Sharing the Gospel for those who are shy

So while I am not shy, due to the Corona virus I had to become creative when sharing the Gospel.

These are the steps I took.

  1. Before the Corona virus I use to go to the park or beach and look for someone to share with.
  2. After the corona Virus I did not share at all for a while.
  3. After that I shared my written testimony on Facebook.
  4. Later I decided I would share my written testimony with the neighbors I knew.
  5. After that I shared my written testimony with any workers or delivery men that came to my house.
  6. After that I shared my written testimony with cashiers at stores I went to, which I continue to do.
  7. Now I am going to share my written testimony with my other neighbors that I don’t know by placing it in their mailbox.

Here is my testimony that I called “Why Christianity” which explains how I got saved and why I chose Christianity.

The reason I put written testimony in bold is because I think that is a good way for a shy person to share the Gospel. It does not have to be your personal testimony, but it could just explain why you chose to be a Christian. By that I mean you don’t have to use any personal details like I did, just kind of pretend someone asked you why you are a Christian. You could even title it “Why I am a Christian”.

Anyway, just a suggestion…


God bless you and… I think this is NOT shy.
You have a gift from your Father in heaven. That is creativity which you use for reaching the lost !
Thank you.


What a great example of witnessing and the Lord using even the reluctant witness! And I also admire the humility of the pastor who’s telling this story.
Thanks a lot @JaimieOxford for sharing this.

This is kind of what I’ve started doing… not my personal testimony but a letter explaining about the Rapture of the Church and my likely soon sudden departure. Depending on whether it’s by snail mail or email, I might

  • quote a story or

  • discuss some tract previously given


  • give a link to some verses or part of a Bible Prophecy Update and

  • finish with the ABC’s of Salvation.

So far, I have received zero feedback from friends or family members. But, God willing, I will press on. I know quite a few unbelievers.
But I hadn’t thought of writing something similar for cashiers or bank tellers, etc. Thanks @goodboy for the suggestions and your encouraging example.

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My church has racks of tracts. I leave them in public places, mostly the women’s restrooms.