Salvation sticker idea

I give away small bottles of hand sanitizer for my company. Would like to tell people how to cleanse their heart and soul with a sticker, with abc plan or qr code direct to salvation website. Have about 1.5 by 2 inches to work with.

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated God bless!

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Yes and only have one side to work with as company /content lable on the other side.

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Hello @Joel awesome idea!

I think you can get good advice from some experts in desiging in this thread


Hi Joel, i was looking to print out some stickers to post around my town and local city. I don’t know if you familiar with the white rose who use stickers to promote against the vaccine or mask wearing and though maybe a design black and white of the ABC’s with a QR code linking to JD Farag .org ? Maybe some about the rapture …things that are thought provoking. The stickers are 29 mm X 90 mm . I’m loving all your amazing work and thankyoy for being such a blessing