September 5, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

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:hawaiianshirt_1: Pastor JD talks about the well-known idiom of “not seeing the forest for the trees” from a prophetic perspective related to everything that’s happening in the world today.

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Its called the “Internet of Bodies” vice the current “Internet of Things” and you are the Body they intend to hook up to. it was their plan the entire time. They want a digital Panopticon and the Vaccine is how they are gonna accomplish it.


Star Trek (TNG) reference; “Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. You will service us.”

We await our Savior!! Come Lord Jesus!


We have been authenticated and mandated by our Lord and King Jesus Christ !!!

AMEN !!!


The word “church” mentioned 7 times in Revelation.

This video will replace someone’s video was censored by Youtube few days ago abt vaccine propaganda:

Stop the Shot Conference for parents:


I heard several teachings today and it seems pastors are going all out to say these injections are not the mark of the beast, mainly because they do not see an identified antiChrist or worshipping of same. My question is whether this identification with the beast system and the bowing to that world system is inherit in accepting these injections? At what point will it be impossible to refuse the next shot? We don’t know, as it has been shown to change/affect the mind.

Now that Pastor JD has identified in this teaching the ultimate plan here of creating software in humans and connecting all to blockchain network, it seems to me this is without a doubt The Mark. (I’m wondering why the globalists just didn’t tell everyone this was the goal - a lot of people would have eagerly jumped on board.) People are falling for the deception and by believing the lie and, either through fear of loss of livelihood or death or simple intimidation, determining it’s more important to be part of the world, they have made their choice, especially by the third or fourth shot. I cannot imagine what other thing could come down the pike that would more clearly fit the bill.


One of JD’s best prophecy updates! I was so fired up and excited at the end, that I wanted to shout! The rapture is so close and I am hoping it’s during Feast of Trumpets/Rosh Hashanana during the next 3 days! He very well could be returning for us this week during High Holy Days in Israel! We are going home soon! :raised_hands:


Please share with us where to get the mask that allows you to breathe. I have severe allergies and the standard mask is horrific. Thanks in advance.


That would be fine with me!

I still haven’t heard many speak of how Rosh Hashanah, when calculated by the Scriptures may not be in the next three days, though. Just a few have mentioned that a more accurate timing as laid out Biblically may be more like Oct 8th or so. That said, Sep 6th would be just fine, too!

Still watching, either way. There are more martyrs in heaven today than there were a few days ago. And I can’t think it can be much longer. It’s like an explosion that’s happening in slow motion. It’s already begun, and it’s not gonna stop until it’s finished.


It is not the Mark.

But I believe it will become the Mark after the Antichrist appears and after the rapture of course.


I have bought multiple masks like this. I can breath and yet you can hardly tell it is see through. I have given them to others who wear them too. Mostly I don;t wear one, but if I absolutely have to, then this works…except for some clinics I have gone into, they make me wear a blue one.


Maybe it is not “the mark” in and of itself but perhaps is a “component” of it. (??)

Kinda like you can have 10 boards and 20 screws used to make a box. Someone wants to build one and you give them 4 boards. Do they have a box? No, but what they now have are pieces of one. They’ll still need more pieces but not as many as before you gave them the 4 boards.

(Just a different kind of illustration that came to mind.)


I loved the testimonies at the end of his update. I wish there was a thread on here where we could read more of those types of testimonies. They just bring so much joy to my heart.
Thank you J.D. for sharing those and thanks to those that spread those ABC’s to help those people. :heart: :heart: :heart:


Wow what an amazing update.

This sermon has validated everything I had suspected. I also want to add that the mark will most likely control people’s minds and behaviours in return for cryptocurrency. It’s not a stretch to see that Satan will tell people to do things via the mark which will over ride their normal logic and will give them crypto currency as a reward.

This could entail really really sick things like murder, rape, torture etc of those who don’t want to take the mark. The way I get to this conclusion is that the bible tells us that all that take the mark will become of “one mind”… so… Satan will use them as puppets.

Also I need to add in that as someone who also genuinely cannot wear a mask. I feel like the enforcement of masks is a form of rape and it severely triggers me when I am almost forced into a situation where I need to explain myself or justify myself to people because I cannot wear a mask.

On a better note, those two stories brought me to tears and BRAVO to both those ladies for carrying on and especially standing up to others at their most fragile time.

Thankyou for the ongoing wisdom JD. Much love and respect to you and your church. I honestly do not know where I would be without you all. :heart::heart: God bless.


I wish it was so simple for me. I cannot even stand an oxygen mask on my face. I freak out the second anything goes on my face and I have said to a dr that if he was going to force a mask on me that he had better be prepared to peel me up off the floor.

I get severe anxiety and panic attacks from having anything on my face for any length of time.


Hey there,

It will be enforced most likely at the mid point of the tribulation, where people’s heads will be cut off for not taking it.


I feel the same way! Pastor JDs bible prophecy update was the best ever! I’ve been feeling a bit down lately, not depressed, just letting the rotten stinkin’ devil steal my joy. After the sermon today I was so uplifted and I had some time to read part one of the Internet of Bodies and I went, oh my goodness, oh my goodness, we are going home!!
Hallelujah!! Jesus is coming to get us!


@Hollythewiener…You asked:

The one I shared with you works great.

I am so excited too. I need and love Jesus so much. I am forever repenting just to ensure my sins are forgiven and he has mercy on me and my family. I am also praying now that our pets get to go with us as I don’t want my doggies and or fish to starve to death