September 3, 2023: Bible Prophecy Update - Why It’s Getting So Overwhelming

I believe most of us like you have approached Youtube ministry and mission similarly as a place on the wall to be wise as a serpent but gentle as a dove…

Great disclaimer

I sense something in what brother Ty Green sharing as important on many levels. I believe I needed to have a brother like Ty say look outside the box from a different angle and this like you say opened up for many valid
questions to surface… Considering for the most part I have not been looking from a different angle but mainly the one I finally considered SAFE and closest to the correct view. I needed to open my understanding by carefully looking at other possibilities is all.

Yes, serious consideration as I know the BRICS are in play all the way down this part of the timeline, just not sure where the little horn (Germany?) comes into play with them.

When I 1st got into Last days Prophecy it was pretty much wide open and new to the church in general.

It was exciting, many good and not so good views and research. But then many of those teachings began to look like self appointed doctrines. Many leaders of sorts seemed to think this is how it plays out and the camps would and do divide by who influenced them most same as the way denominations split long before. Yep, we went around in a desert circle again.

I do believe this is our last moments to say the trumpets had started sounding back in Sept. of 2017 and the last Trump is coming fast. Yes, it seems this sign was originally for the Jews as a 7 year or so warning of who and what is coming. Rev. 12 and 13 are for the Jews and the world as a warning but a Promise to the Church He is coming for us.

You seemed to have opened your view up a bit from a few years ago brother glad to see where you are coming from on this one. Transitions are always more complicated but this one is very similar to the the last one 2000 years ago only kind of in reverse and we don’t want to make the selfish mistake Israel in general did do we?

Not so necessarily a more so as it is in timing of consideration and later a reminder to the Jews.

If we were to fly on a feast day just how much more jealous (shocked) by design could Israel be even if it took a short while for the new Jewish believers to start understanding they blew it again.

I would say considering the last 6 or 7 years in prophecy most believers are considering these things as rather fluid. So if we pass one high watch time to the next and learn more in depth the mysteries as they relate not only Jews but to the whole body that is and will be.

These scriptural pearls are for those who love the journey and use the treasure map to find their way to what Elohim has laid out as markers for us to follow.

That seems far from what I see in the Church as most dismiss them same as they do the signs in the heavens as just for the Jews alone. I believe as I said earlier, we the Church need to remind Israel we have all been this way before and this time it’s the judge that is coming and not as the lamb but the Lion.

Prophecy and the the feast does this and I believe were designed to have the gentiles reminding israel what they should be looking for even if they don’t now see it many will remember that are left behind.

I believe many videos including Ty Greens speak to both the Jews and the Gentiles through the Watchmen eyes. While we may not see His handy work from our perspective I believe the Chosen ones will even if in the 7 timeline. But the glass is still not so clear for many to see is all. Soon it will be clear water and many will see clearly, most others will see even less than today.

Same here brother and I agree on your take on this view from a wider perspective. Many fear to look past the self imposed blinders and may miss the opening of the mysteries that are to be revealed in this last days senario.

Amen Amen!

I believe this thought goes back to Pentecost and the Tongues many languages but one understanding.

He points us back to earlier videos’ that refer to that I believe. Also its still a work in progress I personally expect to see Germany come into play and Ty speaks to that even though he or we can’t see it clearly yet.

We are all running the race and observing the landscape as we do.

I agree

Agree again how strange we seem to be running along the same part of the race course today.

Good post!


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Hello @TCC ,

These particular questions do have answers, and they do play a role in fulfilling scripture. Look for BRICS but you won’t find it in scripture. Does it have a role to play? Of course. But let’s understand that BRICS has been a thing for over 20 years. This isn’t something new to those who study the region. But this is where bad math meets Bible prophecy and the result is a cluster bomb of massive misinformation. BRICS is nothing more at this moment than a type of economic union. Nothing is concrete, but it appears that its present role is to “challenge the Dollar’s hegemony” at the moment. There is nothing more than this.

There’s a problem to “brainstorming” without facts or proper information and making it public and then passing it off as Bible prophecy. Just like the UN climate agreement, on youtube it served as over hysteria to make Bible prophecy fit into current events - i.e. trying to fit the square piece in a triangle hole.

