Shame is stealing my joy

Lies given to you


Ya know, Vicki, I have a mental image or idea of many people on this forum, you included and to be grounded for a moment, you and those like you seem to be like a pillar of strength and to borrow from mythology, an Atlas as such.

So, to hear you are dealing with shame is humbling and I thank you for opening up here. My answer to you though is simple and it’s helped me in moments where I have felt this way. “That’s what God’s grace is for.”

People feel they don’t pray enough, they don’t do enough good things, they sinned one too many times, they need to do this more or do this less; That’s what God’s grace is for.

I can write up a prayer for you because, ironically, I pray for this every night for people in general. It’s kinda funny how more and more posts from people are bringing up to me, the things I pray about every night.

Merciful and Loving Heavenly Father

We sometimes consider you with the eyes of our earthly dads and consider you to have a limit to your love and acceptance and tolerance for us. Yet we also coincide that with the knowledge that You gave us Your only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. We know that Christ told us to forgive endlessly those who wrong us, so, in that understanding, why would You be any less forgiving to us? Not that this gives us a license to sin, but if we screw up…You’re right there to look at us and if we are genuinely sorry and genuinely ask forgiveness and genuinely repent…why would You hold back forgiveness from us?

With Vicki here, I have been silly in a way to place her on some sort of pillar as I have equally done with so many others here. But, she’s needing something from You greater than a ladder to get off that pillar and be grounded in Truth–Your Truth.

Please bless Vicki with a heavenly comfort of calm and peace in her heart and mind for the wrongs she as accepted via temptation in life lately that have cast her into shame. Lift up her chin and have her gaze into your glorious heavenly light and please speak into her through the Holy Spirit and say to her, “That’s what My grace is for, My child.”

She’s smart. Smarter than me, Lord, and therefore I pray she will resonate with this prayer for her. I pray You bless her with a galvanizing of her heart and mind to the wiles of the Devil. We are faced with temptation daily and You know all too well how I have succumbed to temptation more times than I care to admit which is never, that I have allowed myself, shamefully too, to accept temptation. But God knows my heart. You know Vicki’s heart. If she is anywhere near the person I have thought her to be, she then shall have her heart melt from the heat of Your love to reveal Your truth to her.

The temptation is but two options we are given and we accept one and chastised by the offering party for accepting either. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t so, might as well be damned. Yet here we are as followers, continually tempted perhaps even more intensely than most to accept temptation and we stumble and fall many times in the process, as we fail to see the third option which stands in the shadows quietly. It’s Christ waiting for us to see His third option. That being Him.

We’re working hard not to screw up, Lord. We’re finding it more and more difficult lately and so I beg You O Lord, bless Vicki who suffers doubt, shame, questions and concerns, a little panicking even and anger towards herself–with comfort. Comfort through a heavenly peace and calm of understanding Your grace is sufficient. Your strength is made perfect in weakness. Bless her with ease of mind that she will not be left behind. Bless her with a wind to wipe her tears from her face as she cries out to You O Lord for forgiveness.

Place upon her understanding, a discernment to always look at what comes her way and weigh heavily what worth have I in accepting this temptation before me? As if sorrow is a treasure to accept then I am rich beyond my carnal dreams. Yet Grace of God is far more rewarding and therefore I do not take part in such sorrowful pursuits as God’s reward of eternal life awaits me because I have put away such childish things as I have become a Child of the Living God through Christ Jesus, my Lord and Savior.

Please help Vicki with this turmoil in her life O Lord.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Wow. TY for your humility and sharing your vulnerabilities. . . That is courage and strength!

After over 70 days and nights of sleepless warfare, I was granted several days of beautiful rest, then just when I thought it was over; here comes six more days of wretched lust twisting me like a rotten filthy stained rag, that brought weights of shame upon me, while offending an innocent soul. I confessed to that special person, and they offered forgiveness, not advice or a critic. :hibiscus:

I have owned my sin, and once again My Savior has imparted HIS Grace to me. I got as low as possible on the floor to repent and pray. Then had a private communion alone with My Redeemer.

So I will be DANCING before the LORD, just like King David, and Singing the Song of Deborah! That address is found in God’s Holy Writ: Judges Chapter 5. See ya.

Going to DANCE, with my Banner of Praise. Thank You, Jehovah Nissi. THE LORD IS MY BANNER! Amen!!!

“I have no clue” why our Father in Heaven, allows a lot of us, to live a life of such torment.

[That’s a statement!!! Not a question!!!]

