September 17, 2023: 1 John 5:1-5 – When You’re Just Beat Down

You’re a good brother, Jon. And dare I say, a wise man? (and a bit of a wise acre too) Love ya!


Much Phileo love to you, sister! You may dare say, but I think you’re only right on one count. Being a wise acre lol. I would like to believe the Holy Spirit is the one that posts the wisdom part.

Oh and @GR ? I’m nowhere near a good brother. I’m sub par. Just this side of adequate. lol But I thank you for thinking so highly of me. I appreciate that a lot.


Thank you, dear Georgia Ruth, for joining your tears with mine. My brother also believes that all who believe in God (or god) and do their best to do good will be saved. We had an intense discussion about that a couple of years ago. I pray for him often, and for others I love. I remember hearing stories about people of other lands and faiths who dreamed dreams or saw visions of Jesus and were transformed. I’d not ever considered until a few years ago how we in our own nation had been propagandized and deceived for all of our lives; the foundations of our faith washed away. Now I pray for mercy; and that our gracious Father, who wants none to perish, would make Jesus REAL to our blind ones in whatever way they can best believe and see. May it be so for your brother and mine, for our sons and daughters, and all the ones we love. And I pray that any blind spots we as believers may have be healed in His precious name. :broken_heart::pray::heart:


Be HIS light for those who have (prayerfully, just temporarily) lost their will to burn. Everyone’s gas tank runs on fumes at times.

Danna Freeman Beale


I have wrestled with this since a few days ago and when Sunday came, I chickened out in posting it with my images I shared. It would have had deeper meaning then just what it was had I done so. I was given a video to look at tonight where the presenter shared the same mindset and I was asked to share it with @everyone here. Not to point fingers at one or specific people, but for everyone (including me). With that, I share what I wrote and what was presented tonight to me. I was encouraged to share and so - I have nothing to lose in doing so.

This is a LONG post again!

I think we’re all beat down at this point in ways we never imagined (at one time). But we’re also taking it out on each other and that’s not cool. Perhaps during our day or night the world is coming at us and the last straw is brethren doing the same and so we lash out. I know I warned brethren at the end of last month about what I saw coming this month that would cause demons to rejoice and probably lament they didn’t have to work so easily on destruction of the Body of Christ - and we’re doing their job with such ease it’s like breathing for us. If you notice in these images I have shared, the soldiers are not in formation but scattered just like we are. When they get into position to receive the arrows, they do not tongue and groove their shields and are where they stand (or kneel). Had they maintained formation and raised shields, they could have formed a barrier the likes of which no one could have broken. It would have been sheer luck an arrow could have come through their linked shields and caused any damage. Just like us, brethren, they are not setting an example of discipline to such a degree as they ought.

So this is gonna be long and I am sure passed over, which is fine - for those who sit through a rough truth - you may gain something useful out of this. Just as I gained something useful in writing it.

Within brethren, much like the world we need reminders and thus from the observations of this past few weeks, I’m giving my summary through the eyes of someone heartbroken, and also elated. As brethren we often tend to slip into carnality and many work hard to fight this and sometimes we don’t fight hard enough or know what to do in order to overcome the battle thus making things worse for ourselves.

  • Do not use the blessings and grace of God as a badge of honor in your walk, but as lessons to learn and teach from.
  • Be humble in your accounts and not boastful of your accomplishments, because they are His, not yours.
  • Just as His mercy and grace is renewed every day, so too must we put in place our arrogance and ignorance to where it should be, not where we allow it to lead us.

When we do the antithesis of this, we miss that there is better that God has for us when we lean on ourselves and not Him. We miss out on it EVERY TIME. Ask yourself “Who am I pursuing; God or myself? Are you seeking praise from Him or seeking to praise Him?” You’re not going to get it by defending your favorite pastor, teaching, brethren, church denomination etc. You’re not going to get it by pridefully attacking those either. “Are you looking to worship Him or be worshiped for Him?”

Ask yourself; ‘Is God looking for strength in you or to show His strength through you?’ or ‘Are you a Sparrow or a Dove?’ There’s a time to be attacking, but with Truth (God’s Word) and prayer, not worldly weapons to target each other. He chooses and does what He does for His glory, not for yours and He surely isn’t going to share His glory with any of us for any reason.

As Dallas mentioned elsewhere about what Discernment is not, I’m going to share, from my understanding yes, what discernment is.

  • Patiently gathering ALL facts
  • Diligently sifting through to find truth
  • Lovingly sharing with a kind word and gentle heart
  • Understanding how others want to be treated with truth
  • Accepting Spiritual guidance and understanding through perception in absence of judgement
  • Sharing without pride or condemnation upon others

So let’s start BEING (not just acting) as Brethren of the Body of Christ and not like toddlers unsupervised getting into the cookies and juice trays, and forgoing nap time. Know where the line is for engagement and do not cross the line. Perhaps without reminder, waiting a day to respond and not be so heated in our stances would be a better practice.

