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Thank you Gwyne for sharing this amazing testimony!! Also for the great info!! God Bless sister!!


Thank you, Sheri! God bless you! May the Lord come soon and deliver us!
Maranatha, Gwyne


I am praying for you, too…anxious to hear how it goes in the near future. Haven’t had hot flashes in years, but just had a real doozy last night…plus when I have been around our vxd son twice this month, I started feeling a full fledged cold coming on even tho I felt fine up til then! Sore throat, blocked ears, bad headache, sneezing, etc. lasts a few days and just goes away…really weird. I will keep track of what happens to me when I visit my friends as I am one of the few who are not yet vxd. Actually, yet is the wrong word because I don’t intend to do it! Godspeed, my friend….thank God Jesus is coming soon☝️
P.s. I keep forgetting that we are on Pastor JD’s app so I don’t have to talk in code😉


Prayer for everything to be ok.


Hello Gwyne, Yes I heard about the baking soda treatment for cancer. I was told to use it with honey as cancer loves sugar and is attracted to it. Also, it makes the baking soda go down easier. Cancer is like a fungus and baking soda destroys fungus. Thank you for the reminder and informing SavedbyGrace of the treatments that are working and no one in the medical field is telling you about!!


Absolutely YES!!! I have seen this, and seen a good many people beat cancer using simple natural methods they found on CancerTutor (sp) One natural doc had a 98 percent full remission rate on about 500 patients using baking soda and maple syrup. The medical industrial complex did all they could to shut him up, but since he was not selling anything, they had an uphill struggle.

Our neighbor had stage 4 prostate cancer, same prognosis. He’s alive and well ten years later from using all natural methods. So glad to read your husband had the same wonderful outcome and is fine.

Conversely, not one of the people we knew who went the surgery, chemo and radiation route are with us anymore, and their last months were just an agony I would wish on no one. But you are right, the allopathic knows so little, and uses fear “You gotta make a decision now today” and it frightens people, and can’t think clearly, or have time to assess alternatives. There are literally hundreds of natural ways to beat cancer. I don’t fear it at all anymore after finding out the truth. And at root, it is that God has covered, from natural things he put here for our health and healing. The hard part is, few will listen. I have no white coat, and they want that “authority” figure to help them, they have no interest in looking at a site like cancertutor. or Dr. Marc Sircus --brilliant guy who wrote many books to help people be their own doctor. I’ve used some of his recommendations, fantastic stuff. And so simple too. A half teaspoon of baking soda in pure water every morning totally got rid of circles under my eye, eye bags, when nothing else worked. Lugols iodine, selenium, B complex, d3, k2, and tyrosine helped to put my autoimmune hashimotos into full remission. Most allopaths are not taught simple nutrients that can heal. They treat symptoms only, and ignore the cause. sadly. If I can do the reading as a layperson and find this stuff, anyone can do it. I’m not the brightest lighbulb, but thankfully, it doesn’t take much to find the info now. A few clicks.


Regarding the baking soda, can anyone tell me if this can be used as a preventative?

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Thank you so much for sharing, Wren. May God bring out to more people, especially His children, the truth of how white coats are false “priests” for the most part since they don’t learn about or tell if they do know, the natural healthier means to healing.

Lord, please bless Your people with seeing the deception of those who are pretending to know truth, either be it spiritual or medical truth, and to be set free from liars and lies, by knowing Your truth, Jesus Christ and how all men are liars, and many have a form of godliness but deny Your power, 2 Timothy 3:5.

Please, Lord, completely heal my husband from this diagnosis of prostate cancer as well as many other believers with health issues, including those who have been deceived and got this experimental vaccine or else they are unvaccinated but are receiving some shedding from those near them.

Please come soon, Lord! We are watching and waiting and we hope it is this summer, the wheat harvest time, corresponding to Matthew 24: 40-42, when You will come for Your Bride! In Jesus Christ’s name. Amen!


Praise God that you have heard about this remedy through baking soda. Keeping our pH level up in alkalinity is the best easy way to boost our immune system and keep cancer away! Lord, please bless Your people with truth and open our eyes to seeing deception in order to help others to gain true spiritual health, (salvation alone comes through Jesus Christ), and good physical health so we serve You, our King and Savior, without hindrance, in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen!


I am praying for Savedbygrace777 and praying for your husband, Gwyne. For a Peace and Faith and God’s will. Anxiety levels are already high and it is hard going through this on top of everything else. My heart and prayers go out to the both of you.

I wanted to share this because it is viewing cancer from one that is diagnosed

As late stages of cancer…all we do is kick the can down the road for hope to a little longer time with our children and families. No one wants to die and no one wants a love one to die. Sometimes we take chemo because of our family. Sometimes family members make it very hard, not to do chemo. There are things to do prior to cancer, yes but I have met others that were so healthy and still ended up with cancer. Not just first stages but late stages. Yes, our chances are not good at a later stage. No person really knows what they will do until that person is faced with it. themselves. The Cancer word is something no one wants to hear. Then reality hits! Life does go on and God will take care of us through our choices. No matter what choice we make, chemo, etc. We are his children and he promises us. He made us, He will carry us, He will sustain us and He will rescue us.

Between childhood vaccinations, GMO foods, sugar and more sugar, fertilizer in the ground, GMO mosquitoes, radio freq. waves, etc. it would be very hard to escape.

Having cancer at a later stage has been a blessing in disguise for me. Death does not scare me and I have had an opportunity to meet wonderful people going through this too. Also, I get a chance to say goodbye and also fix broken relationships. I get a chance to prepare my family and friends. Most do not get that opportunity. If, God wants me here a little longer that is all good too.