If one’s placement of prophetic events is proper according to scripture, then its the only way you can make sense of the current events. So when BRICS ends up with 12+ members, what is going to be the “prophetic” explanation for this? What it does is it preys upon mostly American’s ignorance of how the rest of the world works. It also preys upon an individual’s understanding of prophecy in general (which varies from believer to believer). Since sound prophecy hasn’t been taught in churches in probably (2) decades, you have the problems that exist today. This too, by design of the enemy.

Apparently, it must not be important for anyone to mention TURKEY is eyeing BRICS membership very closely. Why? Well just look at their inflation rate. The additional answers lie in paragraphs-worth of information not suitable for a forum discussion.

When you mention NATO, that’s assuming it will continue to last… and in case you didn’t know
NATO rejected Israel’s proposal to join long long ago.

Regarding China, it will have to survive to the very end. The “kings of the east” have to come from somewhere. With the US eventually “out of the game” something (wink) is going to have to take its place… the spectrum is going to change within roughly (2) years.

The looming situation in the United States is causing a lot to fly off the handle. Its disturbing and not fun for anyone to see or be a part of, myself included. Either one will accept it and mentally prepare, or one will be in denial and wake up to it one morning. That point being made, it is no excuse to chop up or alter the prophetic word according to one’s “brainstorming”.

There’s an old saying that says, “I don’t have one problem the Rapture couldn’t solve.”
Yes we all want it, yes we all long for it. Yes we are not citizens of this world. Yes we will endure a little bit longer. But He’s faithful and true.



Thanks Dan for your replies. Blessed. Edifying. Amen. On this issue, if the Feast of Trumpets is a time of the rapture to make Israel jealous, amen. I agree this could be a possibility. However, like the Spring Feasts were fulfillled in one cluster moment in time (within a 6 months period) biblicall precedent has it that the final 3 feast will in kind be all fulfilled at Christ’s physical return. Is it possible the rapture occur on the Feast of Trumps AND the Feast of Trumpets also be a literal fulfillment when Christ returns at the end of the tribulation? Yes. But if the Feast of Trumpets were the rapture, that would seem to be a huge supernatural enough of an event to solidify the grand purpose of the holy day.

We do see a case of a double match up with Passover. Where the 1st Passover was supernaturally freeing Israel from Egypt. AND the second Passover fulfilled was Christ the sacrifical lamb. So we do have double supernatural match up for a holy day. And in that sense perhpas the Feast of Trumpets could be both the rapture and the what I think it represents at the end of the tribulation (the sign of the Son of Man). Both supernatural. So yeah in the precendent of supernatural holy day match up it could be. Both in that sense ironically would have Christ in the clouds.

My main point though in this is that we can tend to focus on the Feast of Trumps for church age fulfillment but at the same time not see Israel so much in context for what might lead up to their tribulation situation. We include them in the scaffolding. But considering them from a vantage point of purpose and events that occur along the way as agenda and drive we tend to mostly assing to a beast system setup. Not how it relates to Israel proper. And in that, there can be some pretty signifcant differences along the way in what it is we understand we are looking at.

I agree with this in spades brother. I would actually see this as far larger than we seem to be considering. We have a lot of focus on NWO infrastructure as it relates to the beast system for example. Not how events in relation to NWO might inform about Israel. That statement might seem odd here. But just saying it would be a very different sense upon how we assessing meaning in some places in viewing it from that vantage point perspective.

This i aslo agree with. As a continuation of my above response to your quote, the things i am sharing here in this way are kind of counting on that. Now if i am off or mistaken it would just be me engaging with the forum in a creativve writing exercies. But if there are actual prophetic features that organically apply…what i am sharing in these posts would become more clear is what I believe, if true. But also, as we have seen there are many opinions and narratives on things that have us all on different pages. So even though i believe things would become more clear, amen, i would not dismiss that there would also be a huge hunk of confusing and distracting narrative even though. How problematic i have no idea. Just that from what we have already seen, it would be an issue of significant concern even though much more clarity might be present and evolving.

