Provision for my family and job

Brothers and sisters. I dont know if this is allowed but please my family and i need prayers. I know that people all around the world are struggling and this is hard for me to do as i dont want to take food out of anyones mouths. Especially childrens.
I desperatly need food. My son had a job to which they had cut his hours to 2 days and went he went back to work they cut his hours to one day. We werent surviving off of that. We definetly werent gonna survive off his new cut. Sadly he had to quit the job and is now looking for another. My other son and my husband are looking as well. I recieve a disability check and my daughter just got a job. Please pray for us. Pray that my family gets a job that is good paying as well as that they will be surrounded by brothers and sisters in Christ that will help their walk with the Lord. Please please pray for provision. I know God is good and he will provide. Thank you all so much.


Lord, we ask and plead that you will provide for this family. God they have tried to work and earn their living. We know that You own the cattle on a thousand hills. Bring them food. Provide them with jobs that they need. Keep a roof over their heads and clothes on their bodies.
Jesus we ask in Your Name. You promise to answer if we ask in Your Name. Jesus hear us and Provide.


Dear Erica, I pray manna from Heaven in this desert place. . . Strangers who are really angels in disguise bearing provision for all your needs, and more!

Father in Heaven we come in the name of Jesus, in humility, with thanksgiving. Oh Father, may blessing after blessing pour out and break through for Erica and her family. Father, light the way forward. . . Lead them to work which profits them . . . Bring food and any other provisions they need to survive and thrive. Set others who know and love you in their path to support and strengthen their faith. Let these worst of times become blessed times because you are there working everything for their good and your glory. In the name of Jesus . . . :pray:t3:


Amen! I pray in agreement with Brenda.


Heavenly Father, you are so good to us Lord. Your love is everlasting and steadfast. You are our provider, our comforter and our protector. Thank you Jesus for always being with us and rescuing us from all the trials in our lives. Father, we pray that you will provide for your family Lord and that it would bring praise and honor to your name. We love you and thank you for answering our prayers. In the mighty name of Jesus we pray. Amen :heart:


Praying for you and your family, Erica, in agreement with @Benny @SongSparrow & @NStallard

May this be additional encouragement for you today:
A famous story of God’s provision for the hungry - right click to open link in new tab.


Thank you all for your wonderful and beautiful prayers. They brought tears to my eyes. I covet them. I love you all so much and i pray father God blesses yall in the mightiest way! The love you have shown me and my family is so desperately needed and welcomed. Thank you all and God bless you all. In the holy and mighty name of Jesus! Amen.


I pray for you and your family to be able to have food. I pray for the right jobs to come for your family in Jesus name :pray:t2:


Praying in agreement :pray::pray::latin_cross:


Hello Erica @childofGod7,
I add my voice to the prayers offered here on behalf of your family. May our LORD bless you and keep you. May He make His face to shine upon you. May He look upon you with favor and give you His peace.

Have you thought of buying a few packs of seeds and planting them? I could send you seeds if you can grow a few plants. When you’re hungry, even vegetables taste good! Or perhaps a nearby food pantry can help….

Father in Heaven,
Please help this family and all the other families that are in the same situation. Thank You for Erica and her faith. Thank You that she has invited us to pray for her family’s needs. Thank You that You were answering this prayer before there was even a need.

Please pour out blessings upon this family Lord. Direct the steps of those who are looking for work to the place You have chosen. Set before this family people who love You and who will help guide this family in Your ways. Bless them with abundance Father, in every aspect of their life. We thank You for holding them, for providing for them and for loving them. In the Name of Your beloved Son Yeshua, our Blessed Hope and Redeemer, amen.


Praying for you Erica


Thank you so much! God bless you. I would love the seeds! Its something the Lord has been putting on mine and my husbands hearts. Theres this homeless kitchen that we go eat at. It serves monday through friday. Weve been getting a daily meal from there. They worked out my daughters first pay check today. They were having problems but praise the Lord they paid her in cash and we were able to get groceries today! Truly, truly thank you all! God is so good! I love you all! God bless you all!


Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful song! Its one of my favorites. I dont know if you know brother tyler from generation2434 but he sings this hymn on his channel with an extra verse he added as we wait for the rapture! This hymn is encouraging and music has always spoken to my heart! God bless you!


Praising the Lord with you, Erica.

Thanks for sharing this update. :pray:Praying for God’s continuing provision, including a bountiful harvest from the seeds! :eggplant: :cucumber: :carrot:


Oh, I’m so glad. Still praying for you.


Prayer for you and your family. God is good!