I know my husband and children pray for healing but what if that is not God’s will? Their earthly desires want me here longer. Going through this with my family has made our Faith with God stronger. My thought is If, I could save just one family member to see God, then I want God to use me! That may mean that I don’t fully heal and my life here on earth dies. This is a very hard thing to talk about. If any of you want talk to me off this post, feel free to pm anytime.

I have 9 children and 1 still at home. I have had a awesome life. I have prepared my family, talked about death and heaven. I have homeschooled through this and prepared my family for the worst. I do not want my family to turn away from God but to God. No matter what happens to me. People don’t talk about death. Families really don’t talk about this stuff. I also have a friend with 5 young children diagnosed late stage. She was only to live 6 mos to a year at most. God has allowed her to live 3 years. We treasure our time that God has given us. I pray that God’s will be done in my life and her life. My friend has the same feelings as I. She would love to see her kids get married and if that happens she is good but if she doesn’t she is good with that too. We just live as if there is no tomorrow. If we go home today, what legacy am I leaving behind?

At first my food consumption was a concern but if my time is short here having a hot fudge sunday is not a bad thing. :joy: I had looked into a lot of things to do but in reality when God wants me home, it is my time. Nothing will prolong, nothing will save but God! Just like the vaccinations and masks. Nothing will save, heal or rescue you except God. God is the ultimate physician. He has the ultimate authority.

I could not try home remedies at the time because I had meds I was on prior that would interfere with home remedies.

God is amazing! Even if you feel that the world is caving in, He wraps his arms around us and comforts us. He will never leave us! I have felt God holding me through all my CT scans. I will never forget they told me that my colon cancer went to my brain. I prayed so hard…it was just one more thing. God wants us to turn to him! He wants our undivided Love and Faith!

Eyes to God! Keep focused on HIM!


@Qtip, this is absolutely beautiful.:heartpulse: Amen. Meanwhile, I pray for you and your family in your continued journey. God is truly doing a mighty work through you. :hibiscus:


Hello Qtip,
That was so sweetly said. You have been thru a lot and the wisdom you have gained is showing big time. Thank you for sharing you heart to survivor of stage 3 cancer. I have been free for 5 years and counting and thank the Lord for each and every day He shows his mercy to me. Yes, he wants our attention and devotion; our faithfulness now more than ever. Lord, continue to show Qtip your grace and strength. Give this dear one more time so that more can hear of your good works. Praying for you.
Love, in the mighty name of Yeshua.


Your outlook is so uplifting! I went through chemo and radiation in 2015, and I’m still here and healthy by God’s grace! All glory to Him! It sure does give you a different mindset to go through a fight like this. :raised_hands:t2::pray:t2::two_hearts:


Hi Qtip, thank you for your email. I thank you for prayers for my husband. We both believe Jesus is coming very soon, even this summer for the wheat harvest as Jesus alluded to this as the season in Matthew 24-32-44.

In the meantime we are looking into alternative treatments since my husband knows many who went through surgery, chemo, and radiation and I know a few as well and the chemo destroyed their immune system and they are no longer with us. Too many people sadly trust, out of fear, Big Pharma and those in white coats. We believe our immune system is an amazing gift from God and we are not to destroy it as this chemo and radiation treatment does. So we say no to this treatment.

We do believe God has given us simple cures and basic wisdom to know what is best for his “temple,” our bodies. You mentioned GMOS and sugar, which obviously are not healthy foods. So respecting our bodies we don’t want to eat these foods hardly at all. I gave up sugar for the most part back in 2012 when I realized I ate ice cream or cupcakes to console myself. I do eat unfiltered raw honey, though.

Learning how to keep our body from being acidic is really very important and easy to check through pH strips. I hope you might consider this way of monitoring your daily healthiness because what an easy way to remedy bad health by just taking 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda once or a few times a day depending what it takes your body to be alkaline. (Baking soda is not dangerous in these low doses.)

We trust Jesus will be here very soon and so this gives us hope for our future! We can’t wait to see Him and be in His kingdom forever. We want to be alive for the Rapture!

God bless you in abundance! Keep us posted and Maranatha!


Hi just a quick thpught- 2 years Post menopausal isn’t unusual to still experience Lingering periods, spotting cramps

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Although I’ve never had any of those for two years until now, I’m just not sure how to explain the tens of thousands of women and girls who are suddenly having similar symptoms.


turns out they’ve had this technology for years, and it applies to many areas of the body, not just the brain. Its interesting they they would claim this is something new, when it is most likey part of the warp speed jabs. It is rather in keeping with the Kabalistic principle of foreshowding events they plan to do to the masses, only its reverse this time. They’ve already done it, and now they don’t mind letting us know.

Just an aside, but from what I understand many are claiming that fulvic minerals and fulvic acid suppliments are helping them and disabling the magnetic issues where magnets and coins won’t stick to them anymore.

Worth a try. Its not only harmless, but very beneficial supplement that boosts energy and heals many things in the body. It also helps to detox out the gross stuff they put in processed foods and countless products today. Some scientists even call the fulvic acid molecule a “miracle” when it comes to dissolving tumors. It can also be found in supps called Shiligit, mumajo, and fulvic mineral solution. You put a few drops in water, and that’s it. it can alkalize and help.


I was in no way saying all of the experiences that you mentioned happened, & still are.
I was just saying your experience wasn’t that rare based on what you shared.
Please have a good day.

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Any results yet? Keeping you in my prayers!!