I think where we share most brother is that we have our strong convictions. But know its is good they be challenged. So we are open to landscape that might help fine tune what we don’t know we don’t know. In that we are most alike. :slight_smile: Amen.

Nicely put Dan. The emphasis of my intent in “the sign within the sign” would be focusing on the potential of theological grid being far more about Israel than perhaps how we might be tracking in general. In other words, the confusion over or the misplaced association of the Rev 12 sign (if true) would, in my view, be as much a part of the sign as the sign itself. That the demonstration of our confusion in the church that looks at prophecy would be hints towards: we should be confused because the clarity is in reference to solving toward isreal more than our percieved escatological timetime. Kind of like a 4-D echoe impact effect of the nature and intent also of the sign albeit somewhat discerned on a socioloigcal level. Which understandbly might be easily disregarded. Yet even so, if true, would have been clearly demonstrated.

Amen :slight_smile:

Hi Uturn. Thanks for your reply. Yes i agree primarily with your view on BRiCS role currently. In a way i like to compare the notion that as it is true about BRICS not having scripture mention, so this also is the case with America. Yet even though we see some prophecy leaning that bullwarks BRICS into scripture. While on the other hand, we tend to dismiss America outright for the most part. Just an interesting observation. I am sure there are huge NAR focused videos with a different view. But those watcher videos not under the strange influence of NAR, it would seem fair to say that BRICS is more of a hopeful than the USA, even though both are not mentioned in scripture. Note worthy perhaps to mention.

Not intending to sound like a politician here where i say opposing views and both are accurate…but first off I agree with you Uturn. In general, it is a problem to see so much “reach” and “overreach” with how prophecy is handled today. Its a pandemic. And on that note i would totally agree with you. In that sense brainstorming is not really all that necessary or healthy and could be dangerous.

However, on another note, what i have come to notice over time is that even though there are roughshod views without discipline, it would appear the Lord can use even those. Not that that is an endorsement for wreckless prophecy approaches. But just that perhaps hysteria is better than flat linning. For those who would not consider end times, maybe that goofy cartoon version of escatology might make them think (from where there curreent perspective is at). And bring them to a place where they do evolve into better info because of initial unreasonable alarmist type videos. I think this is a bit larger of a dragnet than we might think today. We might presume it is so random that it can’t be helpful. But even the most absurd might have import for some. Providentially.

The two best examples i can think of on this would be the following:

  • Climate Change – this is not even a Christian part of escatology that we can tell. But those that don’t have a care for God might hear AOC say, “We only have 11 years left to deal with climate change,” and think to themselves, “Wow, our world is about to end as we know it.” This is nowhere near the gospel. But might send them searching out things they might not have before. And they be open more so to the reality of their own finitude and what about the after life questions eventually kind of thing.

  • Superbowl “He Gets Us” Commercial – Now this is in the Christian camp but shy on the gospel. It tends to commercialize Christianity and downplay the importance and uniqueness of the gospel. In additon people drawn to that website could be introduced to false doctrine like steered to a Catholic church. So not a great network there. But as we approach end times proper, if thousands of people do respond to an ad like that and do find out a need to be born again…that is thousands more added to the kingdom. Is the approach and practice for that theologically sound? No. Its dangerous. But a bottom line could also be understood that such a wide net might tap thousands of people on the shoulder the culture has otherwise conditioned to not take interest in Christianity conventionally. And for those it might reach, and do come (who might never otherwise had), it would be a good thing…especially at such a late and crucial hour.

In ways like mentioneed above, brainstorming can have this effect too. Uturn you would agree that conventional Christian escatology is fairly disasterous as a rule on many points regarding end times. Since that is the real world culture we live in, what would be better to do that might materialize as true agentts of change in a sea of ultra Christian pop-culture? Obviously i dont mean we should abandon orhtox approaches. Nor challenge eroneous bibilical speculaton. But its kind of become that the inbred mission fiedl is a free for all. And in that missionary reach environment, it would make sense that brainstorming could have a role in ripple effecting some peeps hopefully closer to sober shores (as opposed to their having little to no interest regardless). And that the hopeful tide of the spirit may move them along out of the primordial stew of escatalogical vanity faiir, and into better relationships out of inquiry that can move them one step closer to Christ. If that makes sense.

