Sharing the Gospel with Buddhist

I have shared the Gospel with my parents (my dad who has recently passed) very early during my Christian walk. Since covid I have had a stronger urging to water those seeds. With so many restrictions I was unable to see my dad for the last time and can only hold unto the fact that he has heard the Gospel multiple times. I am determined that I do not miss any opportunities with my mom. It is harder as she does not speak nor understand much English and being the only Believer in the family (apart from my dh and dc), it’s just me and God.

I’ve used many resources and will add the “Father’s Love Letter” (thank you, @GR ), but last night realized that I need to keep it simple. We had a very nice conversation where I could reiterate the importance of believing who Jesus is, why His death was necessary and that there is a heaven and hell. Has anyone shared the Gospel with one who has a Buddhist background? If so, could you share your experience?

I am very grateful for the opportunity on this trip home and trusting the words spoken last night will bring forth fruit. I pray for more opportunities, if not on this trip, then in the very near future. :heart:


Hey Susan @SusanS,
I pray your father was born again, and that all your loved ones are, too. I know nothing about Buddhism and am not sure what language your mom speaks. If you let me know, I will look for resources. I did find this site… thought maybe you could use a translation program (copy and paste) if you found something in article that you think might reach your mom. Maybe you could find something online if you search ‘sharing gospel (or Jesus) with Buddhists.’

Praying that your loved ones are covered in God’s grace— that they would have faith to believe. And praying you find resources.

EDIT: Caution— This is an SDA publication.


Thanks @GR - I’ve used the resources from CCK (in different languages) and have given her a Japanese OT and NT Bible. I’ve shared with her JB’s testimony when she visited CCK and I have spoken with her as well. The Lord has always been faithful to provide and I have done that good ol copy and paste method :grin:. I’ve put CCK’s site which JB translates all PUs and sermons on her iPad last year and asked her to listen to them. My dad loved his computer, but he would never watch any of the sermons I sent him. :cry: My mom on the other hand is not computer savvy. I had to teach her on how to use the iPad, which she rarely uses. At this point, I am relying solely on prayers and knowing that the Lord knows my heart - can’t rely on technology which may be a good thing! Thank you for your prayers and the link!!


Hey Susan, just ran across this playlist and thought I’d share, although I’m sharing totally blind. Videos are in Japanese.


Wow! Bless your heart! Thank you so much! :heavy_heart_exclamation: (now to get it onto her iPad :hugs:)


Hello Susan, @SusanS

I might have given you a bad resource. Further investigation shows that ministrymag (link above)is a SDA publication. I would read it carefully and maybe use good info (if there is any) rather than send link. My apologies. I should have looked closer.

Good morning @GR - Thanks for letting me know. A major obstacle has been the language barrier and the ingrained thinking/habits from my gp, but I know if her heart is open, the Truth will prevail!

A tiny praise report - she has read the Father’s Love Letter (translated), does not fully understand but just happy that she read it :raised_hands: Thanks again for posting it.

I will post this video which may be helpful to others who are looking for resources. It is simple but well explained. Sharing the Gospel with Japanese People 【Salvation Story】救いの物語 - YouTube

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GotQuestions is full of resources.
It also exits in various languages but with less topics.


In the video they didn’t speak about Satan!

I was thinking: why people should believe in Jesus and not other things, because they can doubt on everything and follow other ways as they did.
Why Jesus?

  1. Jesus really came
    (and died but they can deny this like Muslims)
  2. God exists (life would be impossible)
    But 3. Accomplishments of hundreds of complex prophecies (and Hebrews are still there, not destroyed by previous kingdoms). It’s facts.

So there is a God (the God of Israel) who said John 3.16…