Rapture kit but in printed form

Does anyone know of a abbreviated tract or pamphlet to be left in various places for people left behind after the rapture? I know there are electronic rapture kits but computer and devices may not be available after the rapture.

Also, any real good bible tracts sharing about the rapture and tribulation and why you need to make a decision for Jesus Christ now?


The best and simple is ABC of salvation.

I found this one some days ago, but in French.
It explains logically why Jesus died on the cross.

Maybe if you go on the website with google translate you can convert it. Mac should be able to extract text from images.

There is a pdf about the rapture here, you can print it.

computer and devices may not be available after the rapture.

Yes probably but it’s not impossible that some will still work (locally and specially small devices) or Google auto, Apple car systems.




Seems a good site, but you block PM so we can’t PM you!

Here’s a website one of our members has. Lots of well organized stuff and I’m pretty sure it’s mostly printable and free. Maybe Chris @fluidicice can point you to other resources. Hi Chris!


Link is good, promise.


@GR Hey GR! Thanks for the tag. :smiley:

@Marlese Hi Marlese,
Hmm an abbreviated rapture tract? I don’t have any besides a couple of rapture based business card designs and an A4 flyer design which mentions the rapture.

I have my detailed rapture document for those who wish to dig deeper if they are interested after reading through a simple tract - which @hotchiwawa linked in his post. It’s better used if printed and kept somewhere where the individual will find it after the rapture occurs (if they aren’t saved by then).

Let me know if that will suit your purpose or if you’re looking for something else entirely.

In Christ,


Thanks everyone for the excellent suggestions! I have many non Christian friends that I love and pray for. We work together on various projects such as banner waves over the highway. I have witnessed to many with the leading of the Holy Spirit. God bless everyone here. Maranatha! :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Hey Chris @fluidicice,
Your site was first one I thought of! You’ve built a fantastic resource that I’m sure has blessed and will continue to bless many. Thank you and may our Father bless you for your diligence and compassion.

Hello Marlese @Marlese,
Keep praying and planting seeds! May God bless you for your obedience and faith.

Shalom to you both,


When Jesus took us home in the rapture and you find yourself left behind, this is for you (anyone)

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