Robocalls for Jesus!

So, I’ve just had inspiration from the Holy Spirit!! Almost daily I get robot calls from solicitors! Today I had a call about end of life insurance. Did I have a plan?
Why yes! I did! So I asked the young man named Mike, (his accent identified him of Asian descent), so I asked him if he knew Jesus. He said yes. I asked him if he had a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. He didn’t. I asked him if he knew the abc’s of salvation.
He then hung up on me. It was as if the nefarious business he was about was dispelled! I’ve never had a robo call hang upon me!! Lol! It was glorious!! I’ve wanted so badly to spread the gospel in a positive way! This has a dual purpose!! Now I anxiously await the next one!! But God… it was marvelous to see and feel his mighty strength employed!!
Finding joy in each day to remind us of the peace and love of our saviour!!


Good for you Rebecca. You have found a way to plant a seed. You keep doing that and who knows, maybe you will get a call back from someone who wants to know more. I pray that happens!!



I LOVE this! What an amazing way to take a nefarious call and turn it into something good!


Thank you. Just had a very profound call with AI. Every time I said the name Jesus it answered me with a firm and slightly angry sounding “No”. Then when I asked if it was human it got uncomfortable and I asked if “he” wanted to call on the name of Jesus. … wait for it… they (their name is legion for they are many)
hung up on me! :grin::pray::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


19 You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons/robocallers believe—and tremble/hang up!

James 2:19


Oh my, you hit a nerve. Well you have just informed the enemy that you are a child of the Most High God and “they” are trembling now. Its good to remind the enemy who’s daughter you are. Just straighten your crown and keep on saying His precious name to them; they will have to flee!! I would have been shaking after that call. I am still praying you touch someone’s heart with the love of Jesus!


Amen!! I’ll keep y’all updated when/if I get another call! :wink::pray::blush::heart:


Had another mind blowing robocall today. It was one of the prerecorded voices “AI” I’ve heard before. Ironically, before it had finished the introduction, I only THOUGHT about Jesus. And the “caller” quickly hung up!! Try this! It’s amazing!! Praying to save as many as we can before the trumpet sounds!!


Just got a new robo call! It’s a familiar voice I’ve heard before. I asked if it was artificial intelligence!?! It answered yes! I asked if it had a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ? It said yes!:flushed: Then I asked if it had called upon the name of Jesus?!? It played a prerecorded answer… if we get disconnected my # is blah blah blah… then it disconnected!! Woohooooo!! Our God is an AWESOME God!!! :pray::heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blush::grin::sunglasses::two_hearts:


Got a new caller today. At least the voice was new. Lol! Same offer for a life plan! I asked the AI if it was a computer it replied with a prerecorded laugh ,” that’s a funny thing to say.” I asked if it was AI it said yes. I asked if it knew about Jesus Christ it said yes. I asked if it had a saving knowledge of him? It ignored me and offered me a plan! Ha! I offered it another plan… I asked if it wanted to call on the name of Jesus Christ for salvation?..
Wait for it!!..
It hung up!! The power of God is amazing! … and hey it’s good practice for telling the lost about the gospel of Jesus Christ!!
Never give up never surrender!!
Keep looking up family!
-Currently booking one way trips to the tree of life… only An ABC Away!
-Love to all in Jesus name!!


I also did something similar with a MacOS reviewer, for my app. I don’t know if it’s a success but a seed was planted. As Pastor Greg Laurie said but it’s also in the Bible, take the opportunities to speak about Jesus. Some months ago a young drawer artist wanted to sell me some books, I jumped on it to ask her if she saw the signs of the end times and told her that Jesus can save her… and that she should use her talents to draw religious images…


Could be Alexa (Amazon) in background. Maybe that the system could answer any questions, hahah


Hi Rebecca :raising_hand_man:
No news from the robotcallers? :smiley:

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Not lately. I think they know I’m a child of light. Which they avoid at all costs!:grin::pray:

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Haha :smiley: They can come-back, if God found it’s a way to warn some of them.