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Just found out that I have to have two operations on both of my eyes. Need to have cataracts removed from both eyes plus have surgery for corneal dystrophy on both eyes.

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Father God, I lift my brother Warren to you for peace concerning his impending eye surgery. Ensure his ophthalmic surgeon or laser wielder is the best in his area, and treats my brother with great care.
Better yet, Lord, if you can just whisk us all out of here in the clouds, I’m sure he will be acceptable to perfect vision in the rapture.
In Jesus’ name,


Hi @WSAYLOR069. Just wondering if your surgery has been scheduled. Praying for your successful surgery and quick recovery.


Unfortunately no. The doctor has to get pre authorization from my medical insurance company before getting cornea transplant material and getting time in the operating room.


Ok. Please keep us posted and know of my prayers for you.

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Dear Lord ,
we pray for warren surgery , we ask
you guide the surgeons hands . We ask
you comfort warren and we pray in agreement
with all the prayers . we lift warren to
you . we ask this in Jesus name

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Any further news about your eye surgery, Warren?

I have a request to Medical insurance providers for update on what is going on. Dr not giving me update so went to to providers for information

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Sorry you’re having to wait so long for the procedure. Will pray the providers get back to you quickly. How is your daughter going, by the way?

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Daughter has many issues because of previous relationships and lack of religious upbringing. Her biological father and mother were of the catholic “faith” but not practiced . We both need prayers as we move forward.


Michele Marie is on my prayer list also, Warren.