Returning Veterans

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Lord comfort, and provide for these very honorable men and women who will be discharged less than honorable by the evils of men. May we who are brothers and sisters of these modern day Daniels embrace them with love, livelihood, food, shelter, and clothing. Let all of our measures of faith increase as you miraculously provide for millions who have or will be displaced from livelihood.

Amen Stephen


Amen Stephen. Father, please provide all their needs and bring comfort to their souls. For those who are combat weary, Father, find counseling for them and good doctors who understand their symptoms.
Let their hearts rejoice in You. In the blessed Name of Jesus, the Name above all others, Amen.


Yes we need to pray for our military children who are being indoctrinated by the government. My daughter and I rented a huge cabin in TN Smokey MT for a Thanksgiving get to together but my son says he wont come with his family unless I get vaccinated. He is active duty Air Force stationed in LA, Barksdale AFB. His wife and him got vaccinated last June and in September they all got covid, even the children. The children now as God designed antibodies (T cells) to fight any further exposure but he feels I am the one who could infect the preschoolers. Gov indoctrination.

I feel sorry for the men and women who refuse the vaccine and are forced out of the service but proud that they followed God’s direction on their life.

I am a veteran and my VA dr is pushing me to get the vaccine. I have not felt led by the Spirit to do so. Maybe soon I wont be allowed to use the local clinic if I am not vaccinated.

Praying for the military men and women who need to decide what they are going to do. God bless and enlighten everyone.


Thank you for starting thread Stephen. Don’t know if you noticed it, but in the past, getting a less than honorable discharge, or getting fired for that matter, was a badge of shame. Nowadays, if you receive any of them due to the mandate, it’s a sign of honor and integrity.

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