Questions for God

I have really seeking God on how to handle situations.

I have PSWs that care for me that barely tolerate each other. When one asks me a direct question about the other it’s awkward and I don’t/won’t lie. I need to wear a sign please don’t ask or put me in this situation that I maybe tempted to sin. I don’t want to offend my God.

Another situation is when people are extremely rude and cut you out and off. They get offended ever so easily even when you have apologized - I dislike being put in that place of somehow it’s all on me. Suddenly you are the bad guy. Grant me mercy Lord to help me understand and release.

Then comes down to mercy. Yesterday’s sermon left alot of unanswered questions spinning in my mind. Being abused and having trama in my own life - I am still working with a Christian counselor on “healthy boundaries.” My mind and soul is so mixed up on this. Knowing we will be accountable for measure of mercy that we give so shall be given. My brain goes see all that abuse? You should have stuck it through because Christ suffered abuse too in the hands of his accusers. When someone keeps hurting you and yet you cannot take it anymore and unfortunately you do what ever human does - walk away. Am I guilty?

Then I think whay about living for Him as suppose to someone else who’s out and about every day witnessing for Him? Am I utilizing the time appropriately? Am I using my funds appropriately? Am I using my gifts and talents appropriately every single day?

Then I see that doing nothing gains nothing in salvation because it’s ONLY by the grace of God through our Lord Jesus Christ we can be saved.

I really want more good in my pile than bad. Am I changing? How do I manage from the times I am struggling health wise, exhausted from every day tasks like showers, is the bar so high regardless of the situations I am enduring and facing?

I am just reciting what I have said and prayed about.

Thank you



I think I can safely say that many of us have the same questions, Kate. Well, I can say for sure that I do. Even when I seem to have certain things settled in my mind, I can backtrack in my thoughts about some of the boundary-setting.

As for your care staff, I would just encourage you to try to use those caught-in-the-middle situations as times to let them see how you handle that with your responses. We can each remind ourselves that the world is watching us believers, and from that, choose our own words wisely. Ask for the Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts for these future situations that you can just about count on.


Ask any questions you may have.


Dear Flyboy,
My heart really swelled up with reading your responses. I want to be so transparent so I can contiune to better for Christ. To learn. To grow. To change. I am going to keep reading your responses for a few days. It very much uplifted and encouraged me. Thank you again for taking the time, writing out your responses and I cannot wait to meet you in the air. :heart: