Sale of our home and move to South Carolina

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I am asking my sisters and brothers on here to pray for a quick sale and closing on our home. It actually goes into contract tomorrow, contingent on their selling their home within 15 days. We have bought a truck and an RV, traded our car and will sell our furniture and most of our belongings to downsize to a 37 foot 5th wheel with 4 slides.
I have the wonderful church there that I love so much and the pastor preaches verse by verse through a whole book. When we left end of March, he was already waking up the congregation to what is coming soon. My husband, a Lutheran, always attends this Baptist church with me. I found this church in 1993 and many of the members are still there after two or three splits. These are the true believers who believe in the whole counsel of God and are looking for the Rapture any time.

There are no real churches here. I do now attend a very small Calvary Chapel 40 miles north of us, but it is getting harder to do the 80 mile round trip each week. The church in SC is about 3 miles away.
I prayed and asked God to open or close 4 doors for us and He opened every one of them and closed none of them.
Please pray we can close by early September. Thank you in the Name of Jesus.


@Jesuslover1985 hi Linda

i will keep you in my prayers. :yellow_heart:
i really love my church in my area where Dr. Mark Hitchcock is a Pastor at, everyone is always smiling and it feels like i’m in Heaven. i always thank God for His love, mercy and goodness! May God bless you and keep you :yellow_heart:


Love SC! My wife has family in the Greenville/Spartanburg area…anderson, abbeville, etc. Prayers to you!


Father in Heaven,
Thank You for the freedoms we enjoy in this country. Please work out the details of Linda’s home so that she and her husband can begin a new chapter in their lives. Please keep them safe in their travels too. Thank You!
In the Name of Jesus, we pray and praise You always! Amen.


We will be in Aiken.


We had 2 offers the first week. One was an insult. the other was very good and we signed the papers yesterday. Our realtor is selling their home too and we hope to be able to go by Sept. 1. God is good. Now, the next big thing is to sell our furniture, etc. Please pray they will sell in a timely fashion. I went back on FB just to list them for sale on local buy/sell sites, we will put an ad in the paper and also have a yard sale in August. Please pray the big pieces go quickly. the rest can be donated to Goodwill. Thank y’all so much. Have to get back to my southern language now! I am thanking and praising God for His tender mercies and grace.

Several days later; house is officially sold and may close as early as September 1. We have lots of furniture and stuff to sell and also lots to give away. Please pray for that too. Thank you to my wonderful God and to all of you as well.


Just curious who the pastor is whose teaching you love and if you are leaving California?

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I live in Iowa and am moving to South Carolina. My Iowa pastor leads a very small Calvary Chapel in Iowa, where the population is predominately Catholic or Lutheran. My South Carolina pastor is Southern Baptist, but does not follow modern trends of today… He stands up front of the church with his Bible on the lectern and preaches line by line from the Word… I love both these churches and the way they preach the truth and how the congregation loves one another and the pastors; but most of all we all really love the Lord and seek His Will in our lives.


Thank you for answering my query. It’s so hard to find a pastor and a church like that. It almost sounded like you were going to Tennessee where there is a pastor like the one you describe. I live in Southern California and people are desperate to move from here - crime is off the charts. God Bless you in your new adventure - it’s apparent that the Lord has been leading you every step of the way.


Linda- glad to hear God is working things out for you. South Carolina is nice, but it will take some time for you to adjust to the stifling heat during the summer. It took me a couple of years to adjust when we moved to NC from Vermont. Ii do not like the summers here in NC; I still cannot imagine how anyone could have lived in the South before air conditioning. But you will appreciate the winters, coming from the Midwest!

I apologize in advance for the long post, but I have to tell this story to anyone in a similar situation, because God did amazing things for us when we sold our large home in Raleigh 2 years ago and downsized to our current home, and He gets all the glory for it…we were stunned by the extent of His provision

We put our house on the market first week in December 2020, which is not normally a good time, but we both needed to have first floor living because of our health issues (neither of us was good on stairs) so we just put the entire process in His hands. A friend of ours professional stager helped us with staging, and we had multiple offers- all over asking price- the first day it was listed. The offer we accepted was $35,000 over the listing price, and the buyers basically bought the house in “as is” condition…another thing we did not expect, as the house was 32 years old and needed a few major updates which we could not afford to do. We closed in time for the buyers to be in the house for Christmas- so closing was less than 30 days. Our realtor was amazed at the whole selling process, and said we hit the sweet spot of the local sellers market just right.
But God was not finished- we moved into an apartment temporarily while we looked for a new place, and we were faced with the other side of an insane seller’s market - we couldn’t find a house that we could afford that had what we needed. Everything we looked at was either out of our price range or wasn’t a good match for our needs. Up to this point we had not considered new construction, but one day we looked at an unfinished new home and “something” (I realized later it was God) told me this was it.
My wife was not convinced but I prevailed (ha) and we bought it.

