Prion disease and "THE VAX"

This has been on my heart and in my prayers as well. God bless you for your courage. This “vax” is nothing more than an experimental drug according to many health experts and medical professionals. The ingredients are horrible to even fathom. I join you in prayer along with all others who are praying to endure til the end. Jesus is coming and I am looking forward to all our pain and suffering to end. May God bless you. Stay faithful🙏🏼


A mass CIA op to see how best to proceed next :frowning:

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Seriously? You think because everyone is fine after this vaccine that there will be no long term affects of this How can you even think a vaccine with such little to no research would be good for 2 million plus people daily? That I dont understand. A virus that has a 95% recovery rate and they need to vaccinate everyone!!! For what possible reason could this be Please do some research and understand you should never just trust the medical field, the pharm companies, or the govt. None of them care one bit about your well being But our Lord above does so he gave us a chance to have eternity with Him and none of us deserve it!! So think before you get fooled into the next vaccine or “booster” coming down the pike THINK and RESEARCH before letting them blindly give you something your body may or may not like


You think it’s fine that so many people are dying literally in front of our eyes?

So far I count a significant more deaths than ANY complication of the vaccine.

Maybe you should do your research? Ever heard of the New England Journal of Medicine? Maybe come back and give me a critique of the recent trials in Israel (Gods Holy Land) and tell me what you think of the success of 72% reduction in death after 2-3 weeks of 1 vaccine ? Maybe God has given us a gift to save His people?


It could be too margianlly that Israel plays with numbers as much as the US does. Just saying.


I also am am RN and Manage about 40 staff!!! Everyday, I want to walk away as Administration is strongly encouraging everyone to get to this! The CEO announced that she only trusts Dr. Fauci! I am sick to think of our patients getting this biological cocktail. I am not in any sense supportive of writing orders and or administration. I have declined working clinics and just praying right now, to where the Lord would lead me. I have several other nurses with the same convictions, while many others are waiting or have already received it. I had one nurse who had a CVA one week following her first dose! Coincidence??? She actually wants to receive the second! My patients are so compromised already, I don’t foresee a good outcome! when I say things to others, I am told by some well meaning believers that I am speaking darkness and death. is it not my job to warn others of harmful effects of medications! I don’t trust my own field of work!!! Now those who are getting the vaccine will be given freedoms. The CEO today said she was happy about having vaccine passes, like they have in other countries. I pray my unsaved husband will understand, but at this point I can only trust in the Hope of my Savior!!! Praise God for His faithfulness! I am His and may it be done according to His will! I Love You my Lord!!!


I’m on that same ship!!! Our Father will

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It could be, but what if it’s not?

What if, Imagine this: the people who have staked their lives on helping others, are kind and compassionate care givers, are using rigorous scientific method, What If they are right?

You don’t trust the government, but do you really think that the entire USA and Israeli, and Canadian and EU governments are all capable of a mass campaign of Miscounting?
Do you honestly believe the government is so efficient that it could cover up everything and we’re all being mislead together?
Governments are garbage and couldn’t keep a secret if their lives depended on it

I’m sure that is not what she wants…sounds more like she is worried about what these vaccines would do to them, since they are already sick!

So then a proper risk benefit analysis should ensue.
Is the risk of them contracting COVID high? Most congregate living centres it certainly is.
If the contract COVID is the risk of death high? Most likely, given co-morbidities exponentially increase mortality risk.
Is the theoretical risk of side effects more than the risk of contracting and likely dying of COVID? In pretty much all cases the answer is an emphatic NO.
Show me some placebo controlled, randomized controlled trials, which truly will detect a difference in outcomes, showing the risk is worse.

I can wait. In fact I will wait a long time, since they don’t exist.

There seems to be a lot of feelings, platitudes and opinions on this forum but no data or numbers.

Even Trump recommended Americans get the vaccine, on Fox News no less.

