Prion disease and "THE VAX"

I am a registered nurse and wow, even though I love the Lord with all my heart I am fighting this incredible urge to beg random people to NOT take the vax.
Today, Israel news released information warning people to not take the vax as it can cause ‘prion disease’ (an irreversible brain disease).
Do I know this to be true? (not absolutely). However, I was not surprised when I heard this warning. Something is not right.
Around 1% of the population perish from Covid (so it is technically NOT even close to a pandemic).
Absolutely NO ONE talks about how to prevent complications of Covid when I witnessed as a nurse the power of vitamin D and how it can prevent complications of Covid (we are sensored if we even mention Vit D or any type of supplement that may prevent complications of covid).
If a patient has had covid already, ‘they’ still insist on the vax. WHY? Does this make sense?
Will you join with me PRAYING earnestly that people worldwide will seek the Lord before making a choice to vaccinate? Something is not right (we know this).
Bless you all. And let’s continue to pray for each other that we may endure til the end! GOD BLESS EACH ONE OF YOU.


Yes , I am praying.


Me too. My sister & her kids won’t listen to me anymore. Pray God informs them another way. My sister went as far as to say I was spreading lies. See Pastor JD’s sermon on conspiracy theories.

I think time is getting really short. I’m noticing that things Pastor JD preached on last fall are happening now…October until now is just barely 5, or is it 6 months.

I’m praying.


January 2019 practically everyone I worked with, at the public school got very sick. Our town I believe spread COVID back then. My immediate family was sick off and on. That was before Our president asked for a 15 day slow the spread. We never shut our school down. I have been working through it ever since this started. We do have kids that are virtually learning as well traditional. Our Governor didn’t have a mask mandate for a long time. Mostly schools are strict on wearing them and social distancing. Seems like our town has been pushing the shot heavily, I live in Indian territory, The town I live in has a lot of neighbors of politics, I don’t agree with. Although our state voted all red in the election. Many friends at work have gotten the shots. Many of us haven’t. I’ve been out spoken about the whole ordeal even before 2020. Back in February of 2020 I told the maintenance crew I work with that all this was going to divide people, and cause others to hate . And compassion would be out the door. This has happened in our town. I’m blessed our schools have a lot of Christians working at them. Bible verses are being taught in class, prayer is allowed, we have prayer lockers. In God we trust signs and the Ten Commandments posted on the walls. I do pray for Israel. I’m concerned for everyone who is being forced or deceived to take the shot. I have family in the Air Force and navy who may have to take it. I do believe our God is bigger than the enemy , our enemy was created. Our God is Ancient of days Almighty the beginning and the end. I’m confident He will protect his people. I’m heartbroken over all the people who have died or will die during this time. When Paul was bitten by the viper he wasn’t even phased. God was glorified.


In October of 2019 my sister in the Air Force , told our family to start taking vitamin D ,C , and zinc. I do believe it has helped. We are neighbors. I live in Oklahoma. I love it here. I was raised in California I have most of my family and a son daughter-in-law and grandchildren living on the west coast. I traded earthquakes for tornadoes.


The Lord has seen fit not to bless me with any earth babies. My children are playing with Jesus in the sandboxes of heaven.

I myself was sick from late August through to mid-late October. I had double phneumonia ‘type’ symptoms (I have bronchial tube damage since childhood.) I was feverish beyond feverish & likely even delusional at times, i’m sure - high fever can do that.
I went through 2 bottles of Buckley’s mixture & 2 packs of the day/night Buckley’s Cold & Flu. Then I started using Grandma’s method for body healing…I dug out the dry mustard, olive oil, Lavender Epson salts & hit the tub.

Now I know that it is not recommended to do that with a fever, but when your epilepsy seizures get worse then the fever that’s making you walk up to the cat & ask her to make coffee, you know something’s not right. So I grabbed the ingredient & prepared my bath according to Grandma’s old-school instructions & sat there for 30 minutes each time (repeat every 6 hours for best effects.). Within a week my fever started to break. I was still weak, but I could get around the apartment again. As the days went by I started to be able to smile. Then Jesus asked me if I was done trying to do this alone. I said " uuhhh yeah." So a week later I was well enough to move my parents (mid-late Oct 2019). Apparently when I get sassy with Jesus He let’s me know it’s not acceptable behavior. lol

To this day people refuse to believe how I got it. I had been visiting with a direct relative of patient 1 in Winnipeg. Now her son is a very precious young man with a rare blood disorder that I can’t always remember correctly…pre-clam-c-a I think that’s what it’s called. Anyway, He likes to hug me lots and chase me around their apartment (yeah I’m a big kid make a thing of it. lol) . Anyway that little man had been kinda ill and during that play time he coughed on me a few times & at one point he was laughing so hard he started crying…kids :smiley:

Back when I was a kid…yeah yeah yeah…I remember back when …lol
Anyway, when I was little & one kid in school got sick in our class, we got the entire class together & let them play together. runny noses, measles, chicken pox, it just didn’t matter. THAT was how we use to build immunity.
Not until 2020 have I ever herd such an offensive term as ‘herd immunity’ but if we had that term back then, they would have said that this is what we were doing. In those days we called it “building our kids immunity naturally.”