On another note in this, being that we are surrounded by a poppouri of views and perspective, perhaps in some ways brainstorming falsehoods could provide a sort of antibody effect as well. Challenging other bad theology, and as those men of more sober minds might be able to wrestle through and provide refined perspective (or at minimal help inform those amiss of more sound and sober perspective and insights. In the exercise of that sort of thing, maybe the brainstorm condition and playground can assist those with sounder theology to better understand how to relate to those crowded by misquided hysteria. The stronger brothers and sisters could perhaps, by understanding where and why some are drawn to over the top misguided end times videos, learn how to see where and how the hickups exits and perhaps better ways to help guide some out of their confusion.

Great mention of Turkey. I believe of course super important as we know their very clearly stated role in scripture. Amen.

I agree brother NATO might not last. Israel not being included would seem very providential. Some things we don’t see discussion on though is how trends in NATO effect Israel. This is an area ii am super weak in so not much help. But i see a lot of activity with Italy. We see NATO infighting. We see things in reference to the Ukraine regarding. Those that have a deeper pulse on that could possiblly see some things. We know the NATO lineup with globalism. That might be a good place to start perhaps. Now i might have seen speckles of NATO related stuff in your previous research. But as a whole, we as a whole, are not considering much on that. Maybe there is not much there. It would seem though some things might in light of Israell not be a part of that in my estimation. Just a point of notice.

I have a very different perspective on America than the forum or conventional watcher view. Although my research leads me to my conclusion of a robust America, I do reserve consideration for being inaccurate and would be surprised in an American outright collapse or massive loss of superpower status. But i realize, not knowing the future, this is a potential of course. In light of current trajectories it would seem a bit insane to believe an America that won’t collapse. I am self aware in this. My views favor a sling shot like tension moment we would be in a vortex of right now (where that pull back tension will likely soon release). But i totally empathisize and do consider an American fallout as a very real potential. I would see quite the opposite. But won’t be shocked either way. A biit surprised, yes, if collapse. But certianly not shocked.

The brainstorming mechanisms I have noticed seem to play more toward dismissing an empowered America concept. So i would take what you mean in this is just that still, in the wait, making videos should not be about having us twitching into weird animal balloon escatological shapes to keep our minds occupied. In this i agree. In my post to @staceylovesJesus and others in general the theme there in respect to your quote here would be: I would sense that brainstorming is potentially a product of pandoras box exploration according to church age of grace escatological blue print focus. My foundational general premise for this is that I don’t believe the church in our age will see very clearly escatalogical exactness…or maybe even near approximation in many cases. I realize this view is somewhat deflating end time saint morale (or as Pastor JD might put it: be a Debbie Downer on the whole thing). My intentions are no where near that sense. I would just surmise that there is far far far too much guestimation. And, to me, this is likely due to the church not being endowed with prophetic acumen.

That is not to say that God would not show us some things or lean us toward certain awarenesses. But in general i am of the really small school (lol) that would see that we may be off on a wide range of things. Not out of negativity or thinking like i have a better view. Just from a generic sense as a cessationist. Seeing our prophets came through Israel and not through the church. I do believe however that God would gift some believers with insights. I would consider your orientation toward Ez 38 studies and appropriation in His word to be an example of that. I would see @Dec inquisitive spirit and passion for refining varying views out their a part of that kind of thing too. I would see Pastor JD’s sense about our times, child like heart toward him, and much of the research (like he did about Lahiana fire) to also be an example of this sort of thing.

I would consider in part my openness perhaps like that too. But really it would be far more my openness than likely my accuracy i would say. I mean the things i look at to come to conlusions are more lower tech stuff like social trends, political sceince patterns, social artifcats etc. Graffitti like, ghetto level like insights that are likely in a lot of places far too close to the ground to get airborne. But whatever they are they would seem to come from very overly simplified aspects in what is going on anyone might commonly pick up…even potentionally unbelievers. Althoug i do see some things in scripture in particular ways, since certain things can’t exacttly be known, i am more or less bobble heading on the gen z dashboard picking up road bump vibes i guess we can say in a way. Just meaning that i don’t think my view comes from deep theloglical study or refined insight as much as kind of dumbing down. Which feels weird and i’m not exactly liking that stance. But just seems to be in that directtion now for the past 6 years. And excuse to remain dumb? lol. Possibly…lol. Things incredibly match far far too much though in that species of and dumbed down level of research. So i guesss we’ll see. I mean either way it should not be too long to see which way America goes.

But in general, I do share a longer and furthur out there in time view on the rapture as you might (although i would aslo say the rapture could be any day…likely not though on any day we name). So i think we will see at least certain American pangs in our journey before we go. But we’ve never been here before…and no one knows the rapture timing. Although i would say how closely you might link it with Ez 38 is a very good estimate…where i would very much agree brother. Blessings.


The latter gets a double portion. Could this year be fulfillment for the body of Christ and delivers a warning to the Jews it’s their time of judgment?

I wonder how the timing of the rest of the appointed times dealing with the Gentile nations UN and WEF play out this year with the feasts.

Then 7 years later the last feasts for Israel is completed?

The 7’s are everywhere it seems.

Just part of working our way through the jungle that used to be called Eden a paradise. I believe we are close to finding our destination soon.

Somehow we are to see our answer, is it going with the 10 spies overly cautious or trust the two that say we can take them with our Elohim.

To not see the rev. 12 and 13 as for rapture seems almost as if some fear it may be true and are not ready yet. It’s a heavenly billboard that seems to trip up many of the old guard that want to hold on to what gives them comfort when Abba’s is doing something he has done from day one show His plans in the heaven’s.

They missed him before we should not at our appointed time.
This reminds me of why Jesus had to go outside the religious traditions or established narrative to find open hearts to receive the new information/revelation for the times they were in.

Yep, interesting it was 1st introduced by Goldman Sack isn’t it.
So it is also a contract or covenant among many that is now being reinforced or made stronger also.

I do believe you underestimate this beast a bit. While it may be a distraction by the enemy of our souls its what Abba has allowed to speed up things and move things into place.

I see BRICS possibly as the other side of the Hegelian Dialectic for now but they will break to pieces many by doing this. Its what ABBA seems to use to force the EU into a corner for a little while before He lets them out.

Better ways as in not 1st beating folks up with our superior knowledge of scripture instead of reasoning out the truth in kindness the best we can? That type of conversations?


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This is where being unable to edit due to the 12 hour limit has its limitations.
Should have read “There is nothing more than this for now.” There was nothing I could to do to fix it afterwards so I had to let it be what it was.

While I agree, BRICS could have a bigger role to play sooner than later, right now its just an economic union. With Saudi and UAE joining, indeed this could be a play to eventually remove the petro-dollar or lead to de-dollarization.

BRICS has another role its currently playing, but again, without one seeing that Ezekiel 38,39 is the next big war, it is pointless to explain.

Still, the 10 kings will not rise from BRICS.



James 2:12 So speak, and so act, as those who are to be judged by the law of freedom. 13 For judgment will be merciless to one who has shown no mercy; mercy [i]triumphs over judgment.

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Thank you Lord Jesus for your mercies and blessings - You are our Blessed Hope - Maranatha


Most of us that study Bible Prophecy are aware that the 10 toes recorded in Daniel 2 are the same as the 10 horns (kings) recorded by the Apostle John in Revelation.

Daniel 2:41-43

And whereas thou sawest the feet and toes, part of potters’ clay, and part of iron, the kingdom shall be divided; but there shall be in it of the strength of the iron, forasmuch as thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay.

And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken.

And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

These 10 Kings will be a global entity with distinct regional powers. It would appear that the earth will be divided into these 10 regional spheres independent from each other. It is my conclusion that this division is the result of a catastrophic war, global economic collapse; or both.

This present global economic system is like dominoes as one falls they all collapse. The continued provocations by the collective West of both Russia and China could easily result into a nuclear exchange.

The statue recorded in Daniel had 2 legs spread across the Mediterranean with 5 toes on each foot. We can conclude without a doubt that these final 10 Kings will not just be in Europe.


