Salvation story: My niece

My niece passed away in August after a battle with cancer. This was my sister’s last living child and none of the 3 reached the age of 40.

Prior to the cancer there were many calls praying for her to get clean from drug and alcohol abuse. Those prayers were answered and she was making an amazing recovery and mending fences with her children.

Then she was diagnosed with small cell cancer and tried everything known to man, to save her life. Throughout her battle with cancer there were many phone calls praying for her salvation. You see, she said she believed in God but had not committed to Him and dabbled with other gods. There were many prayers from many people for her to seek the Lord while she had the chance.

Finally, she knew she was not going to “beat” this latest round of cancer and asked that I (and all my family (brother, sister, children etc.) would come see her. She said, “sooner rather than later”. With God’s perfect timing we arrived a few days before she passed.

When I was by her bedside, she said her mother told her I could help her find God. Though I had prayed for someone, anyone to do this, the Lord blessed me with this task. I asked the Holy Spirit to do the talking for me and from my mouth came the ABC’s. Because she had difficulty breathing and talking she nodded throughout and then whispered “in Jesus’ name”. The next day, she said “I am ready to go home to God”. She did.

My sister was given the joy of knowing that her daughter is in a place so much better than any she could provide. This is the peace that only the Lord can provide.

I’m so thankful for your channel Pastor JD. You are so blessed by God, as are we for having you point toward the light in all this darkness.


God’s grace! I felt emotional while reading your salvation story. My mom’s cousin (I call her aunt as she’s like a second mom to me) had a similar experience with her terminally ill husband. Beautiful, encouraging, blessed story.

I’m so happy for you and your sister (and family) that she gave her life to Christ and may live with him in the purest form.

Thanks so much for sharing


This testimony brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing it. We can’t always understand why things happen as they do, but I’m glad y’all were able to lead her to Jesus Christ before it was too late. Pastor JD is definitely a blessing to so many of us. Praise GOD for his ministry.

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Thank you for sharing!
We had a good friend who was terminally ill- he was not a Christian, but had many people praying for him. Taking him to hospital for an appointment, my husband was able to share a story we’d read the night before- explaining how life is short, death can be painful but an eternity awaits if you believe in Jesus, like a baby in a womb, feeling comfortable and safe, but it has to be born, labour is scary but the world is a new place to discover. We didn’t know if he turned to God, until his funeral. His wife had planned a humanist ceremony for him, but at the end, the humanist minister suddenly turned to the coffin & prayed a powerful prayer committing his soul to Heaven! We were amazed & commented later to his wife- she was puzzled & hadn’t heard this, we concluded that he had been saved & it was God’s way of showing us this. We look forward to seeing him in Heaven soon!