Proclaiming the Gospel!

Greetings fellow Christians!

For a while now I’ve had a heart to reach those who have never heard the gospel in these strenuous times and since I heard of the others out there putting J.D. on hundreds of billboards across America I thought I would act out my ‘Christian Business Card’ idea.

The premise is to have the ABCs for salvation and other Christian content on a business card so that those who are… well shy, such as myself can hand them to people wonder what’s going on in the world. Additionally they are small enough to easily be carried and dropped into mailboxes as you go about your daily life. Also, if the rapture occurs and someone rifles through your wallet or purse, the idea is that they will find the card and come to know Christ.

I’m interested in what you all think of my designs so far and if they are able to be printed in the U.S. (sizing requirements etc) as i’m Australian. The more people that carry the cards on them, ideally the more people will be saved at some point.

I have a selection of designs so far, but will work on more in the future: Creative Content

Praise God, and keep up the amazing work J.D. Farag, the team and you all you who are reading!

  • Chris

I love your designs and the messages on them!! Very good!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Thank you! @Maranatha :heart:
There’s still a few more I wanted to make as well, but I’m open to requests.

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Hi @anon27008535 I’ve seen you’re quite the poster around here and an amazingly helpful young lady, keep up the wonderful work! And your grasp of using this forum is next level - what are the bracketed words you used? Are they tags of some kind? Or just emphasis?

Thanks for your feedback! Yep, I’m a solo act. I’m working on slowly turning the content of my site entirely to God so the games and photography likely won’t stay up there for much longer. - Although I do put scripture verses on my photos and upload them to Facebook :smiley:

I believe Christians should be prepared as per the preparedness page, not because we will go through the tribulation but because the world will start showing signs of the end times beforehand. The Bible says to be prepared all though proverbs and in the form of multiple stories such as the 7 years of plenty and 7 of famine.

[ Business Card ] Oh, didn’t the link take you to the cards? They are the real thing as well as the drafts - so if you think anything needs altering then I’ll fix them up. I want to change the ABC card to a link of JD’s ABCs video but then it might be a bit too complicated to type…

They are just like mini-billboards actually, but ones that fit in a pocket xD

God Bless,

Yeah, bro, brother or dude, mate (as we say in Australia), whatever works for you haha.

[ Interesting ] these bracket things may catch on in these forums quite quickly xD

Yeah exactly, and since the days where everyone produced their own food is gone, we need a little bit of redundancy in case the production cycle breaks down for a while.

If the link isn’t working for anyone else, please let me know: Creative Content

It’s working on both my mobile and laptop, so there must a be a ghost or devil in the machine :ghost:

Thank you so much Chris for the great images! I was wanting to make a card to pass out with our Halloween treats and I literally ran out of time due to a death in our family this week. I was so thankful to discover your images.

Thought I’d share the spread sheet in case others would like to print some out as well. The flag image I was able to borrow from Chris is the front. And then I simply snagged a screen shot of some of Pastor Farag’s video thumbnails for the back side of the card.

Much thanks again,

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@Lanette That’s such a great idea Lanette! I hadn’t thought of giving them out during Halloween!

Would you be able to let me know how it goes? And whether you think I should make the words “Lives” and “JD Farag’s links” white instead of black for easier reading?

God Bless!

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Chris, I finally got around to having a look around your site. Well done mate! Some really good resources there. As a carer for a disabled, largely bed-bound friend my prepping is … well minimal would not be too unkind. I am probably off to the gallows for Christ if I miss the rapture.
Keep up the good (Godly) work.
God bless you.

@oweng Many thanks Owen! As long as it saves the eternal life of at least one person I consider it all worth it :slight_smile:

If you’ve accepted Jesus then by all means you’ll be taken in the rapture, no need to be subjected to the tribulation or execution.

Preparedness seems to becoming more important as the instability of the world grows, but it’s always a fine line between trusting God and being prepared. If society does break down I’ll be at my local church showing them how to purify water and doing what I can to procure food for the local area.

God Bless

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Hi, Fluidicice,
Great idea. There’s a reliable Christian tract printer located in US at:

Also, you can email at:
The pricing is reasonable for custom design. If you already have the design made it is much less, or possibly no designer charge fee. They can print in selected languages too. A bit more in price though, but worth it i would think? They’ll send to you mailing address. God bless you brother. Maranatha

Good idea to review the proof before printing. If it is not easily read folks will likely not give it a good look and dismiss it? will adjust the proof until you make a decisive decision on the final print on a custom ordered card. Unless, you are printing your own? Sorry, i thought i read that you were thinking to print some in US?
If i misread or misunderstood i apologize. Blessings.

Hi Lannette, I’ve updated the Eternal Lives Matter card with white font for the words on red instead of black, which is easier to read, give them a try!

God Bless!

Oh wow, thanks for that @PsalmsWay their designs look great! I’ve seen those million dollar bills before but our Australian currency instead and even have a few. But now I know where to buy some of them! :slight_smile:

I wonder if they have an Australian branch…

God Bless :heart:

Being UK, with not so many bill boards & not the budget for adverts, we have had 3,000 leaflets printed with JD’s ABCs, so have put them through all the doors in our area. Strangely, despite delivering loads, the box is still looking quite full, so we went to a large village nearby & have done all those houses too. And again, the box looks quite full!! A bit like the widow with the oil! We will carry on putting leaflets through the doors as God wants!

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Hi @KevandJulie,
That’s wonderful to hear! Kind of like a loaves and fishes miracle.

I pray it will make an impact in the lives of others in these troubling times. Keep up the great work!

God Bless,

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