But when I arrive into HIS PRESENCE, I KNOW, I will fall on my face before HIM, and just cry. . . Thank YOU, Jesus, for what YOU did for me. . . and Hoping to hear HIS tender voice say, “Welcome Home, My Beloved child bride !”

Today my medicine was given, to sooth my pain and take away that wretched shame, as I was led to abide, in all of Romans 8. Ask The Holy Spirit for what He has to prescribe, just for you. This too shall pass. And it has for me.

PRAYERS for all the redeemed, beloved by God, whether saint or sinner! We are all the same. HIS AGAPE LOVE and Amazing Grace, is the Healing Balm from Gilead, we all need to apply and bathe in.

Prayers for your sweet blessings to arrive. . .

Aloha, Shalom, God Bless and Maranatha :hibiscus:



Sometimes it’s that torment that is the only way to bring you closer to Him the way He wants and hopes you come to Him.

I use this in the singular to express your question for your situation, but it works in the plural sense especially well. As sometimes it is through these situations that bring us to our knees to commune with our Heavenly Father as He would like us to.

Some of us learn the easy way, but many of us learn the hard way and it’s the only way we learn.

This was an automatic response to what you wrote and it is not a chastising statement to anyone specific because I include myself in this group. At least we GET TO come to Him. Right?


In Christ Alone we pray, impart Your Amazing Grace, to help us rejoice today, as we move forward, just one more day. :heart_decoration: . . . Thank YOU Sweet JESUS. . . :heart_decoration: AMEN


Vicki…dearly beloved. We–as brothers and sisters in Christ–are all right there along with you. :hugs: There is no Christian (I believe) who has not been beset with these very same questions and doubts.

This is a response I made on another thread but it fits well here:

I was loved by God before I loved Him. Jesus gave His life for me to save me from my sins–sins I had not yet repented of! That is amazing grace.

You have come to Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins. That amazing grace is available today. It will be available to us tomorrow and the day after! And even the day after that (you get the point :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:).

The accuser (and we know who he is :unamused:) stands before God day and night reporting our sins to the Lord…but God!

Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

For we do not have a High Priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but was in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin. 16 Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

(Romans 8:1; Hebrews 4:15,16)

You are known, loved, understood and forgiven in Jesus Christ. :heart:


Jon - when I share it’s not a question. Check my punctuation! I write poetically.

Please re-read what I penned slowly, and I pray, you pray for illumination, before such a quick reply. DID GOD APPONIT YOU TO BE MY HOLY SPIRIT?



So by highlighting part of my heart, written before strangers; that Know me Not, it is hurtful… Farewell to all.

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I read what you wrote. You wrote this as a thought. A thought about why the Lord allowing us to live a life of torment and not having a clue as to why He allows it. Then delivered your understanding of thanking Jesus for what He did for you. Nowhere indicating a solution to the mystery posted beforehand. Which by the way, a warming and heartfelt sentiment I agree with.

There’s your whole quote.

This wasn’t as a response to a question. I felt moved to respond to this part because it was a thought that I was MOVED to respond to. As to keep the conversation going. Not to ridicule you nor admonish you for it. If you feel you’ve been wronged by my response, then I apologize to you. We are not strangers here but brothers and sisters in Christ (minus the ones that are not of course).

I would ask that you look at what you wrote from a different perspective and try to illuminate a comprehension as to why a person could feel a need or be moved to respond to such a sentence. The way you wrote that section would by most standards entice a response whether you meant it as a thought, or a statement to test knowledge (question).

I’m not here to cause chaos and I certainly don’t have the inclination to try to upset someone. For I did not understand you, you do not understand me. I am sorry for the impasse. Your statement at the end of “Farewell to all”, I hope does not derive a misunderstanding again that you are leaving this forum, over this. That would be saddening to hear.


Thankyou for this link, it’s just what I’ve been looking for x :heart:x God bless x


What a sweet and beloved brother you are in Christ. You’ve increased my tears from sadness to the joy that was stored within me as you spoke HIS WISDOM AND TRUTH.
I too have been on the other end of encouragement to bring to light what you’ve just shared with me. The tenderness of your heart is profound and reassuring. With ALL that I am I’m praying for you as well for reminding me of what as OUR PRECIOUS LORD has told us…we have all fallen short of the glory of God and in this condition will remain until we are restored unto Himself.
Our struggles and sorrows are a testament to the depth of the love we feel for our Blessed Savior. And yes, HE knows the genuineness of our hearts intimately and is well pleased by it.
You Jon…will have jewels in your crown for being an extension of HIS love.
Thank you!


