Prion disease and "THE VAX"

Do you know if the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine is any better? I know it is experimental and that alone is enough to dissuade me from taking it, but my husband is thinking about it because it is not an MRNA vaccine.

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Sorry if I started a problem here. I was referencing Enoch not for religious purposes but rather as a historical book.

“Jesus has given us authority over the power of the enemy and nothing shall in anyway harm us (Luke 10:17-19).” Let God be true and every man a liar. Whose report shall you believe** ? I shall believe the report of the Lord.
What is amazing is that my relationship with Jesus Christ allows me to walk in faith: I know who directs my steps. I don’t make choices on statistics; I make choices as the spirit leads me. In Daniel, we are told that 'those who have insight (wisdom) will understand. I am confident in this. God Bless.


That is not an answer to the question I asked.
Please answer and then we can discuss instead of random scripture and superlatives. The scripture reference have no bearing to statistical analysis. Please discuss the topic presented rationally.

Wow look at that, another effective study.

Also, if that is true what you say, I also believe the way the spirit leads and it leads me to believe the vaccines work based on all the stats.

So who is right?

This was flagged. Would anyone like to explain why?

What does scripture say about statistical analysis and its application to the real world?
“I can do all things through Him who gives me strength. “

Does this not also apply to statical population analysis ?

Praying for you and encourage you to trust God in all you do. You are honoring your parents as God has commanded and I am sure it is so difficult even if you had all your family supporting you. Since they are pressuring you, just remember (who) you are dealing with and ask the Lord to strengthen you each and every time. If we resist the devil, he WILL flee! James 4:7 God bless dear friend!

Update. I did get a call from one of my mom’s nurses and she told me to come to her window and she would open it for me to converse and be near her. Its not perfect but sure is an answer to my prayer to be close to her. Thank you, again for your encouragement.


The Truth is always a great place to begin. Gods peace be upon you.

I think its so very sinister as Bill and Mel smirked about the “next pandemic/outbreak will get their attention” that the healthcare folks take the jab first…Hmmm, did it dawn on anyone that if they take out the healthcare professionals and immobilize/paralyze the hospitals and first responders when the real sickness/pandemic comes then there will be complete panic and chaos??! These people are evil and sinister to the core. Literally every single minute detail has been pre-planned. They serve THEIR father​:imp: well. :rage::disappointed::syringe::skull_and_crossbones:


Yes I absolutely believe that! Time… will show the truth to all that is happening

Praise the Lord for small mercies. My son is in the hospital-committed-and very angry at me. How I’d love to wrap my arms around him and tell him it’s all going to be alright. But he knows that I am with him in spirit, anger aside. And I with him. Some bonds are very strong indeed. I am happy for you and your mom.

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What spirit are you listening to? You seem to want to justify your taking the vaccine or convince those of us who dont want it to take it and if that is what you believe is right for you then God bless God loves all Hope you can understand there are still many who are not Christians that wont take it because the research is so limited. They are placing major fear as a factor and NOBODY (govt, pharm, md, hosp) will be responsible for ANY bad effects that may come from this unstudied vaccine. You dont think thats just a little suspicious!! Just even
Enough to say “ nope Ill wait it out a year or two” and see what happens Good for you putting so much trust in this world and how they are controlling us I believe Ill trust God and His word and pray I am under His protection God bless you and your family May you all stay healthy and give Glory to God All things on His time


Thank you for your input! I am also in the healthcare field and I refuse to take the vaccine and will be saving my money just in case my job might make it mandatory.


Hi Kimberleeimj~ I am still trying to figure out how to use this site and where to go etc ~ I’m sorry i didn’t see you had posted till other day~ and just now realizing some new things~ I saw that film too~ so sad they themselves have allowed their own delusion~ I pray thier eyes to be opened spiriturally if possible! so much obvious 'fake jabs and fake receptors of the fake jabs` delusional ops for the sheeple!

Your claim that it is unstudied is False.
How do you dispute the Randomized controlled trials published, including the Real World Data in Israel showing 90% effectiveness and their current Rate of Transmission (Rt) of 0.53? Please offer some rational discussion regarding the scientific numbers. I can wait.

Your claim of not listening to the spirit is Inappropriate as how can you judge that?

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Hello Jjk232,

I think what people are saying about the safety of the vaccine is that it is new technology (mRNA) which has never been used before and that the longitudinal studies are not available because the vaccine was rolled out under emergency circumstances (the pandemic). As such, the people taking the vaccines currently are in the “study group”. Many of us, are not willing to be the guinea pigs so to speak. You are entitled to your opinions. You are entitled to get vaccinated. Those of us who choose not to, hope that we won’t be ostracized by practices such as vaccine passports that will then serve to coerce some people into getting a vaccine they don’t want in order to maintain the freedoms they used to enjoy before this whole pandemic started. God bless you and give you wisdom in your research and decision making.



The issue that is on this forum is people post unverified information expecting engagement. However, they then refuse to engage in rational discussion regarding the information posted.

While people can disagree on opinions, there is no disagreement with good evidence unless there is a disagreement on certain methodologies, which is definitely open for discussion.


Very wise advise!!!,
BUT both parties have to agree to disagree, before they can be respectful and loving. If one of the party refuses to agree to that , then it’s , game on ad nauseam. Doc


Yes, I agree with you…something is definitely wrong with the whole agenda. I will pray along with you, as most of my friends, even believers, have taken the vax in spite of listening to the videos I have sent them. If nothing else, I don’t want to get sick from the vax, and no, I don’t think it’s the MOB, but something (at the least) getting us used to the idea of that eventuality. I am so shocked at just how fast this is all happening, that it’s hard to believe it has not been in the works for a long time.
Pastor JD is doing yeomans duty in this work of his…I am so thankful for him and pray for he and his family.