Rental assistance

Please pray for me and my family of three. I trust God will provide for us. I applied for rental assistance and have not heard anything back yet. I call and email to follow up and nothing. I’m growing concerned because I only have part of rent and not able to paid it all. I talk with my landlord to try to make arrangements, but they want the full payment. This year and last year has been a struggle financially, I’m not making the same income as before the plandemic. My hope and trust is in Jesus he will always make way. Thank you, for being in agreement with me. God bless everyone.


@Lrichardson21 lawanda, depending on where you live, the eviction moratorium should be in place. Ask your landlord about it. Look up “eviction moratorium letter” and print it out,sign and submit to your landlord.

Also, praying for you…I’m sorry you have to suffer this stress. (My son was in the same situation.)


Hi Lawanda,

i said a sweet prayer for you from my heart :heart::pray: in Jesus’ name. may God bless you!


Oh my goodness! I completely understand your predicament!
Praying for you and your family :pray::heart:

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