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If you are felt lead to give your personal testamony, please do. I encourage you to do so. This is my personal testimony. As you read this I do not boast in myself, I boast in Jesus Christ.

I was in 7th grade and my parent made some new friends and invited us to church. I think it was a Christmas Eve service. It was a small church, the pastor’s name was Skip- Pastor Skip. A no nonsense type of guy. I can’t remember the sermon other than it was about hellfire and brimstone. I do remember him preaching if you don’t accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you are going to hell. That’s when I accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. I didn’t want to go to hell. My first Bible was the Living Bible. I read it like crazy.

Before I continue I must tell you that I grew up in a highly dysfunctional and abusive household. There was a lot of physical, emotional and some sexual abuse. With that being said, my view of God the father and Jesus was skewed. My young faith was based off of fear. Since my earthly father was there but not really, he only worked and came home to sit in front of the TV. He paid attention to my stepsister while my stepmom paid attention to my stepbrother. I was pretty much out in the cold when it came to getting positive attention from my parents. The abuse from my stepmom became increasingly worse before she told my father to have me move back to my mom’s house in San Diego. That was 8th grade. 9th grade was a horrible year at my mom’s. I became very self aware, I realized that my nostrils moved when I breathed and thought I was the only one with this problem. I was horrified. Was I defective? What is wrong with me? I had many fights with my mom and stepdad. I was convinced there was something wrong with me. At the end of 9th grade, I moved back to Colorado for the 10th grade.

When I moved back, my dad and I got into argument. I went to my room crying. I don’t remember what at was about, but for some reason I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior again. At that time, Jesus became a religion to me, instead of a relationship. I had a NT in my back pocket every where I went. All I talked about was Jesus. But my fears only grew as time went on. At the end of 10th grade, I had moved 3 times and ended back living with my abusive stepmother for two months before I moved back to San Diego. When I moved back, my mom said there was this preacher living a couple of houses down and I should meet him. Little did I know, this pastor was emotionally abusive. He destroyed a lot of lives looking back. He was manipulative and controlling. That did not help me. I was looking for a father figure and sadly I looked up to him for a time until I realized I didn’t see the love of Christ in him.

From high school to National Guard training to a year at a christian college, my faith wavered. I was in and out of church until I joined the army and I simply walked away from Jesus, backslide you can say. I stopped reading my Bible and going to church. Overseas I spend all my money on ‘street ladies.’ When I got out of the army I attended a private college. I started to go back to church. I attended church for a couple of years, got involved with multi-media and then with the church leadership split I essentially left the church, I felt lost and hurt in all the change, so I walked away from church.

I took a job as a long haul truck driver. One day I heard on the news that Iran was saber rattling against Israel. That got my attention. Something told me this was Bible prophecy. I was convicted. I realized that I wasn’t right with the Lord and I asked to Lord to take me back and He did. At one of the hubs were a safety manager who listened to Chuck Missler and he was talking about his teachings to someone on the phone when I walked in. I told him I came back to Christ and I was interested in what he was talking about. He gave me info on Khouse. I learned so much while listening to Missler. Though I was no longer backslide, something was not right yet still.

A couple years ago, the Lord started to remind me of His love and grace. That was ‘the something that wasn’t right.’ Through various trials (having a stroke and losing sight in one eye and other circumstances) Jesus slowly started to reveal Himself to me. It was so hard to do. See I knew him, but really didn’t KNOW Him.

Let me hear joy and gladness; let the bones that you have broken rejoice. Ps 51:8 One of my favorite verses. A shepard when they have a wayward lamb would break it’s leg bone and would have the lamb rest on his shoulders until it mended. From that point on when the lamb is healed, the lamb will never leave the side of the shepherd. The Lord always finishes what He has started in you and I. Praise be to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


Here is my testimony…


THANK you so much for sharing your testimony. So brave to share with us all and so amazing how Jesus changes lives and how He NEVER LET’S YOU GO…no matter where His little lamb may wander off to…He WILL come and find him…broken leg and all…
We are all so broken without Jesus.
Love how you end about the Sheperd and the Lamb.
I want to write my testimony too at some point.
It will just take me about 2 weeks to write down!
I think I should write a book? Nope…I hope there is not the time.
Jesus is my ALL…I so want to see Him face to face…but a short wait compared to eternity.
Love you in Jesus.