Rae Lynn,
I pray that you will not take offense with me as well because it isn’t my intent to interfere. When I read what you wrote, I have no clue “why” our Father in Heaven, allows a lot of us, to live a life of such torment… I too was considering a response because IT SEEMED to be a open question in your mind. My thoughts are that we are refined by our torment and suffering to eliminate the scales from our eyes thus bring us closer to HIM.

I find it sad that you have taken such offense at Jon’s well meaning heart and pray that you’ll reconsider your stand.


Sweet Sigrid,
Tho we’ve never actually met we seem to know each other’s hearts and as usual, you’ve responded to my distress in truth. I so value your friendship and loving words
Be blessed in Christ…today and for all eternity!


Amen and amen, my sister. :heart: Thank you. :hugs: @HIS


@raelmerritt7777 My dear sister, the torments of our life are oft inexplicable…much like the sufferings of Job, aren’t they?

I pray that the peace of God which guards our hearts and minds in Him envelops you today. May God grant you His sweet comfort. He knows precisely what you are experiencing, thinking and feeling. :hugs:


Thank you kindly, Vicki. I don’t know about jewels in a crown. I’m sure He will enjoy getting back whatever crown(s) He allows me lol. I thank you for your loving words and reminder of the encouragement you pour out here.

I wanted to privately message you, but I’m lazy, so I’ll say it here. When I first looked at your Headline, it had a different meaning to me than it does now. Well, it means the same thing but it has a different twist to it.

It started out (for me) as though Shame, being the reaction to sin was stealing joy that you had. I reread it, after what I wrote and doing a few other things since then and the message changed to me. It became “stealing joy is what shame is”. Or, Shame IS the stealing of joy.

In my head this makes far more sense as an epiphany than I can put into words and we now see that it isn’t me writing out prayers obviously. I’m just fingers.
I went from a poet to a first grader with a crayon and a wall.

But, I just wanted to share the intensity of a headline and how it changed as my perspective continues to look in different angles.


:blush: I’m happy to have been of service :wink: :+1:t2: !

Blessings & Maranatha :revolving_hearts:


Yes amen ! That’s the verse that came to me : there is NO condemnation IN Christ NOW!!!:innocent::pray::purple_heart:


[New Living Translation]
2 Cor 7:10
For the kind of sorrow God wants us to experience leads us away from sin and results in salvation. There’s no regret for that kind of sorrow. But worldly sorrow, which lacks repentance, results in spiritual death.

This verse comes to me for you as well as: Romans 8:1 There is therefore NOW no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

Notice the emphasis on the NOW because it is FINISHED!!! It’s a DONE deal! Everything in Gods kingdom is accessed via FAITH and I mean EVERYTHING!!! We can’t even please Him without it ! We need only believe His Word as the highest form of reality which is TRUTH and His Promises to us !!! Childlike faith believes what are Father says in His Word !! I pray your faith won’t fail you ! God bless you and don’t submit to any thoughts or thinking that don’t line up with the Word ! The battle is in the mind therefore we MUST cast down vain Empty base imaginations and Take EVERY thought captive to the obedience of Christ!! God bless you and Maranatha!!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray::innocent::purple_heart:


So many go through this, and especially now. Our faith is tested, and we overcome when we keep it. :wink:

Shame is not from God. :wink: Let me nail that one to the cross real quick.

Romans 10:11

It is just as the Scripture says:
“Anyone who believes in Him will never be put to shame.”

Shame, Guilt, Condemnation are not from God, and can only steal your Joy if you let them.

Seems like almost everyone is in a bit of angst lately. I just had to post this over on a private group on MeWe a bit ago.

The conversation was a lengthy one already between two friends who are getting edgy over each other on continuing sin, trust and faith, and are we really saved.

Either you trust that He has done it all in His finished work on the cross and that you are safe, or you don’t trust it, and feel required to add to it, and therefor you will never be safe.

Sin is not overcome by Reason, Ritual, or Logic, and scripture is clear… We overcome by our faith in Him, not by our own will or works.

Jesus + Nothing = Everything

You know you belong to Christ when you have seen His hand in your life many times, and you have the burden of sin’s presence in your life.

Remember to whom you belong. :wink: :heart:



What this forum is really for :slight_smile: Amen.


Jack…thank you!
I am where I need to be and belong when in HIS arms for they are my safety and refuge.