There are many views on the time period of Ezekiel 38-39. For many years I have held that of Nathan:

Until I studied the Book of Amos, and followed the tips of Chuck Missler, of which I attach a screenshot. This hint made me think, because e.g. also some of the princes in Daniel are principalities, which are not human…

I’m just posting this here because I think it’s worth thinking about!


Gog or Chief Prince of Rosh is a title given to a human leader. Of course it could be that he is controlled by a principality however he will be buried with his armies.

Ezekiel 39:11

And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will give unto Gog a place there of graves in Israel, the valley of the passengers on the east of the sea: and it shall stop the noses of the passengers: and there shall they bury Gog and all his multitude: and they shall call it The valley of Hamongog.

It is clear by the context however that it is God Himself that brings this mighty coalition against His people Israel that He might be glorified in the sight of many nations. Whether the Lord God allows these principalities to do this I am not certain yet if the end result is to glorify His Holy Name that would not seem likely.


Friendly expression for “what’s mine is yours”.

Ahhh… Life on the RIO… ain’t it GRANDE ?

MI CASA SU CASA? WOKE Seattle law enforcement tells citizens it can’t protect them: give criminals “whatever they’re looking for” –](Seattle law enforcement tells citizens it can’t protect them: give criminals “whatever they’re looking for” –

MI CASA SU CASA? Protesters heckle AOC during Democrat press conference on NYC’s escalating illegals crisis – leftists don’t want more migrants in their back yard –](Protesters heckle AOC during Democrat press conference on NYC’s escalating illegals crisis – leftists don’t want more migrants in their back yard –

MI CASA SU CASA? The “fastest growing development” in America right now is Colony Ridge, an illegal alien housing compound in Texas that spans 60 square miles, say critics –](The “fastest growing development” in America right now is Colony Ridge, an illegal alien housing compound in Texas that spans 60 square miles, say critics –

MI CASA SU CASA? 160 Individuals on terror list have attempted to cross into U.S. this year – ILLEGALLY, of course –](160 Individuals on terror list have attempted to cross into U.S. this year – ILLEGALLY, of course –

MI CASA SU CASA? Finger-pointing Biden admin officials blame NYC Mayor Adams for migrant crisis, say city lacks “exit strategy” for illegals –](Finger-pointing Biden admin officials blame NYC Mayor Adams for migrant crisis, say city lacks “exit strategy” for illegals –

BORDER They Welcomed Illegal Immigrants With Open Arms, Now Sanctuary Cities Say They’re Past 'Breaking Point:'Mayors from New York, Chicago, and other large cities are struggling with resources, blaming Texas, as illegal immigrants move in en masse.](They Welcomed Illegal Immigrants With Open Arms, Now Sanctuary Cities Say They're Past 'Breaking Point' | ZeroHedge)

BORDER HERE WE GO: Minnesota Begins Process For Issuing Driver’s Licenses to 81,000 Illegal Aliens | The Gateway Pundit | by David Greyson](HERE WE GO: Minnesota Begins Process For Issuing Driver's Licenses to 81,000 Illegal Aliens | The Gateway Pundit | by David Greyson)

BORDER City council of “sanctuary” Los Angeles orders probe into Abbott’s migrant busing program, signaling they don’t want migrants after all –](City council of “sanctuary” Los Angeles orders probe into Abbott’s migrant busing program, signaling they don’t want migrants after all –

BORDER New Jersey governor who previously supported sanctuary state policies no longer wants ILLEGALS in his state –](New Jersey governor who previously supported sanctuary state policies no longer wants ILLEGALS in his state –

BORDER Biden Wants to Confine Illegal Immigrants to Texas — Abbott Replies, ‘Guess Again.’ – PJ Media](Biden Wants to Confine Illegal Immigrants to Texas — Abbott Replies, 'Guess Again.' – PJ Media)

Texas Governor Greg Abbott deploys National Guard to re-install razor wire in Eagle Pass to deter migrants - as mayor declares emergency as 14,000 flood in from Mexico (but Biden gives temporary legal status to 470,000 (Venezuelans)

Eagle Pass crisis: Biden administration sends 800 troops to help as 10,000 migrants cross over in 24 hour period

Thomas Jefferson’s warning about the dangers of mass migration making a country “more turbulent” and “less strong” seems particularly relevant since the Border Patrol reportedly encountered 45,000 illegal migrants just in the last five days.

