Prodigal Daughter has Returned

My oldest daughter watch our Pastor JD yesterday with me. She recommitted her life to Jesus Christ. She repented and she’s going home to throw her tarot cards and other things away.

I cannot explain how full my heart is. She wants to live a life godly for the Lord. She doesn’t want the old life anymore. She prayed lastnight for her unsaved friends.

I am so BLESSED. THANK YOU FATHER. My daughters now serving and loving You - thank you Lord.

Thank you that my oldest has now returned home to You Lord.

She knows the rapture is imminent. She sees it now. Days are few. We are going home!

Please contiune to pray for her and our family.


Beautiful news - I am so happy for both of you. And I pray her friends take note and the HS can do his work in them also.:heart::pray:


I am so grateful. She threw out everything lastnight from her room. She cleaned and took out the trash. She told her best friend that she’s reading the Bible. We are praying for her friend Karlee.

I am praising God all day for her return. It makes me tear up. I am so grateful as my daughter prayed with tears thanking Jesus - thank You for giving me this chance Lord she prayed.

My daughter also decided she’s turning away from secular music and listening to worship. God is so good. Holy Spirit keep thst fire going in her.

Please pray she will develop strong Christian friendships. :latin_cross: Please pray Karlee will come to the saving knowledge of Christ.

Thank you.


@Lya, for this we rejoice that the Lord tarries! We will keep praying for our loved ones to come to Christ, and for those who need Salvation all over the world. Such beautiful news, Lya, I am celebrating with you! Blessings!


She is starting to study eschatology with Prophecy Pros Jeff Kinley and Todd Hampson. Wow this am she was firing off everything she’s learned. I am rejoicing, Our God is so sovereign. I can’t even begin express the gratitude, God is so merciful.
We will contiune to uplift others and pray for salvation for the world.


Brought me to tears :heart::heart::heart:


Thank you Lord!!!
What a beautiful testimony. Brings me to tears too.


Kate- This is - GREAT NEWS!!!
I will continue to keep you and yours in my prayers…

As far as Christian music, encourage her away from Hillsong and Jesus Culture music…


Yes I am fully aware.
We are starting Revelations right now.
She is just chomping at the bit.
God is moving so mightily in her life.
Jesus is on the throne of her heart.
I am so blessed and grateful for God’s sovereignty. :heart:


God is so good ! He is faithful and answers prayer.
I had 2 answers myself today about improved communication of my sons with their dad. BOTH boys called him today. Amen! Praise Jesus!
Iam praying some big prayers for my family . Excited to see the “But God” fulfillment!
Your answer has encouraged me.


What a glorious celebration to share with us! Praise God, Kate!!


Lya, I am so happy for you. I know that is the prayer of all of us who have children that are out in the world.


My heart is ready to burst, Lya. How great is our God!! As I am thanking Him for your miracle, I will include all us moms and dads who long to experience this in our lives and for our children. We want this so badly, yet His will be done and in His time.


Praying that the blessing continues to you and your children, Carole.