Sharing the Gospel at the Gym

For over a year and a half I have been going to the gym six days a week (tiny gym that luckily never closed). During this time I have listened to sermons from Pastor J.D and other Bible based teachers while I worked out. I have figured out that while at the gym I can work out my spiritual growth while I work out my cardio. Mind you this is not my personal Bible study time just additional time to learn from other believers.

Needless to say, there has been a young adult from El Salvador named Jesse who has also been going to the gym for almost the same amount of time. We have daily encouraged each other to work out and improve yet that has been virtually it. I have attempted to share my faith several times but each time we were interrupted by something either employees at the gym or Jesse having to leave. Recently he told me about how he was going to go to college and asked me what would be the best way to prepare. I told him, you will need Wisdom, discernment and understanding. Surprisingly he got serious and asked how to get those. Which I told him he couldn’t get them through anything other than through God’s Word. He looked troubled about something and immediately walked off. I didnt want to push the matter so I kept working out but inside I was praying fervently for him and asking the Lord to open his eyes to who Jesus is.

Planning to leave the gym in the hopes of seeing him I calculated when I would leave so that he would see me. I was shocked to see Jesse running up to me. Quickly pulling me aside he asked, “this might sound crazy, but I asked Jesus into my life and I don’t know anything else about Him other than He loves me” my mouth dropped open yet I was speechless, he quickly continued saying “can you teach me about Jesus?” We immediately left to go outside of the gym where I walked him through the ABC’s of salvation and answered his first questions. During this time we realized that the gym staff were ease dropping and wanting to know what we were talking about, (since then one of the gym staffers has asked to talk learn about Jesus as well).

I would find out later that the reason Jesse left so seriously was because he had been thinking of accepting Jesus Christ because of all the craziness of 2020 and 2021. Hearing me bring that up was the final thing to push him to the point of accepting that Jesus was pursuing him.

We got Jesse a Bible and are now doing a Bible study together in the book of John to learn of Jesus Christ. We hope to add to our gym Bible study group soon with one of the staff members. I say all this in the hopes to encourage you all to keep up the good work and know wherever we are the field is ready for the harvest. We need to share the Gospel of Christ at a moments notice. Please pray for us as we continue to teach and share the good news of Jesus Christ.




Thank you JL for sharing that wonderful, wonderful story. God bless you.


Praise and Glory to God for this @Jlthomasson - it truly sets the Spirit soaring in joy.

Will pray for you, Jesse and any others at your Gym who are interested in working out their eternal fitness.


Awesome!! One more for Jesus!!


Wow that is so great!! Another win for the KING. Amen brother!


Wow. Glory to God. Thank you for sharing. What an encouragement in your testimony that every word we speak in Jesus name to bring others to Christ counts. We have the Spirit of God in us, that are born again. Even our presence and time spent with unbelievers, when done so for Christ’s sake, counts as well. God bless you.

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That is an awesome testimony! Thank you for sharing it, this is so very encouraging!