I grew up in a household where we never really discussed God unless we did something bad, to which my mother would say we would go to hell. We didn’t attend church but somehow I knew that there was a God and I believed that wholeheartedly.

In my pre teen years I remember being in my bedroom and calling out to God, I asked him if he was there, and if he was to spin the fan blades on a small desk fan that was off. Well to my shock those blades spun! I ran out of the room terrified and told my parents, they didn’t believe me. I look back on that now and wow, that was awesome.

My teenage years were fraught with depression and loneliness, I was an extreme introvert, I begged for death from God many times. I joined the Army and failed, going Awol. A quitter as I had been all of my working years until my 30s. I found Jesus in my 20s going to a local church.

There’s too much to write but that’s the start. My walk with Jesus grew and here I am today, waiting for his return just like y’all =)


Give me the juicy details man!


Isn’t it amazing how God performs these miracles at a time when we need it the most. Like summer snow. Here is a factual story. I dont know if I shared it here or not. An acquinance of mine, whose mother passed away. One night the dad, laying in bed, went to scratch the head of his deceased wife realized she went home to be with the Lord, sat up in bed, shaking his fist at the Lord, and declared “You took away my wife.” A voice replied in a ‘matter of fact’ way said, “She was never yours.” Dooh! He wasn’t mad after that.


Testimonies never get old. Thank you to everyone who shares. :heart:

I always attended church, and believed in God. When I was 19, my boyfriend (at the time) asked me, “Have you ever accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior?” I said, “I’ve never heard of that. Is that something I need to do?” He explained the Gospel Message of Salvation, and I accepted immediately.

Fast forward almost thirty years. My current boyfriend and I talked a lot about God. One evening, I asked him, “But have you ever accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior?” He said, “Is that something I need to do?” I explained the Gospel Message to him, and he accepted right then.

A lot of God-fearing, God-loving people have never heard the simple Truth! Please share!


Thank you for writing. That is just “wow!”

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Thank you all for sharing your wonderful stories, and yes, I think many of us have very similar stories. And Ricky, my heart goes out to, for your horrible experience growing up. Kina1234, yes it would take pages to write everything that God has done in my life, but I am going to try my best to write it as short as possible.

Now that I’ve got this down, and sorry it is long (imagine if I wrote everything!) and all over the show. I pray no one will take offence to what I’ve written and I am certainly not looking for sympathy in any way. I screwed up my life by myself and only have myself to blame. But God! I am so grateful that I found Jesus albeit late in life.

I got saved during a mental breakdown (not the one when I was certified insane!). I ran over to Judith and Paul (missionaries) chunking my heart out, ‘I need a psyciatrist, I need a psyciatrist’! Judith took me in her arms, every so calmly and said ‘No my dear, you just need Jesus’. Her husband Paul (now passed) came and together they prayed with me and I accepted Jesus. (This was during my 50s!). It was amazing, I was on fire for Jesus, I couldn’t stop talking about Him. Judith lent me dvds and I gained much insight in a very short time. Jesus changed me completely and I had no desire to do any of the unGodly things that I used to do.

Unlike Ricky, I was blessed from birth with the most loving adoptive parents. I used to say I was blessed and they were cursed as it seems I was born with a horrible rebellous nature and was always in trouble, breaking all the rules. The welfare in those days was extremely strict and my parents waited a good number of years for me, thus they were 20 years older than my natural mother. My older brother, also adopted is five years older than me and he was a good boy.

I went to Sunday school but caused so much trouble that eventually my mom said if you don’t want to go, then don’t go. And I stopped going. My mom would go to church every Sunday (my dad would drop her off) and sometimes I would go with her. Sometimes I felt something, but it just didn’t happen for me. My parents were so decent, I cannot recall one instant of them ever raising their voices to each other. There was no alcohol, no bad language - the worst my mother used was ‘bugger’.

As I grew older I believed in God but knew very little about Jesus. I was obsessed with nature and thought only God could create such beauty. So I spoke to God and prayed to God. As the years went by I did virtually all the bad stuff, wasting away my life, going through depression.

