Shaylee prayer request!

Shaylee had some improvements then had a major stroke today. The drs don’t expect her to make it and having the immediate family say their goodbyes. The family is taking it bad. Shaylee is only 20 years old and always been healthy. Please pray for God to spare her life. Shaylee is not saved and this is the worse thing about this. Pray for the Lord to come to Shaylee some how and offer her salvation. I’m praying for a miracle. :pray::pray::pray:


Heavenly Father I bring this request to you and lay it at the throne. Lord this family is reeling with the devastation as they face the loss of their loved one. And she’s so young! We don’t know why it is that you take some from us so young other than perhaps to spare them from something far worse in this lifetime. But we do know that you answer prayer and we also know that you wish that none would perish. I know you can speak to a person’s heart regardless of their condition, and that whether a person is conscious or not is irrelevant. In fact I believe sometimes in a person’s unconscious state they are more receptive to you because the rest of the world is shut out from there their consciousness and they are alone and a very special place having a conversation with you. Lord I asked that you will move shaylee’s heart and that she will become receptive to you before she leaves this world and that her family and friends will take comfort and knowing that you love her even more than they do. and Jesus I thank you for the privilege of being able to intercede on behalf of others. And I ask these things in your name and by your authority, amen.


We pray for you and your family, please Jesus take Shaylee in your loving arms, and bring her to the Father, you died for her, do not let her be lost. Through Your name we pray. :pray: :pray: :pray: Amen


Prayers sent with a sadden heart. May you feel the comfort of Gods loving arms around you during this difficult time.


Dear Heavenly Father
Many prayers come to you through us in hopes that despair will be overtaken by miracles that sadly we stand in your way of doing. We don’t think we are, but we are. We have a hard time with moments like with Shaylee to see the good come from a situation like this. Knowing someone is not saved is even more difficult to bare.

You have a person here with the name “Mustard Seed” and through the turmoil they and others are facing, I can only smile because their faith could be as small as a mustard seed and yet still do glorious and amazing things to the scope of unimaginable levels! I pray, Lord as do many, that You will shine Your light upon Shaylee and help her to see the necessity of being in your flock. To be able to understand the seriousness of an eternal life. At 20 years old, it’s hard to get through to many because they believe they know more than anyone else. But God has a way of clearing the pride and arrogance of youth and humbling us to see the truth.

Perhaps THIS moment is to take that arrogance of youth away and humble Shaylee to accept Christ? Perhaps this is the moment that her emotions will no longer placate her heart in understanding what is needed. After all, things have been tried one way and not worked. What’s the trouble in leaning the other way and accepting something from Someone who offers it for nothing else than love?

I beg You, Lord is please send a messenger to Shaylee to help her through this moment. And please if it’s in Your will she live, please help her to see a true miracle from You that no one could possibly explain other than…it being Your hand in everything happening.

I pray this in Jesus’ name


Thank you for the prayers. The drs have given no more hope saying she’s now brain dead and discussing today as prayers go to God for her parents to pull the life support plug. The pain we are all going through that love Shaylee is indescribable. There is only now a small ray of hope for God to do a miracle. I am touched by all the prayers. My heart especially prays for Shaylee somehow in her state to accept Jesus as her savior. Only God can fix her. :pray::pray::pray::disappointed:


Thank you for the beautiful prayer. I am crying as I read these heartfelt prayers from all of you. I can’t stop hoping for Gods miracles with her even though the drs say there’s no more hope. I know God is mighty and the giver and taker of life. To know she’s saved would be a gift to all of us. Her Grandpa is such a good and faithful servant of the Lord that I went to Israel with. Despite his heart condition he got into the very cold Jordan River waters to help the pastor on our tour bus baptize all of us. We never planned this but realized it was on my Grandmas birthday I finally got baptized in the Jordan River by her som my Uncle. It seems so unfair that he might lose his only Granddaughter now. He is so distraught along with her parents and other Grandparents. I can’t stop begging God though for a miracle. God bless all you that are reading this and praying with me.


Mustard seed I can only imagine what it must be like to have to pull the plug on someone you love. I have a very close friend who lost a husband many years ago. She was being pressured to pull the plug but she just couldn’t do it. So she prayed that God would take that responsibility off of her so that she didn’t have to live with it for the rest of her life. And later that day I think it was he answered that prayer. One by one his monitors flatlined, and she did not have to be the one to make that decision to take him off of life support. Her husband was a believer, but I’m going to share another story that will illustrate to you why I believe that even now God is able to reach her heart. Back in 2001 I think it was, I had a cousin who’s young (20 something) daughter had been in a car accident. After several days her family was faced with a decision to have to end life support for her. Their pastor came in to pray with her. There had been absolutely no signs of life for days, but as the pastor prayed for her she shed a tear. One single solitary tear. I believe, as my cousin does that even in her comatose state she accepted Christ as her personal savior. And I believe that that can happen for shaylee too. And that is what I am praying for.


Thank you for the comforting words. The parents made the choice to pull the plug and Shaylee is gone now. She was a organ donor so all her organs are going to save other lives now. They will be doing a autopsy on her brain to try and help figure out how to save other lives in the future that come down with this. Thank you all for your prayers. God bless you all. Because of Covid only a parent at a time was allowed to be at her bedside. I don’t know much more details. Please pray for her loved ones left behind that are heart broken and in shock right now. Again thank you :heart::pray:


Hi Kearcy

How are you and Shaylee doing today?

Shaylee passed away months ago but prayers are appreciated for all her loved ones that mourn losing her. :pray:


im sorry for your loss :two_hearts::pray: