Prophecy Watchers.Asteroid 2029. Rapture 3.5 years before?

Hi! So I watched a recent prophecy watchers yesterday with gary stearman and tom horn. Basically in a nutshell…Tom Horn believes the Asteroid that is heading to earth in 2029 will actually hit (NASA says it will pass by safely, could be a cover up). Anyway works out exactly 3.5 years after 2025 passover feast. It’s actually a very good episode and could actually happen according to bible prophecy. However since hearing “2025” I’ve felt incredibly down. I just want the Lord to come back soon. I know we are to keep going and I will. I’m just so sad at the thought of waiting so much longer when ive been listening to the words imminent this last year. Part of me is hoping the asteroid is the 2nd coming and the end of the tribulation which would work out 7 years from next year. Anyway I know we dont know but we do know the Lords timing is perfect but wow I feel heavy hearted at the thought. Now after writing this I feel so selfish because I have so many family members not saved and the extra time would be so worth it if they found Jesus! Well I think I’ve almost talked myself into excepting what will be will be! Anyone else feel as muddled with emotion as me :joy:

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