Prion disease and "THE VAX"

Agree! There has never been a successful animal study with this type of vaccine. The animals all died! So they think using it on humans will have different results? Talk about Genocide! When the next strain of COVID comes down the pike you watch and see. The masses will be dropping like flies from a cytokine storm the likes of we have never seen.

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oh goodness! Lord Jesus! I pray for her @ 1jewwl! So many well intentioned people/ nurses ~ put themselves on the line for disaster! As a nurse myself~ I am relieved but disheartened to not be in the hospitals/ fields of nursing~ i do care for elderly in home privately thoug~ and pray the Lord continues to allow that to be an avenue for me. They have recieved their injections though and I am hearing that those recieving can ‘shed’ so am praying Gods protection as this continues… :pray: :pray: :pray:

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Yes, a fellow believer sent our ladies group an invitation to attend a bible study with her, but only if you have had both vaccines. I just answered her, hmmmm. All my friends have had the vaccine and are still very fearful. We are seeking the Lords will and decided to wait.


Amir had the choice of the Israeli vaccine, I think. I am sure he did it for the ministry so he can continue travel and sharing the good news. I was a bit discouraged by Franklin Graham’s endorsement, as were most of the ones commenting. I don’t believe Amir is endorsing it as Franklin did.

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Did she or does she have extreme thirst ? I just found out a few people posting this well past being vaccinated

Hello there,
I’m so sorry you have CFS, I have it as well among many other various auto-immune diseases.

Did this Infectious Disease Specialist offer any type of treatment to correct your immune function? I only ask because there is something they can give to Cancer & Autoimmune disease/syndromes, it’s called Intravenous Immune Globulin (IVIG). It helps in many cases mention it to your Neurologist and see what they say, it might really help. God Bless :slight_smile:

Johnson and Johnson experimental jab has fetal cell line. You should be able to find plenty of info online about this truth. God bless!

Not that she has mentioned. That’s a side-effect I hadn’t heard of.

You are very wise. I think Amir had been pro vaccine until Jack Hibbs and JD explained things to him. A lot of us hoped it wd be a good thing not knowing the agenda behind it. Or the appalling side effects of it. If you look at the very low vaccination rate in India and the incredibly low death rate ( lots of deaths yes but 1.4 b population, so 4 times us population) it makes you wonder what use the vaccine is


I can see where you are coming from and yet I am not comfortable with your conclusions. I do want to know that I want my words to be tempered in love and the understanding that I do have from the Holy Spirit.

If the jab is the mark of the beast then most of us have been successfully fooled already. What I do know from the scientific evidence, (I do hope that you watched the video that I posted. It is the same Doctor that JD Farag cited in his last prophesy update, so I do believe you should look at it as a trustworthy source.) is that to take the jab is a basic death sentence and for a Christian it would be a suicide procedure and that does in my book disqualify someone from entrance into heaven.

I do know that many believers hold to the doctrine of once saved always saved. This is a very bad and troublesome doctrine. It is this doctrine that apostle Paul warned us about when he said that we live in perilous times. This from a man that was whipped, beaten, stoned, left for dead, shipwrecked, and fearful of robbers that would kill him. He was telling us this because for him and for all of us our focus should be entrance to heaven. Especially via the rapture route.

The Bible does teach us that we must be found worthy to escape the wrath that is to come on the world. If this was not an issue it would not be mentioned but the emphasis would then be only to ensure that you have salvation.

Salvation is only the beginning with our walk with Jesus and He does expect us to walk with Him in holiness and humility, being obedient to His commands. Many believers make the same mistake that the sons of Eli did. They had relations with women that came to the temple and then they would sacrifice an animal and say well that took care of this sin. It was from this lesson that Samuel would be able to say to Saul " to obey is better than sacrifice".

In Israel right now you can not buy or sell except with proof of the jab. This is something that the Bible did stress to us and it is a major red flag.

For those who are left behind, many will have a complete shift in their doctrine. This is not the desired position that one wants to be in.

