Sermon: Hebrews 6:1-6

After listening to today’s sermon, I just want to praise God for His faithfulness. God has been working on my theology in this area. Thankfully The Holy Spirit has corrected and instructed me. He is so faithful.


Good, how about the rest? Does that answer your burning question abt eternal security?

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This passage haunted me for years (and even when I sin, the Devil brings right to Hebrews 6 and 10!). I went to Bible college and our professor taught us that Hebrews 6 meant that a Christian could lose his salvation. Dr. Reagan of Lion and Lamb ministries also kinda subscribes to that. But Praise God for teachers like JD Farag, Dr. Peter Ruckman, and Dr. John McArthur who set the record straight on this passage.


That is not an issue. I know I am saved

Was taught ir in Bible college also.

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