Seeker of a Truth fellowship in Phoenix AZ

Apologies if this is posted in the incorrect category as I was not sure what category to post in. I am a first time post-er within this forum … however, I am longtime hearer of JD’s Spirit of Holiness teaching in and through Christ-like obedience, boldness, yielding and humility. Long story shortened; though I have, and will continue to be fed and filled via JD’s stewardship of Truth, I feel compelled to also seek an “in person” fellowship with a body of equally yoked believers here in the Phoenix, AZ Metro area. Any suggestions from the brothers and sisters regarding remnant fellowships would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Shalom & Favor


Brandon holthaus church rock harbour church have a list of remnant fellowships if you check the rock harbour website


Calvary Chapel Queen Creek in The San Tan valley
We went there in February when we were visiting the Phoenix area
Was a welcoming, friendly church with solid teaching, leaning towards eschatology
We would go back again

Thank you. I checked their website as you suggested and found it very helpful. I greatly appreciate you posting.


Thank you for posting.

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Oh thats wonderful, i hope you find a suitable church. May God direct you to a spiritual home x

Calvary East Valley is definitely worth checking out.

Thank you, I receive your words with thanksgiving. Peace & Favor


Thank you for the recommend. I appreciate your time in posting.

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Prayers to you. Finding a church is not an easy thing some places… I live in CA and have been without a local church for years BUT praise be to the Lord I may have finally found one to call home. I’ve attended three times and had two good talks with the pastor.

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Thank you … and I agree with you regarding the challenge in finding a stable fellowship that is obedient and yielded to the Way the, Truth and the Life absent of any measure of conformity to the ideologies of this world or the opinions of man. Though I am well aware that there is no “perfect church”, it is encouraging to hear that the Holy Spirit has indeed led you to a place of equally yoked fellowship. I enter His rest knowing that Our Yeshua’s Spirit will guide me to where He can use me as I continue to choose to remain yielded to His Spirit of obedience as He directs my path… just as He has directed yours. Shalom and favor.


Calvary Chapel 14:6 in Surprise, AZ. Sat/Sun Services, Communion, weekly male or female Bible Study, weekly home meet-up studies, weekly survey of the Bible (read through the Bible as a group in 17 months), quarterly baptisms and “Ask the Pastors” QnA, weekly gatherings/potlucks, school, teen activities, other topical gatherings (prophecy, etc.)

Pastor Pat Marks. Please check out the church website or app and watch a few of the services and extras!

I was not aware of this Calvary in Surprise. I appreciate and am thankful for your posting.