Sometimes, even a seemingly simple issue, can be more difficult than thought.

Psalm 54:3
For strangers have risen up against me, And oppressors have sought after my life; They have not set God before them. Selah

Proverbs 5:17
Let them be only your own, And not for strangers with you.

Ezekiel 22:29
The people of the land have used oppressions, committed robbery, and mistreated the poor and needy; and they wrongfully oppress the stranger.

Ezekiel 47:22
It shall be that you will divide it by lot as an inheritance for yourselves, and for the strangers who dwell among you and who bear children among you. They shall be to you as native-born among the children of Israel; they shall have an inheritance with you among the tribes of Israel.

Matthew 25:35
for I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in;

Hebrews 13:2
Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.

3 John 1:5
Gaius Commended for Generosity
Beloved, you do faithfully whatever you do for the brethren and for strangers,

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Trying to find a spot to post this. Like a 7 minute watch. Yeah i know…

“A Revolution Against The Elites!” - WEF’s Klaus Schwab Openly Worries - YouTube

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I can see this playing into the EU connection little horn, this evil puppet only says what his father tells him.

We know from their own history they not only expected this revolt they planned for it.


I would like to look into that Dan. What are the specifics on that particular aspect though? I don’t recall.

In some silly ways, i believe in general what might be a hard pill to swallon is how much sin blinds. I totally get that the world can and may go the way of the NWO. But it doesn’t have to. We tend to think sin animates the third eye. And they become wiser than the non elites. When in fact sin might be thickest in them having them so far removed from reaility it genuinely might surprise them that people don’t want to be manipulated by them. Sin can blind that much. It doesn’t make them look as powerful. And it helps if they are powerful in how we look at end time trajectories. But it could be that there is a world where they are super blinded by sin.

In all honesty, if my view is incorrect i will admit i did not see correctly. In fact, even if my view is correct, but apparently wrong in less known core elements i would still want to confess that to you guys. Because i would want to track and rejoice on what was going on that was true. And consider the pets of my own considerations as merely grease in the frying pan…something im suppose to put in a tin can and throw away after enough fat was collected over time.

I guess what woud be depressing is that the NWO conquer view being held as a view that has to be right. And no matter what happens it becomes defended to the hilt with no variance. I’m not willing to defend my position admittedly like some of the hardcore NWO takeover watchers are. I don’t believe my views matter as much as the big picture God is painting. I do think it is knowable. I just honestly in some ways would trade it (even if correct) for closer family, more meaningful friendships, wiser choices in life kind of thing. So yeah brother please let me know what you mean by that statement. I think i have an idea. I know Albert Pike would like for us to think of the NWO as the great architect. I kind of reject that view if this is where you are going. But i am open to consider brother. Blessings.

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Not sure how accurate this is ?


Whether accurate or not BlackRock is known for holding American business investment hostage because of Environmental, social, and corporate governance compliance…ESGs (making corp practice more expensive while China, who owns much of and governs much of BlackRock a pass to compete with esg sanction). Fox pays out 100s of millions to Dominion Voting Machines in Tucker Carlson lawsuite because in theory they are both owned, fiscally governed, by BlackRock. So in a sense…fox was paying itself…lol. Smoke and mirrors on whole new levels man :scream:


Does it matter? Corporatism is on the rise and has been for a while. It is married to the government and runs the military/industrial complex. It is the hidden part of the Patriot act that corporations were heavy involved because all the stuff that has come about since then puts money in their pockets. If it weren’t BlackRock then it would be some other corporation under some other name. It is the slow march to the hell that will be the last 7 years. God is allowing it so He has plans to deal with it. Way above our pay grades to worry about.


Post about BR connected to video above. Above our payscale-for sure. It matters possibly if you don’t want your 401 or investment port going that direction perhaps. God is in control, praise the Lord!