piece of Paper

You could use this however you want. It asks “have you been vaccinated” and ends with how you can be saved from the deadly disease of sin.

You can download this tract here: Tracts - Google Drive


Amazing @julie.

Praise God for leading you down this trac(t).


@julie I was so excited to print this off, aaaand my printer won’t comply. I get all sorts of service error messages. Interesting, because I seem to be able to print other things.

I am very sorry… It’s a newer PDF. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t print? Can you open the downloaded PDF on your computer?

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I should try that. It just might be the answer. Thank you!