September 25, 2022 - 1 Peter 3:1-7 – Solving Marriage Problems

:bible2: Solving Marriage Problems 1 Peter 3:1 (with Worship)

:hawaiianshirt_1: Pastor JD takes and tackles the tough topic of marriage, specifically as it relates to solving problems and conflicts between husbands and wives.

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Thanks Pastor JD, another useful and excellent sermon.


OK now, if your husband gives non romantic gifts, look to the gift behind the gift. One year I got a new lawn mower for my anniversary. I looked at it a minute, but then realized it was a MULCHING lawn mower. We had a perfectly serviceable lawn mower but without a mulched. His gift to me was that I never had to ever again rake the leaves on our lawn. I am a stay at home wife and at the time he travelled a LOT and I had to do almost everything at home. I would have been too cheap to buy a new mulching mower when the one we had worked fine. His gift to me was one of the nicest gifts I ever received! So ladies……. Look deeper. Most of our husbands really do want to please us.


Thank you Jesus for giving our beloved Pastor JD the words to reinforce Peter’s writing. My husband and I were watching the livestream together. An hour later he asked me out to dinner (a huge rarity). We both even dressed up a bit even though we were just going to a very casual salad bar. At dinner he told me that as he listened he knew that he was in trouble… we laughed, we talked, it was wonderful. Normally we eat in silence and his mind is everywhere else. How long his attentiveness will last, only God knows. But bottom line-our wonderful God gives Pastor JD the words that talk to the hearts of some congregants more one week, maybe less another, and sometimes he hits the nail on the head. For my husband, it was nail on the head time. Praise Jesus, and thank you again, Pastor JD.


Welcome to the forum Danielle. Glad you are here and I hope you enjoy your stay with us.
Glad he took you out to dinner. Let’s hope Pastor’s message lasts a lot longer than just the one night. Hee Hee.


:dart: :dart: :dart: x 1000.
Pastor JD’s honest, every day wording is exactly what I think will resonate with more people. I have heard other pastors preach on this subject, and they always stayed in the far-right lane where it was safe and ineffective. Quite entertaining too. :grinning:


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Oh, thank You God for keeping me a couple of weeks late with these sermons .

I needed that reminder today to pull back, keep quiet , trust God to be very good at being in control when situations are well out of my control.
(You should have seen me hurry to pull those verses off the fridge and hide them! :blush: - 2 of them were meant to encourage but I realised that, maybe out of context, they could be misinterpreted).
Besides, this sermon ratified what I already knew, namely that I am not my husband’s Holy Spirit( or even his Jiminy Cricket :cricket:)

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