Requesting intercession for my sister-in-law

Brothers and Sisters in Christ. I have requested prayer several times on this forum and everyone is always so responsive and loving. God has been faithful (He always is).

My sister-in-law has been living with us for about 9 months. Without going into much detail, it has been difficult. Recently, her behavior has changed and she’s been acting extremely odd. She says she is a believer, but has just been really odd. For example, she is not sleeping much, is starting to have angry outburst, and is using these odd names to refer to her self. We have laid hands on her in the name of Jesus, but she says she is not possessed and is a believer. Its a major stress because the problem continues to get worse. Additionally, my wife and I continue to try and heal our marriages but its hard with this constant pressure and stress.

My discernment tells me this is not of God. I discern a heaviness and an anger that is not only heard but felt. She is staying in our home, we are paying her bills, and yet she continues to act this way. I don’t know if this is spiritual, mental or both. We don’t know what to do but ask you to pray to the Lord for this person. Her name is Nhi. Thank you so much.

Brother in Christ,



Mark, brother, I will be praying for you and your family.
Father God in Heaven, I say this prayer in the all mighty and precious name of Jesus. Abba Father, please be healing to Mark’s sister-in-law. Please heal her mind and calm the storm in her emotions. If she is not saved, Lord Jesus please have the Holy Spirit convict her of sin so that she realize she needs a savior and that she will call on your name Lord Jesus. I pray for added strength given to Mark and his wife during these days and for the Holy Spirit to guide them in all Truth. Amen.


Thank You Alvis from the bottom of our hearts. God Bless You.


Father in heaven, You know all things, and we ask that You wake Nhi up to the strain that she is causing to her family relationships. Only You know what it will take. We ask that You have mercy on her by healing her from what ails her. Show her that peace is found in Jesus alone. Our sin nature often rises up, and we need to surrender to Your will and ways in our life every day. May Nhi gain an understanding that this takes time in Your word, praise and prayer.

Be with Mark and his wife as they navigate this situation in their home. Protect their marriage; give them strength and wisdom to know when to draw boundaries or not.
Lord You are so good to us; please show Yourself mighty on behalf of this family in the mighty name of Jesus, amen.


Loving Heavenly Father

Father, I beg You that my prayer intermingle with Your will being done; Open the ski to reveal the hundred million angels watching over Mark’s family and home to Nhi. Let the sound of their singing in praise to You be felt in her heart. Please transform the problems Mark and his wife are beleaguered with into solutions and questions changed to answers. Whatever hate is resting in this house, change it to love and the trials into victories. If the problem resides in Nhi’s life of lack of sleep, allow her a restful night’s sleep to counter what sounds like an onset of insomnia. Should she be facing a trial with demons, charge the guardian angels watching over Mark and his family with vanquishing the demons battling within. Father, people reinforce the guardian angels of Mark’s life and his wife and family with multiple Brigades to join the fight. Allow Mark and his wife to rest like our Lord did in the boat across the sea of Galilee when He was awakened to silence the storm.

We understand that through trials we build perseverance, through perseverance comes character and through character constructs hope - We’re hoping, Father that You will present to this family an ending of the lesson in this process and help them pave the way for the love and the passion they started with to reunite them to where they first started. Presuming how they first started was the greatest, because if it wasn’t…um let’s change that to the point where they were at their greatest. Mainly because I don’t know.

Place upon Nhi the understanding of the need to assist those who assist her. To put back in what she has taken out of this family and to attempt again what she has not accomplished while learning to depend on You over herself. Please let the sun shine upon this family and their home with a Heavenly glow, as we ask that You comfort all who dwell there a blessing of peace and calm in their hearts and minds and galvanize them with protection from evil and those not of You. Encapsulate Mark and his wife with a blessing of Spiritual wisdom and understanding and a boatload of discernment so that Nhi will see Your effect upon them and that in turn, she may be blessed with the same. To face and accept truth and whatever prisons have been made, direct her out of them. Carry those in this house around the snares of the Devil and lock them to never open again. Mightily we ask for help in so that 1 John 3:24 can resonate like a tuning folk struck and never stops.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


I’m praying asking the good Lord that the Holy Spirit overcome this other spirit in her and that if she’s not truly saved to guide her to truth and salvation. Also that your marriage be healed and protected from any added strain.

Just a suggestion but maybe read aloud scripture in her presence and of course pray out loud as well. It could babe very telling how she reacts.

One really has to consider that the devil and his minions are likely on overdrive trying to attack Christians, marriages and relationships to create the type of turmoil he loves.



Thank you all for the prayers. Nhi finally fell asleep this afternoon. Last night was rough as she was talking to herself and pounding the couch, just a lot of odd things. Its difficult to know what to do because we know this is spiritual. However, I also know the Lord can use doctors to help people. I am concerned because if we send her to a hospital or try to, we don’t know what the outcome will be. She is a veteran so she would be able to go to the VA, but they would place her in a locked unit and likely diagnose her with some type of mental health illness. We will keep praying, I know God is doing something, I just don’t know how this is going to end.


Let us know if things start to improve, man! That one step is beautiful progress.