When I was 12 I was raped, praise God it wasn’t violent. The next day the guy that did it, was bragging to all his friends (I was at a friends house) about it and I thought to myself, all I have to is walk down the passage and tell my friends parents who were still in bed, and then I thought, no God will punish him for what he did., I couldn’t bear the thought of my parents knowing something like this. I put it in a box and pretended it never happened. There were countless situations that God came through for me, time and time again. And I believe it was only God’s grace that for some reason I never ever wanted to try using a needle.

When I was 20 and certified insane, my doctor said that I must tell my mother what happened as I would get letters from her saying (in a loving way) don’t sleep around (I became extremely promiscuous after the rape) and so I wrote her a letter telling her (my dad had passed by now) and then I phoned her and told her there was a letter coming and that I would phone after it arrived. I phoned her after it arrived and asked her what she thought. She said ‘it’s a good thing you didn’t say anything’ - and I was taken aback - and then she said, ‘if your dad knew, he would have killed that guy’. And I knew I made the right decision. I couldn’t imagine my dad sitting in jail and I’m fine, albeit a bit peculiar!

It took me years of self analysis to work out why I was, the way I was. And I think I was in my 40s or 50s, that I remembered an incident that occured at the swimming pool when I was about 6. It was an incident that took but a few seconds, but led me to begin doing things (don’t want to get graphic) with myself.

There are just so many times that God has been there, especially giving me amazing parents. They always stood by me, when I was pregnant at 17, they stood by me (I gave up my daughter up for adoption who I now have a relationship with) and God knew (as I tried to abort the pregnancy before telling my parents) that I wouldn’t be able to concieve again. And when I needed money, they assisted although they were not wealthy, when I ran away at 16 I broke their hearts but they took me back (oh how I regret that now).

Now I see how through all the drugs and stupidity, my parent’s principles were embedded in me. I worked and paid for all my drugs and by God’s grace ended up just using the green stuff for most of my life.

God must have got so frustrated with me, as He was right in my face, but still I didn’t see the light.

When I was about 21/22 I was raped by a drug dealer on the mountainside (after going to buy dope) that we know murdered my ex boyfriend. I remember thinking, God, God, God and at the same time thinking how am I going to handle this, but God saw me through. I was just so grateful to be alive, only God.

In my early 40s I think, I was putting the number for the electricity into the meter which was high up in the corner, close to the ceiling (it was an old building so the ceilings were pretty high) and in front of me was the oven and to my right was the counter, so I had my left foot on the oven door and my right foot on the countertop. Well low and behold, the oven door opened and I fell back, BUT I DID NOT HIT THE FLOOR. Now really! What more could God do to get my attention!

Thank you Lord for never giving up on me and I’m just so sad I didn’t find Jesus when I was young, so that I could tell my dad about Him, but I accept God knows why and I no longer question why.


Thank you for sharing. I started this thread so that people would read and maybe someone might come to Christ. This is a form of witnessing, for the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation. Our testimonies reflect the power of God in our lives. VAngie may the Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.”’


Thank you so much Ricky. Yes, but God. I can find no word to describe how absolutely faithful and awesome our Lord is. I am still here in good health, only by His Grace. All glory to God. Lots of blessings


Rick and Vangie, thank you for sharing your testimonies.


Sometimes I wonder if it the Holy Spirit or if it’s my bipolar? :crazy_face:


To all who have shared their testimonies, God’s love, grace, and mercy shines brightly through your words. How marvelously God moved some of you from one physical location to another. As emotional and trying as those situations became, I wonder what dangers you were kept from experiencing. More than you could bear, I suspect.

Would a bit of levity from my testimony be permitted?
I attended church from day one of my life. I went three times a week regardless of health or homework. We had church “schoolwork”, one book for Sundays and another for Wednesdays. (By the way, for parents of school aged children, if you want your child to write with proper grammar and punctuation, have them write verses from the KJV. I am much older and sloppy now. :slightly_smiling_face:)
Back to the Big Day. At thirteen, I was ready to receive Christ Jesus as my Savior. It was Sunday morning and the invitation song was sung all around me. THIS is it…right? NO! I couldn’t make my confession, the most important act of my life without my oldest brother’s presence. So, I stood singing with the others. Once home, I approached my brother and asked him to go to evening service, so that I could accept Christ. He said, No. For the next six days I begged him to go with us come Sunday, but he refused. That week, in all of my thirteen years thus far, I felt like my life was held up by a string. What had I done? Tempt God to keep me alive until Sunday?! Death and eternal damnation played in the back of my mind continuously that week. Finally, the day arrived as all the others had before it. THIS time though when the invitation was presented, I made my way to the front. I learned how foolish it was to put conditions on salvation, when Christ had put none on his.