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You think the NEJM is going to tell us dont take the vaccine!! Oct 2020 they had all 34 editors write up on the “terrible job our politicians were doing controlling this virus” never had they EVER had ALL the editors come together to make such a strong political statement where it had NO business stating it! Its supposed to be about research and science but just somehow last year it became political. So now they have lost the confidence of many and now we know that they are on a political side so all hope is lost for there “unbiased research” Big donors Billl and Melinda Gates Things that make you say hmmm

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The platitudes and feelings come not from emotions but from the months and months of ongoing research into the vaccine itself, Moderna, Dr. Fauci’ sever changing mind, the mortality of those who succumb to the flu in typical years, esp those with high morbidities, the speed of production and the efficacy of the research! Check the VARES website with the CDC reporting and just place the date of 1 month and view the adverse effects and death! Yes the government is absolutely capable of screwing numbers as all the information is run their their computer systems which are capable of spewing out intricate numbers! Listen to the words Dr. Fauci uses and twists. This is not a forum of scientists, so you won’t find numbers here. This is a forum of God fearing men and woman, who Love the King and are awaiting the Blessed Hope of His soon Rapture! we are a body of believers Who seek the One Who holds us in His hands! We Love each other and pray for one another! we encourage and take courage from others who are willing to walk out their Faith! Blessed be the Name of our Lord God Forever and Ever!!! our hard facts are written right out of the Scriptures!!! Jesus Is Lord!!!:two_hearts::raised_hands:t4::fire::latin_cross::pray:t2::arrow_up::israel::dove:


My patients can’t make a choice with getting this vaccine! Not one has gotten a single cough and/or sniffle for this entire past year! so we should inject them with an experimental cocktail that the CDC itself is not sure of long term effects? Have you read any research on what the mRNA vaccine has done to lab animals with testing for RSV? Once a vaccine is administered, there is no reversing its effects. Have you seen autistic children, who will never become functional adults? Have you had effects of vaccines on yourself? I am currently suffering from illness as a direct result from vaccines. Why would I want to considering risking the lives of my patients when God’s Word clearly instructs us to choose life!!!


Although the risk benefit analysis you are looking for is obvious for those who live in congregate facilities. For years Annual Influenza has killed and I have signed thousands of death certificates over the years. However, all my patients and their families had a right to self determination! I’ve had people well into their 90’s who have never taken vaccines, let alone experimental ones. People should still have a right to make their own choice! We clearly see the affects of alcohol on our society and yet the liquor stores remain open. We have seen the deadly affects of cigarette smoking and second hand smoke and yet ever convenience store still sells them. Chewing to tobacco and oral cancers, OTC medications and yet everyone has a Free choice!!! Why is there a need to coerce and/or insentivise the need to take this vaccine for a disease process that is so deadly that we have to actually test people to see if they have it? Why are we not testing people prior to administration of this derivative, for antibodies? couldn’t they possibly be the so called super carriers? Lots of questions bit being answered and yet many are taking the vaccine for normalcy, never knowing what the outcome maybe. Just trust the doctors!!! Really? Do you blindly follow?


I had to come back to this post to actually further investigate institutions and the government mandates of staffing! years ago facilities were staffed for the needs of the patients. Today staffing is completed per government regulations. Do you honestly think they care about people institutionalized? Do you honestly think they care about the elderly and the immense amount of medicare dollars being spent! You know they care about the money and NOT the patient! Take a 40 y/o w/Fx hip which requires an ORIF then look at a 92y/0 w/the same Dx… Would you think they both have diverse needs??? Of course (sorry for the simplicity), but d/t regulations they both receive the same amount of funding. Why? B/C they really do not care about the outcome of the 92 y/o, the infection rate, the pressure sore rate, the increase need for assistance w/mobility and respiratory effort! Go ahead and trust the government! So trust in chariots and some trust in horses but as for me I will trust in the Name of the Lord our God!!! :raised_hands:t4::heart:


AMEN!!! Thank you for your posts!! We on this forum are here as it is comforting knowing others believe and trust in The Word of God FIRST and after such a year we have had it is much needed and a blessing no doubt! God Bless you

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Dear Jjk232. I would like to sadly inform you, we had a sister home who just had a death of one of their healthy, younger individuals, three weeks following administration of the vaccine. There is a number for you. No feelings, no life.

“He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away."
Revelation 21:4


Grieving with you, Sylvia. I am so sorry.

Did she die with the vaccine or from the vaccine hmm?

Oh my, have you heard a word of what Pastor JD has said and all the research to back it up. Really watch his videos and do your research. The mainstream media and a lot of Drs say this is ok. But listen to the other Drs who are speaking truth about how truly dangerous this vaccine is. Please! Prayers you see the truth!!!