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Good morning!

Edwin, I believe we are down to the wire now.

Yes most everything is completely foreign to me as well. We believers do not fit into this world anymore. I have lost friendships and family members over the years because of my faith in Christ. It is lonely being a child of God but it will be worth it all one day soon.

I have an appointment to see the dr. today to have scripts refilled. I have high blood pressure that is effectively controlled by meds so I am good.

I live in southern Louisiana and I love to grow exotic plants and flowers.
I am very musical, play the piano since I was a child but my hands have arthritis and I can no longer play like I did before.
I also love cooking!

If I didn’t know the Lord, there would be no hope for me. He is everything to me.
I am looking for Him any moment.



Precisely. Well spoken.

Amen :heart:


Speech that is anointed by the Holy Spirit that has a bearing on our eternal destiny, otherwise better to be silent.