Server Move Forum Announcement

Forum Announcement

We have just completed a move to a new server. Unfortunately the most recent backup IT could obtain was from approximately 2 days ago, so any topics/posts since then have been wiped. I attempted to give warning to you all prior to the move with an announcement like this (minutes after confirming this was happening) but it was likely only up for a few minutes before the move. I know it can be disheartening to spend time contributing and to have it vanish. However, with prior notice, the forum would have been in read-only mode for the past two days, so there’s an upside and a downside with how things went. Hopefully even the temporary nature of recent posts still contributed to the fellowship here. :heart:

I will have information regarding emails soon, Lord willing. email notifications are now available again.


I certainly understand that things must happen to maintain this excellent Forum.

By the way, this Forum is unique and A++ all the way in my opinion, mostly because of like minded Christ followers and also, the very best Forum layout and functionality I’ve ever seen.

An excellent Forum with an excellent Pastors name on it, Pastor JD.


:blush: Thank you @JDForumTeam @Twi @jasonacts177

….the only one I’ve ever really been a part of. :heart:


Sorry to anyone (everyone?!) who lost their posts & presence from approx previous 2 days; as @Twi says the notice we were given was tighter than King Saul’s brush with David (1 Sam 24) and the contemporariness of the restoration date (and indeed the entire server move) was beyond our involvement.

Perhaps best to view at it as rapture practise for when our entire presence will be (s)wiped from the earth and backed up to the cloud™ by Christ Jesus.

Thanks to @Twi for attempting to get a trumpet blast out (might need to rephrase that), to all the brethren here for your patience and most of all thank you and praise You, Lord of Hosts (no pun intended) for Your grace, mercy and provision of this fellowship as long as You will.

In Christ


You are too funny Jason. BTW it is time for a hat change. It is Spring after all!! Maybe a hat like Minnie Pearl…or don’t you know who that is? LOL

And also, thank you to all the forum management for the great website/forum, and enough rapture practice. I am ready for the real thing, please!


Agreed! Amen & amen.


Does it have anything to do with this strange & unwelcome interruption on the email I received from JD Farag? (See attached)

Oh, look at that! “g” won’t even allow the screenshot of the big, bold yellow warning notice blocking the opening of my email from JDF*rag.

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Oh! There it is!

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Hm… Likely, but can you give the exact email address the message came from? You can private message me if you prefer.

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It was my email I use on this forum. I changed it now to my private email. Not sure what the term for it is. I forget so much. VPN? This was a wake-up call, having Google butting into my emails. I knew they probably listened in & read everything, that nothing is private anymore, but this borders on censorship. Yikes!

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Maybe this is what you were asking for?

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Thanks @CalBride - is the correct email. Hopefully this is just a side effect of moving to the new server, but I’ve mentioned it to the team anyway in case there’s something they need to adjust.

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I certainly agree with you. I love the lack of bickering and cussing, and how everyone is so kind and courteous.

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I disagree with you, you this and that…haha, kidding :clown_face:

Welcome NyeRose :smile:

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I love your picture!! It looks like he’s laughing!

Have a blessed day!

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