Wow, thank you for this!! You have motivated me to share a bit of my testimony now because YES… when man puts conditions on salvation it can be damaging. I will write it up and post this morning. Hope that is ok.



Tell me more…if you want about the bi polar? If you want?
May help some…and me…:heart:

I set out to disprove the Bible in 2014 and ended up believing in it. now my husband says the same thing about himself. apparently he was sure he would find the “holes” in the Bible when I got him to read it with me, and he ended up believing in it, and we aren’t even halfway through it yet. didn’t realize we’d end up with that same story.


After being in the church for a decade, I felt like there was a lot of mind control going on. So I took a year to research the bible for myself. I went to disprove it if necessary. I didn’t want it to not be true…i just wanted the group think out of my head and know what it is I believe and why.

I discovered 4 interesting things:

  1. Atheist or agnostic historians try and change history (antiquity). They would say that the trinity was something Christianity borrowed from other previous religions. When you go to trace what experts say are cases where Christianity borrow from, it is speculation and opinion only. They have no hard data. They have some vague facts that don’t = the same and they read the 1st century back into deeper history. I believe this became popularized by the Da Vinci Code.

  2. Atheists demonstrated Justin Martyr as attesting that Christianity borrowed from paganism.
    This takes a bit of diligent research, but it unfounded and when studied in context Justin demonstrates the opposite…albeit an obstacle course of discernment but distinguishable with reasonable research.

  3. Emperor Julian – If Christianity borrowed from the pagan world…this is where we would know. Touring back into antiquity, Julian the apostate (the nephew of Constantine) was the last non-Christian Roman Emperor and did everything he could to erode Christianity and exult Rome’s pagan roots. He deplatformed believers in high positions, he encouraged pagans to love their own like Christians extended their love beyond their own to love even pagans and there by having a moral edge upon them, Julian even tried building the Jews a new robust temple to pit them against the Christians. Julian did everything except one thing: Tell Christians their religion came from pagan roots. Julian was a man of letters and skill on multiple fronts and had great wealth. If it were known in antiquity that Christianity came from pagan religions, Julian would know…and he utterly would have wanted that info…it would have won him back his kingdom easily back into paganism. This particular stop in history helps us see there was absolutely nothing to Christianity coming from pagan religions. Ask Julian. A very fascinating study.

  4. I wanted to go to Christians Anonymous to get rid of religiosity and churchianity in my head. I wanted to understand how to be a believer ridded of dogma. But when i looked into attending a CA meeting it told me what I would be expecting. I would need to forsake the fables of the bible and believe the real science of evolution. So at that point I realized i was not going to disinfect from one dogma to dive right into another. Wow…evolution is a theory…lol…and they can’t even man up to that. Rather sad.

Very blessed to know you and your husband came via the same experience and even more that you got to share it with him Alison. Blessings.

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I feared for my life in 1991 because a guy i was blinded in love with treated me awful, at one time, he had a gun pointed at me and had sexually abused me mentally and verbally abused me so i asked for help at a church and a lady led me to invite Jesus Christ into my heart. (Fast Forward) Today:
I’ve been set FREE from smoking addiction, drinking addiction, anti-depressant med, pornography addiction, online gambling addiction and t.v. addiction and lying to get free food addiction, i am completely HEALED from paranoia, depression, anger, anxiety and self abused as i used to slit my arm with a razor blade, drink a glass of hairspray, took a bottle of pills. i was sexual, verbal, emotional and physical abused from others. i was homeless many times and now i have a roof over my head, i have a great job in the Healthcare field, car paid off, debts paid off, student loans paid off and God WOKE ME UP last year 2020 to show me the End Times Prophecy and brought me closer to Jesus more than ever! JESUS IS ALIVE!!! My Lord and Savior protected me from danger many times and I’m completely HEALED! That’s my testimony