Share our hobbies, crafts, artwork, etc

Since I’m about to lose my job because of this vaccine, I’m thinking about trying to sell some paintings? Would any of you have some ideas about where I could sell them, or even if they would be sellable? Also, I love art & crafts, so I would love to see all the stuff you guys do too! I mostly love to find old barn boards to paint on, when I can sneak into a barn, hehe…


Wow! :open_mouth:You are very talented. Love them. Thanks for sharing.


Nice :blush: :+1:t4:!!!

Feel free to show more! You might have something that we “need.” :grin:

What other nature paintings have you made? Have you ever painted a depiction of the Tree of Life?

Glad you opened up this discussion :smiley:


Ebay, I sell stuff there all the time. Amazing what people out there will buy.


I love getting tile and breaking it and making
art . It reminds me of how God heals our
brokenness and makes us whole . We
are full of experiences that come together
to make a beautiful piece of art . That is what
God does in our life . I also garden and cook
as a hobby .

blessing ,


Beautiful and great talent . thank you for sharing


you can sell things on Etsy. I would think smaller items since you would have to send it to the customer.


Check if there are any local art fairs in your area @1jewel . Or if there is a county fair. You could set up a booth there. Another idea is a local farmers market. Mine allows booths for things like that. If you do online, you have to deal with packaging and shipping. Another thing to consider though is making prints of your art and selling as cards too.

Here are a few of my dog paintings.



love the painting done on old barn board… the bird is beautiful


Love love love…really good dear @Violet!!
I know I’ve posted before the Great Forum reset joke btw…
Can I post some here as well?


hi , can you show us your art ?

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I thought from the title that was what this thread was for? I’d love to see @Kina1234

I love that table! Beautiful. I have a wrought iron scrollwork table I got for free and have wanting to paint it in southwestern colors but have not gotten around to it. The mosaic looks so fun, too!


Such beautiful artwork on this page!
@1Jewel my son is an artist and sells at a consignment shop in the city.
I’ve sold on ebay in the past but don’t know what selling is like on there these days :thinking:


Becky…I was commenting on 1jewel’s post…I wished I could paint beautiful art but sadly my painting is limited to painting my walls and trying not to splatter too much paint on the floors :laughing:

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lol , I cannot paint either , i also want
to sing but dont have the singing voice
lol . thanks for you response . I hate
painting walls one time i was painting my
living room and got frustrated and just
added water and starting using a rag to
make it look pantine style lol . It turned
out ok but livable . My friend came over
and said well i guess it looks good . I
hate painting i left it that way . I even sold
the house like that lol .


Very nice doggie pics! Wow. Y’all are so gifted… talented


your table is lovely

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Where do I begin. Hmmm


Part of the things that keep me off the street and out of trouble are crocheting, cooking, knitting, sewing, wood working, making toys for the kids when they were little, making toys for the grandson now and that barely scratches the surface.


Wow, so much talent displayed here.:heart: Thanks be to God for the gifts he gives to each of us. I can’t draw to save my life, but my eldest daughter is very artistic and does digital art as well as hand drawing.

I used to scrapbook, and found a lot of pleasure in that, but it’s been at least 15 years since I had time for it. I do enjoy making bread and other baked goods from scratch, but I think that is probably more useful than really a hobby. Oh well! :laughing:

I will just admire and cheer everyone else on. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: