September 10, 2023: Bible Prophecy Update -- God’s Got All Your What If’s

What if you were handed an opportunity to share the Gospel with scoffers, mockers, and unbelievers while surrounded virtually with brethren trying to get Jesus to people? Would you accept the offer?

Here’s your chance to find out.
Chat room is full of mixed thoughts and some need help getting to Jesus while the General Assembly is still playing.

This used to be such a nice forum.  Now thanks to a couple of I'm right

and I know it yahoos, who never have an unspoken thought are ruining it.
Argue all you want, God is going to have the last say on how this is going to go down.
Once again Martha is anxious about many things but Mary has chosen what is better.


It still is but sometimes certain parts of the race course are harder yet we must let those parts make us stronger and more unified in the faith. Some may not want to allow that and they will cause their own demise if not. Its their or our choice but we must keep moving toward the finish line and together is better.

Thank you for sharing that obvious yet unseen to many, not excluding myself. If they had not placed the time limit on some posts I would fumble in that area as I find myself glad I can’t respond until I really have time to rethink my 1st inclination to shoot back with a strong bow.

I just love that as a perfect analogy or better yet revelation of the times we are now entering into. We need Unity in Christ NOW more then ever so who would not expect the enemy to start pushing buttons to distract and divide.

Time to raise the shields don’t you think?

I remind myself of this.
Yes, if we keep the main thing the main thing we will not have time to waste on the lesser things!

I am sure we can all press forward together if we do not allow ourselves to be offended and distracted form the prize at the end of the race.



Morning Dan @DEC,
Thanks for sharing. Sorry I’m so long in getting back. Had to finish my left behind letter. Posted it here yesterday. (Nothing like finishing something so important at the very last minute…). Recently discovered my brother and his wife are not saved— heartbreaking news. Not sure if the deception or rebellion is stronger, either way Charles is as lost as lost can be (and his wife). I’d appreciate prayers on their behalf.

I had watched all the videos on this channel, but went back and watched this one again. I’m beginning to think no one will know the day is because no one knows the calendar! Not saying this guy doesn’t have it right; there are just soooo many variations of the true calendar. Aaaannnnddd the enemy is making good use of the confusion, lol.

I thank God for giving us knowledge of the season to encourage and strengthen us in our last leg of this race. Really looking forward to crossing that finish line!

See you there!


Well let me say I am in agreement with you on praying for a last minute confession of faith from both, seeing the time appears to be near all that come I see as last minutes.

You think maybe he is the one holding us from the fullness we seek?

Agreed, but if you look for the nuggets and not the date so much there is lots to appreciate in their research of the scriptures. I am not fearful of seeing what others find correct or not, to make mistakes is human so we must always keep that in minds and also be careful to temper our own excitement.

Philippians 4:6
Stand Firm in the Lord
…5Let your gentleness be apparent to all. The Lord is near. 6Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.…

I look at many thoughts and studies to see what really in my spirit lines up even if they cross over to multiple ideas and research on how it may play out.

If we do get a true date it will be understood by most of the remnant in the nick of time, and I only assume this notion looking at Noah and Lot.

In the end I would think none of these may get the timing but Abba I believe will step in and give us a heads up we can’t deny, at least I would like to see that as us waving a flag (standard to gather) before a big red bull that is about to charge at the body!

Amen to all of that sister!

Looking forward to meeting in the air!


I think it is very good that you leave a “left behind” letter; I still use fb to stay in touch with brothers and sisters in the Lord. There I have posted on my chronicle: the Gospel, the Left-Behind letter, as well as a PDF with the sequence of events during the Tribulation, in the hope that those in my circle of relatives and acquaintances will look there when the chaos after the Rapture takes hold of those left behind. - We may continue to pray for those we care about and hope that they will seek the Lord during the tribulation.


Thank you for your kind words, Cora @Cora.

I’m beginning to (think I) understand how all the different messages and methods of delivery will be used to reach those who will be left behind. Our great and merciful God will surely use those letters to encourage and edify tribulation saints as He used the writing process to encourage and edify those of us who wrote/are still writing/will write. My OCD is showing. lol

May our Lord bless you and keep you and all those you hold dear, Cora.

:heart: gr


Laughing, kinda relieved it wasn’t my slowness in finishing my letter. Honestly, when I finally began stuffing envelopes, my thought was, ”Okay Lord, I finished my letter. We can go home now, right?” I know God is waiting on the last person to believe and be saved. Really wish they’d get with the program!


Totally agree.

Looking forward to face-to-face visits. Those of us who visit online won’t know what to do with our fingers, lol. No more typing. Anyways, my brother in Christ, I look forward to seeing you… your family… my family… the whole family soon! Maranatha!



I am not that much of a baby that my world will fall apart if I am still here next month however, I am man enough to know that my faith is not set on a date but rests in Jesus Christ.

That being said, if there are those who are excited about the Lord’s return for us at a time that we do not all agree on, LET THEM BE EXCITED. if there are those that are expectant for the Lord’s return for us at a time that we do not all agree on, LET THEM BE EXPECTANT.

I am excited and expectant regardless of if this is the exact time or not. DO NOT PUT OUT EACH OTHERS FIRE FOR THE LORD !!!