There are many things that confirmed that God was still taking care of the whole process, but the biggest ones are:

  1. the week after we signed the contract, the builder increased the price of other homes with the same model but less square footage as ours by $100,000.
  2. even though the construction on our home was past the point where the builder would agree to any customizations, they agreed to a couple of modifications to our house at no cost to us.
  3. all the neighbors around us are great neighbors- most of them are conservative Christians; the others are our small mission field.
  4. we are now settled in a new home whose resale value is already well above what we paid for it. And the money God provided from the sale of our old home enabled us to pay cash for our new place -no mortgage on our fixed income and we will have a roof over our heads no matter how bad things get in America before Jesus returns.
  5. there is no maintenance required- neither of us is able anymore to do it.

We have been humbled by God’s provision- He has truly blessed us with abundantly more than we could ask or imagine.
Best of everything on the move and the new home.


PS- how is the rehab going with your husband’s knee replacement?

We had the contract 4 days after listing and closing will be end of August or early September, which is just when we wanted it. I lived in South Carolina year round for many years until I got married and moved to his home in Iowa. We go to SC every winter and the past two winters, we went to Aiken, which is where we are moving. We bought the 5th wheel from a guy in Kentucky and will pick it up on the way down. We picked up the Silverado 3500 diesel truck on Wednesday. Hitch receiver goes in today. We have sold some big ticket items in the house. We still have some furniture to sell. Buyer is coming before closing to look and see what they might want to buy. Then we will have a tag sale and yard sale.

God has opened every door including space in a Sun Community manufactured home park which has limited RV and NEVER has an opening. We have a great church there as well, which is the main reason we go to Aiken. Many wonderful old friends in the church which used to be my home church.
What we don’t sell in the house, we will have a used furniture lady come to give us a bid. I will give some things to my small Calvary Chapel which we are leaving behind. The rest we will call Goodwill to come and get it.
Where are you in NC?

God is so good; anticipating our needs before we even know we have them. The biggest surprise is when Gary came home from therapy and said, “Call the realtor and let’s get the house sold.” You could have knocked me over; I was so shocked. He never wanted to let go of his home or his Lutheran church. I think God is calling him to change. I believe He has plans for our live sin SC. We will have a whole community of people to share Jesus with. Praying He opens every door.

Gary’s knee is healing well. It hurts when he is up and down steps too often. He still does the Polar Care therapy.


Linda- I am so glad to hear that Gary is doing well…and you may be right about him changing; no doubt, you have been a good influence on him.

It does sound like you and God have your ducks lined up as far as the logistics of the move, and you are going to a place/ church you already know so that will make it easier- but moving is still a chore.

We are in Wake Forest now, after living in North Raleigh for 26 years. I know that people tend to accumulate a LOT of “stuff” when you stay in one place that long, but I think we redefined what a LOT is :laughing:… kudos to my wife though- she finally got rid of the junk we had in the attic, plus lots of other things I’d been bugging he about for years… so many trips to Goodwill and the dump!

We like where we are, and I feel God has us here for a reason but I do miss some things about our old house like the nice private, wooded 1 acre lot, the yard, and the deck. But it was too much work for us to maintain all that so it was time. And of course, there are the memories of raising our 3 kids in that house. We have moved so many times because of my job when I was working, and this was by far the longest we stayed in one place. So, I think maybe God was reminding me not to get too attached even to the good things of this world, because it’s all going to be burned up anyway.
God has been better to us and our kids than I could have ever imagined.


Bob, living in a 37 foot 5th wheel with 4 slides and not an over abundance of storage will surely test our resolve. I am not adverse to small spaces. I have lived in a 3400 square foot home and I have lived in 600 square feet with two kids over in Korea. I tend to not cling to possessions. Gary has 40+ years in this house so clearing it out will be a chore. But…we will leave lots of stuff. Should be either fun or a nightmare.


I am in SoCal too dear one. I feel the oppression here too. Glad I have a believer close by and feelin’ my pain!

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My SC is South Carolina. Much less oppression for now.

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Thank you, Rebecca. He has opened the doors I needed since I left a church that does not preach the truth in many ways.

Praise God for guiding you. I hope you will be blessed. I love South Carolina its a beautiful state


Thank you Margaret. I love South Carolina too.

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BUT, you will have nothing and be happy. Don’t you know that??

You know that is not so untrue as all the “stuff” we collect over the years is just a heavy burden and it feels wonderful to let go of so much. When I have days that are overwhelmingly stressful, out comes the plastic garbage bags and boxes; in goes the “stuff” and off to the Disabled Veterans store to drop off all those little bits of blessing for someone else to cherish. Whew, that feels good!