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Remember that God sent a strong delusion according to the Bible, because their names are not written in the Book of Life. I do believe that there are so called “Christians” who are under the delusion. If these people are falling for the lie and I will say therefore that their names were blotted from the book of life and they do not know this. :sob: :cry:

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I see that if they are not saved, yes. I also, have seen thise week or young in their faith to listen to the lie of the enemy or see that the media is the Ministry of Truth and not understand how the media operates. Initially I believed the lies being used with this virus. Almost all of the pastors initially believed it but they did, many, reopened theur doors.

Though I have come across many not saved and do not believe these lies, too.

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Yes, I find it strange that there are some non Christians that are more awake than those who will say that they are Christians. I like to think of them as future Christians and I like to spend time with them warning them of what is to come according to the Bible.

I do also believe that Christians can fall backwards from the grace of God and be inadmissible to heaven. This is a tragic situation. I am completely opposed to the Calvinistic point of view. The
Bible does clearly teach us that it is a false doctrine.

We very much need to spend time with Jesus in personal interaction, worship and prayer. We need to walk humbly and in holiness with God.

Sadly where I go to church many pastors acted liked the hired hand that Jesus did tell us about. I never fully understood that parable until now. They are worried about some fine when we should be looking forward to the rapture!

Thank you for your insight. I find it very interesting, that people might get a behavior change after they have been vaccinated. It might sound crazy, but I know that the World Economic Forum has done lots of research for human brain and behaviour control. It makes sense for me, cause the world and society will change and the unvaccinated are the new enemy. So in the future, after the rapture, the people have to be changed in their mind, to take the mark of the beast. This “vaccine” is just a step forward towards this direction. I would love you to keep me informed, because there is very little information about this. And I dont know a person, who is vaccinated.


I just recently watched a video interview of one of the world’s foremost (I think epidemiologist might have been immunilogist) from Sweden or Switzerland, sorry for the confusion. But yes, this famous doctor has warned to stop vaccinating people immediately because of the 1,000’s of new viral strains it’s creating. He said that the vax will only protect a person from the original strain and that the person’s immune system will be suppressed and not be able to fight off the variants. Thankfully I was just able to convince my parents not to listen to the fear mongering media and to trust God with their health because I had listened to that interview! They changed their minds about the vaccine!


It’s called a dissociative event. I have them with my central nervous system damage. I’m so very sorry to hear this. Prayers for your family.

Absolutely! So sad that people are motivated by such fear they are willing to have their very genetic code altered.


Are you at all familiar with Genesis 6? The fallen ones mingled their seed with human women. They did this for 2 reasons. #1, they’re wicked and evil. #2, when God promised this in Gen 3 “ And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed he shall crush thy head, and thou shalt crush his heel,” Satan knew if he could only corrupt the seed of mankind, he could avoid having his head crushed by the woman’s offspring (Jesus Christ-seed of the woman-overshadowed by the Holy Spirit-not impregnated by man but miraculously by God Himself). Read about the wickedness of mankind before the flood. It tells us that ALL flesh had corrupted itself. Noah was not only “Righteous” in his generation, he came from uncorrupted genealogy. No nephalim in his line. Satan is using the same old tricks and attempting to alter the genetic code given to us by our creator. Scientists are literally playing god and probably being manipulated by principalities, powers and dark forces to do it. Revelation tells us that all those who take the mark of the beast break out into painful sores all over their bodies, so we know something “medical” is up with this. This first roll out may not be the mark, but it’s very clearly conditioning people to take it when it comes. We are not just physical beings. We are spiritual beings. There is a whole spiritual world all around us. I ask you to pray about whether or not God would solve the problem of a genetically engineered bio weapon (COVID-19) released into the population intentionally, by giving mankind the ability to manipulate the very miraculous genetic code that makes us human. Yes, this all sounds weird, but if you’re familiar with the Old Testament, you must be aware of nephalim, raphaim, karnaim, zuzim, fallen sons of God, king Og of Bashan. Read Joshua, Amos, Deuteronomy, Jude, Genesis, 1 Samuel. It’s all there. God bless you.


We’ve altered the genetic code of all the food we eat.

Do you dare to eat bananas and apples that have selectively modified genetics???

Of course the fact checkers have said his statements were misrepresented. It’s absolutely :100: % true.