We need to be brethren, whether we like each other or not, to be one body and fight the real enemy. That being Satan, his minions, and temptation. Not each other. If you are not born again/saved through Christ, then please seek this out to become such and become the brethren we hope you to be. Do not break the formation to stand with your favorite brethren at the moment arrows are blotting out the sky – rather, stand next to who is there even if you can’t stand them, and lift your shield and protect one another. That’s how it works in this battle. And that’s the next thing, we must decipher what we hate over how we hate. We love brethren, we hate what they which we disagree with. I know it’s mutual across the board with what I say and do, I’m not always loved or liked. But we are needing to be there when we are needed for one another and that’s how we’re supposed to be. Wouldn’t this be the love we’re meant not only to show the lost but to share with brethren? The petty differences we share should not extinguish the flame we hold for God in our actions, words, or thoughts.

I’m hoping this quenches the fiery arrows that have begun landing upon us all this month and we drive Satan out of this venue and our lives to the point he’s further away as are his minions, as they stalk us another time, and attack weaknesses found in our armor. Let this no longer be a weakness found.

Thank you for your time. Now, the video. I don’t know this dude or anything he’s about, except Jesus but what he’s sharing here is what seems to resonate with what I just shared.

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When a difficulty arises, remember we can remain hopeful because our loving God is a shield around us.

Dr. David Jeremiah


I don’t know this guy either but really like the video. Thanks for sharing


Thank you Brenda,
I really needed those encouraging words. And it’s wonderful to visit with you after such a long time!

I am joining you in this prayer, too! Time is short… and so many are either clueless, distracted, or hostile to the best news ever. Jesus Saves!



Thank you Jon for your post. It was well thought out, gentle, and edifying.
It caused me to search my heart, and God is so faithful to clarify gently what I need to repent of. ( more is likely coming because He tends to peel away a bit at a time)
I appreciate you!

God bless!


You know, I SHOULD know what to say - I don’t but I should. I mean, ‘thank you for seeing where I was coming from’ is so trite. As Charles Napier once said in an episode of Star Trek, “We reach”. Thank you for understanding and your loving response. I’m pretty sure there are others that don’t feel the same as you and that’s fine. It gave me something to look into myself as well and re-examine my walk. I need to start on the left foot and keep forgetting to (Marching flashbacks).


Yeah, gotta keep that all stuff straight or things might start looking like this. :grin:


Looks like my drum corp days lol


Drum corp, @Jon
I was in a competitive drill team. More things in common than Jesus.
Now, it be true- I am not too wordy here on the forum. I can’t keep up to you long distance posters. But, I must say I read your Loooooooooong post and it truly blessed me. I saw Jesus and His grace in the through lines. Some good thoughts on walking this walk together and finishing well and intact.
We need that now more than ever!
God richly bless you bro Jon!


At least coming back on after a short rest led to such an amazing and sensational response! Drill Team, eh? Oh, I could tell you stories about our DC and DT! One poor gal fainted at attention during halftime one night. We weren’t allowed to break formation to help her but thankfully the Music instructor was humane enough to rush in and help her. Then the time for Halloween my section were going to dress as the Energizer Bunny. We got hit with a bad winter storm the night before so it was canceled - yet I had to shovel snow in the outfit regardless. I think that was one of my many lessons back then about humility.

Let me tell ya, sister - not being wordy is a greater gift than having to throw around a thesaurus to get the point across. There are treasures in Heaven for you to have braved through any of my posts but especially this one lol. I thank you and I thank you for the compliments and blessings. I just want us to all finish on the same step and in the same ranks with no stragglers (which would be me I assure you).

I’m praying that we will receive so many messages from the Lord in the next few days (Thursday’s service and Sunday for example). Perhaps we’ll have a potato sack race in Heaven so we all learn to finish together and help one another. I hate potato sack races – it’s the jiggling when I hop more than anything.


Hello everybody,
First, thank you Jon @Jon. NOW those pics make so much more sense!

To all,
If you haven’t seen the pics Jon speaks of…

Then we will fight in the shade.

I chose to highlight some questions we should all be asking ourselves. Perhaps they will nudge you to read whole post… or maybe they’ll just be a quick takeaway.

In Ephesians 6, Paul commanded us to put on the whole armor of God. Armor is for protection. In addition to using our shields to protect the whole body of Christ, we must use the only weapon we’ve been given wisely. The Sword of the Spirit is a short sword, meant for personal defense against an enemy— it’s not been given to us so we can beat up our siblings. And so, let us encourage and strengthen one another with God’s Word, keeping our weapon holstered for use against the enemy.

My prayer is that we each receive every call for peace and compassion in that same spirit. Jesus Himself told us they will know we are His followers by our love for one another. Paul gave us the definition.

May God bless us and keep us. May He bless each one of us with everything we need to do His will and bring glory to HIS Name. In Jesus’ Name, amen.



My pleasure, Georgia Ruth! Thanks for resharing too. I probably should hire you as my editor lol.


Hey Jon,
Editor, lol. You don’t need no stinkin’ editor. Couldn’t find a meme….

Your post resonated loudly but gently, and I was compelled to respond.

As my mom used to say, “Y’all kids play nice!” Wise words, even if she was usually yelling them. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:



Well I’m glad it did some good