I’m going to walk away from that topic because for me it’s a maltal cocktail.

Anyway, i stopped making much sense an hour ago so I’m gonna go. Sleep sweet.


I’m sorry I meant to say November and December of 2019. Not February 2019. We were sick.

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We too are headed to bed you have a peaceful night. I’m praying for you and your family.

Wow! Thank you for your post!! I too am an RN and every day in the hospital I work in I see the lines for vaccine shots (covid vaccine village they call it) goes way down multiple hallways. It takes every ounce of control to just pray and not scream or whisper or say anything to these poor people who are believing this insane lie. I dont know my role as a nurse or a Christian or just a fellow citizen. Where do I go with this? I bring it to the Lord daily but wish He would guide me to what my duty is here. I am shocked at how many employees Doctors and nurses who think this is the “right answer” Will keep praying for others like you who like me I pray together we can rise up in Jesus name and stop this insanity! One person at a time, one soul at a time Jesus please lead us thru this path be our guide and let us do as Your will tells us to


What is happening, imho, is a sifting. Somehow I truly believe this is one of the things that “must” happen. {Disclaimer: I only have a St. John’s Ambulance Course Care Aide certificate from working in a care home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada}

In order to fully understand this we must cross-reference Hitler & Xi. There is a nugget there for those who dig.

Is it possible, without putting your job on the line (too early) that you are able to get the correct information into the hands of the people so that they have “all” the information they truly need to make an “informed” decision?

What I mean by this is give them the ‘unbiased facts’ in order for it to not be labled conspiracy it needs to show pros & cons & have hard copy documentation to back up sources. Why? I actually had to send my nephew a picture of my above mentioned certificate as “evidence” of my education. So if this is happening to the 'just barely in my 20’s" generation, then I can see the level of deception at work.

I need to get ready to go. My sister & I are going to see our Dad today. Please pray for us that our conversation would be light, seasoned with grace, understanding & shalom…most of all shalom. Be blessed & know that I do pray for the requests made.


Thank you Christ4u for the information. I will be praying God gives you His grace and wisdom when you are given an opportunity to share your concern. I would like to ask you if you know anything about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. My understanding is that it is a true vaccine and does not have the MRNA messenger in it. If you know anything about it and if it is actually a safe vaccine, please let me know. My mom is in a home and has refused the vaccine. They have not forced her to be vaccinated yet, but don’t know the future. God bless you and keep you.


I, too, would like to know about J&J vaccines. All of my sources for information have been deleted from the internet now. It is really difficult to find lists of ingredients, etc. I am a retired RN and I am so upset that so many people are believing the lies we are fed daily. Thank you for any information that you may have.


10,000 units of vit D a day, walk the dog in the sunshine, 3 - 12oz glasses of orange juice a day. I do not get sick.


Deborah Tavares reported on Jana Benun (sp?) show last week about Prion. My dear friend is a nurse who got both doses of the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine. We all need to be praying earnestly and believing our King Jesus will answer!


Yes and amen

When you’re any kind of medical professional, it’s hard when you’re forced to choose between the ethics you were educated on or what the “powers that be” tell you to do.

I have a masters in social work and I believe I was fired because I handed out scripture ever day and bought a student (I worked at a school) a Bible when he asked me for one.

A lot of us are going to have to decide between God and our jobs. It’s a harder leap of faith than most people know.


Can you explain why people are so eager to be injected with poison? It baffles me if anyone who calls themselves a Christian gets vaccinated because it’s almost the equivalent of committing suicide…maybe Russian roulette is a better metaphor. You just never know if the pushing of the syringe will be followed by your death.

I really pray people open their eyes, but they don’t seem to (maybe it’s because I live in Southern California!). People desperately need to wake up!

By the way, is anyone getting diagnosed with bronchitis or strep throat or sinus infections or the common cold? The only illness out there seems to be COVID. Hmmm…

Great information. Thank you and Lord bless you!


I am a Veteran and a cpl years ago, my PCP put me on Vitamin D 5000 IU daily! I am so THANKFUL she did! I haven’t taken that vax and refuse to :slight_smile: God’s blessings upon you!


I am a nurse also and won’t be taking the shot. My husband did because of pressure from his parents. They are nonbelievers and don’t listen to the truth. We all need to pray for those who have not taken the shot yet to have their eyes opened to the truth. It’s not a vaccine but a mRNA shot with no virus in it. It makes no sense that this shot could even prevent Covid. It’s a lie. I pray my children who are young adults don’t take it. :pray::pray::pray:


This is the first I’ve heard of prion and I’m a nurse. I’m looking into it ASAP though. Thanks for the info

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