Shame is stealing my joy

Thank you kindly, Vicki. I don’t know about jewels in a crown. I’m sure He will enjoy getting back whatever crown(s) He allows me lol. I thank you for your loving words and reminder of the encouragement you pour out here.

I wanted to privately message you, but I’m lazy, so I’ll say it here. When I first looked at your Headline, it had a different meaning to me than it does now. Well, it means the same thing but it has a different twist to it.

It started out (for me) as though Shame, being the reaction to sin was stealing joy that you had. I reread it, after what I wrote and doing a few other things since then and the message changed to me. It became “stealing joy is what shame is”. Or, Shame IS the stealing of joy.

In my head this makes far more sense as an epiphany than I can put into words and we now see that it isn’t me writing out prayers obviously. I’m just fingers.
I went from a poet to a first grader with a crayon and a wall.

But, I just wanted to share the intensity of a headline and how it changed as my perspective continues to look in different angles.


:blush: I’m happy to have been of service :wink: :+1:t2: !

Blessings & Maranatha :revolving_hearts:


Yes amen ! That’s the verse that came to me : there is NO condemnation IN Christ NOW!!!:innocent::pray::purple_heart:


[New Living Translation]
2 Cor 7:10
For the kind of sorrow God wants us to experience leads us away from sin and results in salvation. There’s no regret for that kind of sorrow. But worldly sorrow, which lacks repentance, results in spiritual death.

This verse comes to me for you as well as: Romans 8:1 There is therefore NOW no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

Notice the emphasis on the NOW because it is FINISHED!!! It’s a DONE deal! Everything in Gods kingdom is accessed via FAITH and I mean EVERYTHING!!! We can’t even please Him without it ! We need only believe His Word as the highest form of reality which is TRUTH and His Promises to us !!! Childlike faith believes what are Father says in His Word !! I pray your faith won’t fail you ! God bless you and don’t submit to any thoughts or thinking that don’t line up with the Word ! The battle is in the mind therefore we MUST cast down vain Empty base imaginations and Take EVERY thought captive to the obedience of Christ!! God bless you and Maranatha!!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray::innocent::purple_heart:


So many go through this, and especially now. Our faith is tested, and we overcome when we keep it. :wink:

Shame is not from God. :wink: Let me nail that one to the cross real quick.

Romans 10:11

It is just as the Scripture says:
“Anyone who believes in Him will never be put to shame.”

Shame, Guilt, Condemnation are not from God, and can only steal your Joy if you let them.

Seems like almost everyone is in a bit of angst lately. I just had to post this over on a private group on MeWe a bit ago.

The conversation was a lengthy one already between two friends who are getting edgy over each other on continuing sin, trust and faith, and are we really saved.

Either you trust that He has done it all in His finished work on the cross and that you are safe, or you don’t trust it, and feel required to add to it, and therefor you will never be safe.

Sin is not overcome by Reason, Ritual, or Logic, and scripture is clear… We overcome by our faith in Him, not by our own will or works.

Jesus + Nothing = Everything

You know you belong to Christ when you have seen His hand in your life many times, and you have the burden of sin’s presence in your life.

Remember to whom you belong. :wink: :heart:



What this forum is really for :slight_smile: Amen.


Jack…thank you!
I am where I need to be and belong when in HIS arms for they are my safety and refuge.


Dearest Sigrid…I’m sending you a private message and really look forward to your thoughtful response.

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Oh, when those voices begin. The accusations, of unseen demons in our mind…digging up the guilt… “I know what you did” “I know how you lied” “oh how you disgust me”… “I know where you’ve been”… my reply,?
“But, I AM forgiven,… you may know where I’ve been… BUT, …I know where your going” turning the tables on those voices, taking the punch out of the fight… God forgives us, remind the little voices, and send them packing… :heart::grin:


I can’t help it. But during those same times, I have sometimes responded with, “It must really bite the rancid taco for you to have had to give a golden fiddle to a boy in Georgia because you couldn’t even win a rigged fiddle playing contest of your own.”

Hopefully that reference isn’t lost to anyone.


God calls us by our names, satan calls us by our sins.

What God has forgiven, and cast the memory of it so far out of reach, why do we dredge it up ourselves ?

It is finished ! Tetelestai !

Look at Christ, not the past. The past is a trap. Forget the past, remember the lesson.



I love it Jon…perhaps Jesus will slip one of those jewels in your crown that I spoke of earlier for your sense of humor…just for fun.
After all, who better than God has demonstrated HIS sense of humor with such magnificent, unique and odd creations…including us!


Ya know, I was thinking about that. I could see Him cryogenically freeze some blue jello in the shape of a cool shaped sapphire jewel.


God calls us by our names, satan calls us by our sins So very very true! And what a marvelous observation…


We need to Assyrianate those thoughts!
Assyrianate is under the sole ownership of @jasonacts177 and not a clever term of my own.


Like @Jon , not one of my own, but I do use it. :slight_smile:


When Satan reminds me of what I have done I remind him of where he is going.


Another variety …

Satan shows us our past, we show him his future. :slight_smile:


I think we can all learn from this moment one moral standpoint. For the Devil; in a world full of twinkies, don’t be a ding dong.

Or something like that.


Nice one. T-shirt time :slight_smile: